Monday, August 30, 2010

You'd Have "Stolen" Too !

In 2008, one of the first acts the newly-elected Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, did was stand before Parliament and make speech that said "SORRY" to the Stolen Generation. He and his leftist Labor government bought into the fabrication of Aboriginal history and the work of the missionaries by white. bleeding-heart, anti-establishment historians like Anna Haebich and Christine Choo. The missionaries were viewed as having worked in tandem with the government authorities to grab half-caste girls from their parents to be "whited-out" and Christianized. To this end they were demonized and reportedly encouraged families and pressured them to send these children to their care. The real truth of their benevolent mission was maliciously twisted to become our generation's guilt-trip.

Here's a few examples of what actually worried the missionaries and made them take action:

  • A local telegraph operator had reported that "a 5 year-old half-caste girl was out with an old woman when a bush black took her away for two nights during which time the black woman said he made use of her. A very common practice I hear."
  • In 1900, a postmaster reported how girls under 10 years had been cohabiting with Asiatics for many months. He said, "Half-caste girls commanded the best prices and enabled the mother and so-called father to live without any exertion whatsoever on the proceeds of tucker they received fortnightly where 20-40 boats come in for water."
  • In 1929 in W.A., Pallotine monks were appalled by families prostituting their daughters.They commented that "one couple had been trafficking with their young daughter in a big way, she had to go wherever her father told her. If only we had Nuns here, she and the other girls could be saved from this life of perdition!"
  • In 1904, one graphic account from a postmaster reported that he saw more 50 young females mating with Asian crews at Cowen Creek mooring grounds. He complained that was just one of many such mooring grounds and that VD was rampant.
  • Also boys of 10-12 were being lured or forced onto Malay pearling boats for sexual use.
The missionaries, far from being obsessed with "stealing" children, were in fact obsessed for decades with the health crisis and amoral behavior of the Aboriginals (nothing seems to have changed). The mission stations rather than the state governments took the lead in rescuing young girls from sexual squalor and early death. These reprehensible historians sneered at the missionaries for trying to enforce their ideas of gentility onto the children, including modesty, cleanliness and self esteem as the sign of cultural genocide. Keith Windschuttle in his book, "The Fabrication of Aboriginal History" comments that in reality the "missionaries had no power whatsoever to force Aborigines to come to their missions and stay there. It is very difficult to reconcile this reality with the purported objective of eliminating the Aboriginal race." Windshuttle concludes that the missions also did a far better job than the state officials did.

The Way I See It....the missions and the hard working missionaries educated children to a good primary standard and rescued many females from horrific sexual fates. They lifted health standards and saved many Aborigines from dysentery, venereal disease and other health related diseases. The notion that to accomplish these ends they contributed to the Stolen Generations is manifestly untrue and the historians who make such a claim should be repudiated and not be believed.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unclear About Nuclear ?

Should Australia "go" nuclear? It's a question that has split environmentalists and our pragmatic scientists for too long. It is an important question and needs to be answered NOW! The Greens have demonized nuclear power in favour of alternative electrical energy sources that won't be viable and sustainable for 40 years. All their talk of reducing carbon pollution has blinkered them to the most obvious continuous source of clean energy; it's got to be nuclear! Australia is being left behind in the world-wide rush to go nuclear.

France has 58 nuclear power plants dotted across its country-side producing 75% of its needs. Japan has 54 and Russia has 32 and building 11 more. China has 12 and building 23 more! And who's supplying them with the Uranium to fire up these plants, our vast deposits are. We are selling overseas when we could be using it for ourselves. It's ridiculous that our politicians don't have the vision and the guts to say to these Watermelons in our midst, "bugger off" we need these facilities. Actually the country could use 6 to start with. Picture this: Six plants built in a 10 kilometre circle in the centre of Australia with power lines going each to Darwin, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Wouldn't that be a sight?

Look people, if little Belgium with 7 plants, Spain with 8, Sweden with 10 and 17 across the German country-side (see photo) can see no threat to themselves why can't we? What you need are the facts so we can realistically make the right decision to curb pollution, use less fossil fuels and not sacrifice jobs or our lifestyle. Here's some "eye-openers" for you.

