Sunday, August 31, 2014

The First Fleet's Arrival is Australia Defining Moment !

Australia's Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, addressing the launch of the Defining Moments Project has nominated the arrival of the first fleet, along with the launch of Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspaper and publication of The Lucky Country, as defining moments in the nation's history. Mr Abbott marked the 200th anniversary of the death of Arthur Phillip (31st August), the first governor of New South Wales, by crediting the arrival of that first fleet from Britain in 1788 as ''defining moment in the history of this continent'' He repeated it twice for reflective appreciation. He went on:

          ''It was the moment this continent became part of the modern world. It determined our language, our law and our fundamental values. Yes, it did dispossess and for a long time marginalise Indigenous people, still it's British settlement that has most profoundly shaped the country that we are.
          It has provided the foundation for Australia to become one of the freest, fairest and most prosperous societies on the face of the earth. So Arthur Phillip (left) is as significant to modern Australia as George Washington is to the modern United States.''

There is a great gain to Abbott from saying something plainly true that will cause tribalists and grudge-mongers of the Left to rage. It makes him seem the voice of reason against the representatives of division and unreason. Unfortunately, but increasingly predictably, one of the critics was Abbott's top advisor on indigenous affairs, Warren Mundine: ''It was also a disastrous defining moment for Aboriginal people. Does that mean that Aboriginal people would have prospered from that? Of course not.''  Mundine is increasingly acting like an opposition member in the government.

Mundine should check what Abbott said before rushing to criticise him. Abbott did not deny dispossession. He did not say everyone benefited equally. He is not talking in the absolutes of the deadshit Left. Mundine however is talking in those absolutes that go with being a leader of the ''race'' industry. His own family history, his own relative prosperity and his own freedoms should tell him that, yes, he has indeed prospered, too, from British settlement. Look at the society around him and the benefits that he enjoys in full measure. How much of that would be there had no British, or indeed, European settlement occurred? (photo below) It is simply beyond any rational argument that British settlement was the single event which most shaped how the vast majority of us live today.

Of course our Leftist ABC finds other critics to rage against Abbott - or rage, rather, against a truth which does not fit their preferred narrative. Let me mention two ungrateful Abos. Matilda House, (photo on right) who does native ceremonies at Parliament, and who in her own mode of life and ancestry betrays the profound influence white settlement has had on her too, yet protests: ''I can't fathom how a ship that sailed into Sydney Harbor could overtake 60,000 years before.'' Look around you, Ms House. You may not fathom it, but the fact that more than 23 million Australians speak English, not one of the 510 languages your ''mob'' had, and abide by English-derived law, not Aboriginal, tells you just how profoundly those wasted 60,000 years, without any defining moments, were overtaken.

Then there's fair-skinned Kirsty Parker, National Congress of Australia's First Peoples, who must also know how defining an event white settlement was on her own family, too:  ''This notion that the real Australia, the true Australia, the good and modern Australia started in 1788 is of course offensive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.''  Once again, note how Abbott's critics need to verbal him in order to damn, suggesting that what he actually did say can't be demonised to their satisfaction. Parker rebuts an alleged fact not by proving it wrong, but by damning it as ''offensive''. This is one of the greatest poisons in public debate today, to make free speech unlawful.

The Way I See It....while it may be ''offensive'' to some, I say to Ms Parker, that does not make it untrue. If what Abbott says is false tell us his error. Tell us what he overlooked, are there any defining moments that we must recognize the Aboriginals achieved during their 60,000 years of occupation of this continent?

When did you invent the wheel?  When did you settle on one language to consolidate the 510 that kept you from uniting as a real society? When did you discover metallurgy? What were you doing when empires were rising all over the world with coordinated building activities?  Oh yes, that
required writing not scratch marks. I know, you were meaning to get around to developing an alphabet one day. Seriously, yours was really a culture of survival not a culture of accomplishment.

