Sunday, April 29, 2012

Study Shows FLU SHOT as 98.5% Useless!

Once again we are being assailed by medical fear mongers about the coming of this year's Killer Flu Season! The guilt-ridden media articles say, "The flu shot saves lives." With a promotion this strong, you might assume that getting the flu shot is a "sure thing" to protect you from illness this year, but actually it's not. Not even close!

A new study in The Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal reveals that the flu vaccine prevents confirmed type A or type B influenza in only 1,5 out of every 100 vaccinated adults. But the media is reporting this to mean "60% effective" while ignoring the fact that the vaccine has no protective health benefit for 98.5% of adults. God forbid what it does to the children! The researchers' own conclusions were somewhat more lackluster in their tone than the lame-stream media would have you believe: "Influenza vaccine's protection is greatly reduced or absent in some seasons while evidence for protection of adults aged 65 years or older is lacking."

The flu shot contains three influenza viruses--one A (H3N2), one seasonal A (H1N1) and a B virus. It only has a chance of preventing you getting a flu-like respiratory illness IF you so happen to be infected with one of these 3 specific viruses. When you add to this gamble, the little-known fact, that only about 20% of flu-like illnesses are actually caused by influenza type A or B, you realize how limited an effect the flu vaccine has on keeping people well during the flu season. The other 80% of flu-like symptoms are actually associated with more than 200 other bugs that can make you feel just as sick.

It all boils down to the Immune/Resistance Factor. Every day you're around viruses and bacteria and, when you're healthy, you usually don't get sick. But even if you do get sick, most healthy adults and children will not have serious problems moving through and recovering from influenza or other flu-like illnesses. Your good Immune response will give you the benefit of obtaining natural immunity to that strain of influenza and to similar ones that is long lasting. The fact is that vaccine- acquired immunity is ONLY temporary, which is why even though the viruses this year are the same selected from last year, the medics still recommend getting vaccinated again.

The more shocking aspect for those still contemplating getting the flu shot aside from its ineffectiveness, is its dubious toxic cocktail of ingredients that include aluminium (associated with Alzheimer's and seizures), along with cancer-causing phenol and then there is the worst of all, second only to uranium's deadliness, thiomersal (mercury)! Mercury causes subtle nerve damage and is strongly linked to ADHD and autism in children. And these idiots want to give it to pregnant mothers!!

The Way I See It....with my over 45 years of experience, the WELLNESS CARE PROGRAM initiated by the Chiropractic profession over 40 years ago has proven it's effectiveness in giving patients the strongest Natural Resistance against a bad dose of flu and many, many other conditions. This is directly related to the long-standing fact that their nervous and immune systems are kept in a robust harmony through the year by maintaining their spinal alignment to reduce nerve interference.

In addition to this, I wrote in the past on my Blog and my Office Website ( about the importance of exposure to moderate and regular sessions of sunshine and supplemented with Vitamin D3 to further optimize one's potential for a WIN-WIN truly healthy lifestyle.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

There's Something Rotten in Denmark !

A few months ago Prince Frederich of Denmark came to Australia with his lovely, Australian born wife, Mary, for a low-key visit. After a few cursory public outings he met with opposition leader, Tony Abbott, and knowing of Abbott's man-made global warming skepticism, proceeded to lecture him on what a great job Denmark is doing to lower their emissions to save our planet. He said his country aims to supply 35% of its total energy from (expensive) renewables by 2020, with half of its electricity delivered by wind farms.

He proudly stated, "we are half way to our 2020 target and already we can see our citizen's consumption reducing." Of course, what he failed to mention is that Denmark has the highest cost per kilowatt-hour in the European Union that his citizens are struggling to pay. They have had to curtail their less affordable electricity usage but not like their bragging, well-off prince.

And last week the Danish government rubbed their citizen's noses in it even further by announcing "the broadest, greenist and most long-term energy agreement it has ever reached." The Danish minister for Climate & Energy, Martin Lidegaard, confirmed that Parliament had agreed to a new set of goals designed to wean the country off of coal, oil and gas. This new agreement will help (?) Denmark achieve its goal of supplying 100% of its energy from renewables by 2050, including electricity, heating, industry and transport. God help the Danes! To even come close to achieving this lunatic goal, every square metre of their small country will be covered with wind turbines, killing thousands of birds and driving them nuts with the humming noise.

The Way I See It....folks, if the politicians in your country are stupid enough not to read the latest scientific literature on the LACK of global warming (in the past 12 years) and showing no link to elevated carbon dioxide, with Arctic ice returning, sea levels steady, Polar Bears, Penguins and Coral Reefs are in trouble. To let these Green-nut jobs turn off your coal/gas-fired power stations and restrict your energy supply to only wind and solar farms without a single thought to back it up with some Base Load power source, like a safe model G4 Nuclear're screwed! Welcome to the New World of expensive Blackouts, Brownouts, and Candlepower.

You had a taste of it last night with thousands and thousands of suckers around the world going warm and fuzzy, sitting in the glow of Earth Hour's candlelight, not comprehending the future that awaits them. Don't say I didn't warn you.