Safety first: For one thing a reactor is not a bomb, they can't blow up. Nuclear reactors are over-designed to provide fool-proof control while withstanding earthquakes, airplane crashes and missile strikes among other disasters. France has a state-of-the-art reactor for sale, the Areva's EPR, however our country's requirements could easily be met with the less expensive South Korean Kepco's model APR1400.

Practicality: To generate the same amount of energy (with unreliable wind) as an average-sized nuclear plant, you would need 435 square kilometres filled with wind turbines. By contrast, a nuclear facility fits on less than 1.5 kilometer space. A half-kilo of plutonium can produce as much energy as the Melbourne Cricket Ground full of coal. And for a given amount of energy produced, coal waste has more radioactive matter than nuclear waste.

Waste Safety: Even these facts fail to capture the major environmental advantages of nuclear power over coal-fired power. Why? Because the solid and gaseous emissions from coal burning are generated in such a hugh quantity that they are are hard to contain. They can only be spewed in the atmosphere and dumped into shallow landfills. Nuclear waste on the other hand is so minuscule in comparison that it can be completely isolated from the environment at a very modest cost, even though it has been greatly inflated by the hysteria from the anti-nuclear nut-cases. These commies-in-greens-clothing have hoodwinked the public into believing that waste disposal is an "unsolved" problem. Technology exists to convert the small amount of nuclear waste that can't be re-burned in the reactor into a solid, water-proof glass form, it is then encased in stain-steel-lined concrete containers and put thousands of feet underground. Remember, coal waste contains more overall radioactivity and is not contained at all in our landfills.

The Way I See It....without economical electric power, we will rapidly degenerate into a third-world nation and lifespans will drop considerably. Even now our energy bills are higher, even before an Emissions Trading "farce" gets started. The point is not that coal-fired power is bad, but rather that nuclear power is thousands of times cleaner and safer. And the fact that so many so-called "environmentalists" vociferously oppose nuclear power---even while they agitate for draconian measures to "stop global warming"--should tell you something about them: they are either ignorant or they have ulterior ideological motives or both. It's time to stand up and demand cleaner, cheaper and safer energy from our politicians!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More On that Ground Zero Mosque

If freedom of religion means anything in the United States, it means that Muslims have a right to congregate and worship wherever they please. But that doesn't mean the people behind this mosque, in the shadow of the former Twin Towers are acting like good neighbors or even good citizens. However, one wonders that with just over 100 mosques in the New York City area, why did the city council allow it here? Did they entertain the thought and just imagine the city fathers of, say, RIYADH so graciously clearing the way for construction of a 13-story cathedral or synagogue in the Saudi capital? I think not.

I did some investigating and found out who'll be actually funding this project. Granted, the groups leading the mosque-building effort seem just fine, but scratch a bit deeper and the instigator is revealed. The Cordoba Initiative, led by Kuwaiti-born cleric Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf, (photo) says it is devoted to "interfaith tolerance," while another sister organization, the American Society for Muslim Advancement, seeks to "foster an American Muslim identity." Unfortunately, many people with no sense of history will believe this bullshit and not realize it really will be celebrated as a Muslim monument erected on the site of a great Muslim "military victory."

And this ignorance also resides in the country's top naive, socialist, apologist; the one and only President Obama! Last Friday, this Islamic ass-kisser decided to impose his opinion on New York's dilemma and delivered a strong defense of erecting this 9/11 Mosque, much to the shock and consternation of his fellow Democrats. One said, "It's probably the dumbest thing he's said to date and we would've preferred the President be a little more a politician and a little less of a leftest college professor." Another chimed in saying the President was still "not listening to New Yorkers and on the whole, with a recent poll reporting 68% of people oppose the mosque's location, it tells you that he has a very disdainful view of the American people." I, myself, would call that an arrogant view as he pathetically tries to curry favor with the Islamists.

I have found that the question of who will pay to build the $100 million project was evaded. At first, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf insisted the funds will be raised entirely from the Muslim-American community. But then he told an Arabic-language newspaper in Britain that funding would also come from Arab countries. And that's a RED FLAG! I feel this dead-shit is the front man for Saudi Arabian funding designed to spread the most vile and radical Wahhabist strain of Islam. Already radical, Saudi-backed children's books and other materials have been found in mosques in more than dozen US cities.