I say to all Aborigines, do not retreat behind the imagined walls of ''race'' that so artificially divide us. Face the reality, even your how life is more complex that this ''us'' and ''them'' dichotomy suggests. We have all been profoundly shaped by British settlement, and, not incidentally, overwhelmingly for the good.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Australia's Muslims Show Their True Colours

We have a problem in Australia that I have been warning about since 2010 and now finally seems to have reared it's ugly head enough to get on the majority of Australians and their Leftist media's radar. Prime Minister Tony Abbott reached out to Muslim leaders to have an anti-terrorism discussion and to help avert what would be a disaster for the Muslim community. He met with Sydney leaders 3 days ago to build support for reforms that would allow police to arrest Australians who may have joined foreign conflicts. And 2 days ago he met with Islamic leaders in Melbourne to discuss the new laws.

But how serious and responsible are these leaders really? How quick are they to play the VICTIM card and make non-Muslim Australians seem the real problem.  Keysar Trad, from the Islamic Friendship Association (I'm sure a euphemism for Death-to-all-Infidels)  says the Government's proposals go too far, such as the move to make it illegal to travel to an area of obvious terrorist activity, such as Syria.

Amazing, this is the same Keysar Trad (right) now claiming to be just as concerned as the rest of us about jihadists. Trad was the former spokesman of the pro-Hezbollah Mufti of Australia, the extremist Sheik Taj Al-Din Al-Hiladsy. Trad was also a translator for the pro-Osama bin Laden and pro-jihadist Nida'ul Islam magazine, where he wrote; ''The criminal dregs of white society colonized this country....and the descendants of these criminal dregs tell us that they are better than us.''

Senator Cory Bernardi adds more about Trad, now advising our Prime Minister on how to deal with national security; ''In 2009, the New South Wales Supreme Court found  that Mr Trad 'incites people to commit acts of violence', incites people to have racist attitudes and is a dangerous and disgraceful individual''  The courts based it's findings on the following evidence: Firstly, Mr Trad's website touted that he had ''very good articles on Islam and Muslims'' but the courts found that his website held ''significant anti-Semitic views''. He also said to a journalist that it is questionable about how many Jews really died in the Holocaust. In the end, both courts deemed that this showed Keysar Trad incited violence against Jewish people.

Then there's the finding that he was also a ''dangerous individual''. This was based an the unseemly opinion he give to the media; When talking about a gang rape of young women by a group Lebanese men, he chose to tell a joke and describe these types of perpetrators as ''stupid young boys''. The courts said that his comments about this issue ''demeaned the victims of the crime'', ''did not condemn the Lebanese scumbags'' and ''trivialised the responsibility of rapists.'' 

In 2006, already recognized as an Islamic spokesman, he failed to condemn Sheik Tak El-Din Hilali's comment on ''the blessings of the 11th of September'' and when he related to another rape case by saying, ''when you take out uncovered meat and place on the street with out a cover....the cats will come and eat it.''  and another revealing moment when the Sheik (left) condoned the use of boys as martyrs in the cause of radical Islam. The court said this ''involved putting forward ideas which risk an unbalanced or fanatical Muslim being encouraged,  or encouraging others, to participate in such activities.'' and yet Trad said nothing.

Despite Tony Abbott's friendly approach to discuss the proposed new terrorism laws, by the end of the week Muslim leaders across Australia have denounced as unjust, unjustified and inflammatory the laws and have refused to ''rubber stamp'' them for the government. This bunch of self-appointed hypocrites included more than 60 organizations (I don't think not even Christians and Jews have that many organizations in this Jihad By Stealth?), including 10 sheikhs and the present day Grand Mufti of Australia (who doesn't even speak English !) said the threat from the ostensible target of the laws - about 150 ''radicalised'' Muslims from Iraq or Syria - had been ''trumped up''.

The Way I See It......the liberal Left in the Western world are, as Lenin repeatedly said, ''are the useful idiots'' of the Islamist extremists, encouraging us to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil against them. Just like the Communists, they got a free pass to carry on regardless. When U.S. journalist James Foley was decapitated in a subhuman act of depravity, the ''usefuls'' railed against pictures showing the last moments of his life because they conveyed a sense of the horror to come. I am left with a clear impression that these Islamic leaders have more interest in preaching victimhood than fighting terrorism. They are feeding what they should be fighting.

