Friday, November 30, 2012

LABOR Sells Us Out For Muslim Votes !

Today an historic vote in the United Nations to allow Palestine to have Observer status has commenced. Unfortunately, after seeking a seat on the Security Council for years, spending millions of dollars ass-kissing the African nations to get their vote and massaging the South Americans and Europeans egos to finally got the position this year. Amazingly Australia's first vote as a Council member is distancing itself from the US and Israel and the values they represent by ABSTAINING. 

Past Prime Minister, John Howard has branded Julia Gillard's backdown over her push to vote NO for Observer status as an ''embarrassment'' as the issue reignited internal criticisms within the government about the Prime Minister's judgement and leadership style. He described the cabinet backlash and caucus revolt as ''a very bad sign when you get rolled on something as important as this. I think it is pathetic for Australia to abstain on this.''  He added, ''We are meant to be striking a confident new pose and the first thing we do is abstain. I can't find another word than pathetic.''

Gillard's leadership came close to collapse three days ago after her cabinet refused to back her policy to vote against the UN resolution to give greater recognition to a Palestinian state. After initially going with her rightful instincts and ignoring the majority view, ten ministers spoke against her position in a long Cabinet debate. In the end, rather than face a humiliating defeat, Gillard relented and a crisis was averted, but only narrowly. I am not impressed by some of the reasons given for overturning the Prime Minister's decision -- not principle but political advantage, with reference to multiculturalism and its shifting demographics.

These pussies were afraid of being on the wrong side of history if they stood with the US and Israel against the rest of the anti-Semitic UN. They took the views of its members that the government was too pro-Israel and also because MPs in western Sydney, who are already fearful of losing their seats, are coming under pressure from constituents with a Middle East background. Read my previous posting, ''Stealth Jihad'' comes to Australia (May 18, 2011).  That is a very troubling sign for our future if our politicians sell their morality and cater to the wishes of a Muslim minority. Our country's further isolating the US and Israel internationally is already bad enough -- and dangerous.

But here's another of the real reasons to worry about giving Palestine added status at the UN: which is the Palestinian state?  Gaza, controlled by the pro-terrorist Ragbags Hamas? Or the Fatah-controlled West Bank under Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas? In the past, Australia has opposed Abbas's UN campaign as a pointless diversion from direct talks to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At this stage, however, it might well be worth letting Abbas score a political victory at the UN -- particularly if it reinforces his viability among his own people. However, it violates the notion that the Israelis and Palestinians should negotiate a settlement themselves with neither side taking steps to predetermine the outcome. The danger, of course, is that benefits given to the ''moderate'' Abbas are later seized and exploited by Hamas.

Upgrading the Palestinian delegation's status will is actuality enable the Palestinians to launch a new campaign of diplomatic and legal attacks against Israel in various UN forums and elsewhere, particularly the International Criminal Court -- and to do so as an alternative to direst negotiations with Israel. Any fair-minded person would agree that the UN has a built-in bias against Israel, a country subject to more UN censure than every other country combined. ''It is pathetically sad that the government had gone to all the trouble to have a greater voice on the UN Security Council and on its first significant vote, not to say yes or no but say nothing'' said Malcolm Turnbull, opposition Minister.

The Way I See It....Labor has shamed itself. Good on Gillard for fighting against this self-serving betrayal of our allies and our values. Pity, though, her weakness. Speaking of weakness, I heard Abbas's speech to the UN this morning and the weakness in his proposal was that he did not once mention that he would stop the militants from firing missiles (over 800 since January) into Israel. Plus he quoted Anwar Sadat's treaty with Israel but said nothing about Sadat's sentiment about getting all Palestinians to recognise the right of Israel to exist.

Would Australians in 1970 have backed a deal to take in many Middle Eastern refugees and migrants had they been told up front that this would require changing our foreign policy to throw Israel under a bus, move away from the US, and back a move in the UN that suited the long-term plans of the pro-terrorist Hamas?  Is it going to get like the Swedish town of Malmo where 25% of the population has become a nest of Muslim scum that throw stones and cut hoses on the firefighters who come to their neighbourhood to put out fires. They are now all taking sick leave unless they get more police protection when attending fires in these ungrateful areas. Is this Australia's future too?

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