Obama should've and would've have been informed by the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security that Rauf maintains disturbing ties with some pretty bad characters. One is a fellow board member of Rauf's, Hossein Mahallati, Iran's former UN ambassador and unabashed supporter of Hamas. He was charged by the Feds for acting as a frontman for Iran's nuclear proliferation initiative. Adding to the suspicion are Rauf's own statements--including a pointed refusal last month to label Hamas as a terrorist organization and advocating the supremacy of Sharia Law. Obama should have had plenty of reason to stand up for the New Yorkers or at least kept his mouth shut on this volatile local issue.

The Way I See is quite possible that the Ground Zero mosque project is entirely peaceful and well-meaning, despite some obvious suspicious associations. But given the full range of circumstances and knowing the Koren's hateful message, it is not presumptively so. If its backers truly seek to really promote "understanding", they could start by making their finances fully transparent or fair-minded New Yorkers will be entitled to assume they have something to hide and condemn this project as a purely political insult. Mayor Bloomberg should realize that the Koran is the MEIN KAMPF of Islam and explains what's in store for his kind. If Islam was a political party it would be banned outright as being a Neo-Nazi movement and relegated to the dust heap of History. Sadly it is still with us.

Monday, August 16, 2010

On a Lighter Note.....

They date back to at least ancient Roman times, but Friday-the-13th superstitions won't be getting much of a workout this year. It's lucky for those triskaidekaphobia sufferers, because last Friday was 2010's only Friday-the-13th.

This must come as a relief, after 2009's nine (9) Friday-the-13ths--the maximum possible in a year. At least as long as we continue to mark time with the Gregorian calendar, which Pope Gregory XIII ordered the Catholic church to adopt in 1582. The calendar works just as its predecessor, the Julian calendar did, with a leap year every four years. But the Gregorian one skips leap year on century years except those divisible by 400. I'm glad someone is looking after this!

"You can't have any years with none and you can't have any with four, because of our funny calendar," says Dudley Underwood, professor of mathematics at DePauw University in Indiana (USA) and author of Numerology: Or What Pythagorus Wrought. He also adds, "When the 400 year order is laid out, another revelation occurs: The 13th falls on a Friday more often than any other day of the week. It's just a funny coincidence." The Friday-the-13th superstitions are rooted in ancient bad-luck associations with the number 13 and the day Friday.

There's the obvious biblical reference to the unlucky number 13. Judas, the apostle said to have betrayed Jesus, was the 13th guest to the last Supper. As for Friday, it's well known that Jesus was crucified and died on that day. One wonders if it also was the 13th of that month. Some biblical scholars believe that Abel was slain by his brother Cain on Friday the 13th. Norse mythology also refers to a 13th god, Loki, coming uninvited to a dinner party in Valhalla and killing one of them. Witches in Rome gathered only in groups of 12. Any extra guest was believed to be the devil in disguise.

Numerologists consider 12 a "complete" number. There are 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 Gods of Olympus, 12 Labors of Hercules, 12 Tribes of Israel and those 12 Apostles. "In exceeding 12 by 1," says Thomas Fernsler, a mathematical scientist, "13's association with bad luck has to do with just being a little beyond completeness. The number becomes restless or squirmy; not unlike some of those poor folks with triskaidelaphobia today. We all know what happened to Apollo 13. That scared a lot of people!"

The fear of 13 pervades many societies in our modern times. More than 80% of high-rise buildings lack a 13th floor. Many airports skip the 13th gate. Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room Number 13. Some people can be so affected that their symptoms can range from mild anxiety to full-blown panic attacks. The latter may cause many to reshuffle schedules or miss an entire days work.

The Way I See It....societies, past and present, seem to need something that is unlucky and somehow over the years, mythology, religion and numerologists have come to the conclusion that number 13 is "it". Hope I haven't stirred up any restlessness or squirming for your next encounter with Friday-the-13th.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"VICTORY" Mosque Allowed !!!

A wrong-headed New York City panel yesterday cleared the way for the construction near Ground-Zero of a mosque that has caused a politically correct uproar over "religious freedom" about a despicable religion that affords no religious freedom in its teachings and makes no secret of their desire to exterminate the Jews and the state of Israel. "SHAME on YOU!" was shouted at the jewish Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, when he praised the decision. Even the Anti-Defamation League, the nation's most prominent Jewish civil rights group, well known for advocating religious freedom spoke out against this mosque saying, "In the former shadow of the World Trade Center, it will disrespect the memory of those killed at the hands of Islamic terrorists fueled by a hateful book that guides every Muslim." Is America losing its mind!

It says a lot about the people behind this scheme that they had the bad taste even to propose building a mosque in such a place, but to describe it as they have, as "a tribute to the victims", is beyond bad taste and shows a profound contempt for those who died or are they referring to the murders that took over and piloted those planes into the Twin Towers? Yet how typical is Islam with its own hair-trigger sensibility to the slightest imagined insult to do something so arrogant and so insensitive. And yet this obnoxious plan was welcomed by politicians and civic leaders eager to show how tolerant they are at other people's expense. Is it possible to be astonished (as I am) but not surprised?

The organisation behind this scheme is called the Cordoba Initiative and this 13 story edifice to hatred will be called Cordoba House. This name is so obvious to anybody with a knowledge of Muslim history and their modus listen up. Cordoba is the city in Spain where Muslims built their Grand Mosque (on top of a church) as a symbol of their conquest of Spain, just as they did when they conquered Jerusalem and Constantinople. This Ground-Zero mosque is intended to serve the same purpose. Building mosques on "sacred ground" allows Islam to show the world its supremacy over the Infidels. They know how insulting and offensive it is and Americans smile, that misguided Judeo-Christian smile, and turn their cheek one more time in the name of "tolerance" when none is returned in kind.

They also know that once its built it will be there forever, as a permanent affront to all Americans, there gloating in triumph and a major bridgehead in an ongoing stealth jihad. That's how the Muslim world will see it and that's exactly how it will confirm what they always suspected, that America is a soft country, a decadent country, crippled by political correctness, confused and guilt-ridden, with a President that has no backbone or pride. On top of that, they plan to open this "victory" mosque next year on September 11th, the 10th Anniversary of this atrocity. Is that tasteless enough for you?

The Way I See It....the American Center for Law and Justice will challenge the panel's decision by a petition alleging that they "acted arbitrarily and abused its discretion." I trust they can stir up enough public anger to stop this disgraceful plan as well as telling the Muslim ass-kissing politicians that enough is enough.....that this is one insult too many. There is plenty of room in America to build their mosque some where else, somewhere perhaps more appropriate to the spirit of their DEATH VALLEY!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beauty Sleep for Heart Health

Most women know that nothing kills a really good complexion like a bad night's slumber; there's a reason, after all, that it's called beauty sleep. If that's not motivation enough to keep up with your nightly shut-eye, here's another: many doctors are learning that poor sleep habits may make women more vulnerable than men to heart disease and even the dreaded diabetes.

Are men and women so different physiologically that they react differently to troubled sleep patterns? Or are men protected somehow from the health effects of poor sleep? To find out, Dr. Edward Suarez, at Duke University, gathered 210 healthy men and women and asked them detailed questions about their sleep habits--including how long it took them to fall asleep, how many hours they had slumbered in the past month, whether they slept through the night and if they felt drowsy during the day.

Then he recorded their levels of cholesterol, insulin, glucose, the clotting agent fibrinogen, inflammatory proteins (that contribute to heart disease) and for insulin resistance (a precursor to diabetes). Since emotional factors can effect sleep as well, he also assessed each subject's levels of depression, hostility and anger, using standard psychological questionnaires. What Dr. Suarez uncovered was a consistent association between poor sleep and higher levels of the risk factors for heart disease and diabetes---but only among the women! The men with reported interrupted sleep did not show higher levels of risk factors. The results, published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, are among the first to link poor sleep to such a wide array of physiological changes.

While he cannot fully explain why men and women are affected so differently, Dr. Suarez believes that testosterone could play a role. High levels of testosterone are known to reduce levels of heart damaging inflammatory proteins but can also cause some men sleep problems too. So he speculates that while testosterone may trigger sleep disturbances, it also blunts some of the changes that can raise the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The Way I See It....Dr Suarez's study stops short of saying that women can reduce their risk for these conditions just by changing their sleep pattern, but it should galvanize women to pay more attention to the time they spend in bed. Just as I teach patients to eat well, exercise and maintain a healthy spine and nervous system through Wellness Care, I also advise them on how important it is to sleep well. In other words, for women....a good night's rest is far more than just a beauty sleep.