Even on Radio National, for the ''usefuls'' the issue of the day was how to deal with the images ''rather than how to prevent more of these acts, let alone how we tackle the global and home grown Islamist extremism driving these atrocities. Unbelievably, on ABC-TV's Insiders program, Australia's biggest ''useful'' asshole, David Marr (right), downplayed the threat embodied by ''depraved clown beheader''  Khaled Sharrouf and surmised Australians were ''not at risk because of this''. Never mind his 150 fellow citizens fighting with the Islamic State, or the hundreds from Indonesia, Britain and Europe. According to Marr, ''there is a tide of fear and hatred pulsing out not from the Middle East but from our media.''

While Mr Marr was in denial this week, he missed being put in his place by a senior leader of radical Sydney-based Islamic organisation al-Risalah denounced the Australia flag, as the group's supporters posted Facebook messages about beheading ''non-believers''.  Wissam Haddad, the head deadshit of the al-Risalah Islamic Centre in Sydney's southwest told The Daily Telegraph he followed the ''flag of Allah'' rather than the flag of Australia. The flag, called the Shahada, is the same piece of filth used by Islamic State militants who think a beheading is something to be revelled in and divinely sanctioned by a heartless Allah. The Koran and Hadith licence the savagery we now see.

        ''I will instil terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.'' God declares in the Koran. ''Strike off their heads, then, strike off all their fingertips.'' Mohammed is said to have ordered the decapitation of 700 rebellious Jews. His sword -- after which the Iranian battle tank Zulfiqar is named -- translates into English as ''cleaver of vertebrae.''  I have to wonder how long the ''usefuls'' will take for granted the appeal of the brutal and murderous literalism of the Islamic State's recruitment of our Muslim children?  Complacency is not an option.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If You Still Believe in ''Climate Change'' Read this.....

If any business were to submit a prospectus as patently false and deliberately dishonest as ones used to advance the cause of the global warming industry, its directors would all be in prison by now. Does that mean Ed Davey should be thrown in the slammer for his claim on BBC Daily Politics the other day that in ''a recent analysis of 12,000 climate papers...of scientists who expressed a view  97 per cent said that climate change was happening and that it was human-made activity.'' ?

Not quite, unfortunately, because nothing Davey has said there is technically untrue. A better candidate for prison, actually, would be the one who tweets under the name @BarackObama. When he tweeted: ''Ninety-seven per cent of scientists agree; climate change is real, man-made and dangerous'' he was surely promulgating a demonstrable untruth. No one has ever doubted that climate changes. Pretty much everyone -- probably more than 97 per cent, even -- agrees that there is a degree of anthropogenic input, even it's barely measurable contribution of beef cattle farts or the heat produced by cities. But the dangerous bit?  No one has come even close to demonstrating it, there is no reliable evidence for it, and very few scientists -- certainly far fewer than 97 per cent of them -- would ever stake their reputations on such a tendentious claim.

The background to all this -- and the ''97 per cent of climate scientists say....'' meme -- is expertly covered in a new paper for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by Andrew Montford. In a sane world it wouldn't have needed writing. An obscure green political activist called John Cook and a few of his eco-cronies produced a pseudo-scientific paper so riddled with flaws that it ought to have tossed straight in the bin. Instead, it was hyped up by a compliant mainstream media, a desperate and propaganda-hungry green industry, and by the ignorant U.S. President as a vitally significant meta-analysis offering indisputable proof of the scientific ''consensus on climate change.

Montford (left) concludes;  ''The so-called consensus as described by the survey, is virtually meaningless and tells us nothing about the current state of scientific opinion beyond the trivial observation that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and that human activities have warmed the planet to some unspecified extent. The survey methodology therefore fails to address the key points that are in dispute in the global warming debate.''  So how do the bastards go on getting away with it? Jamie Whyte provides a fascinating, erudite answer in his new paper for the Institute of Economic Affairs.

In it, he exposes the ''rhetorical bluster'' used by the climate alarmist establishment to make their case sound stronger and more trustworthily ''scientific'' than it really is. He is especially sceptical of those who try to advance their cause with the weasel phrase ''evidence-based'' policy. He writes:

          ''They are partial in their accounting for costs and benefits; they ignore substitution effects; they pretend that mathematical precision is evidence; they confound risk and uncertainty; and they exaggerate the certainty warranted by the available evidence. Having committed such errors, they obscure them with grandiose irrelevancies about peer-reviewed publication, consensus among scientists and the proclamations of official scientific committees.''

None of the projected disastrous effects of climate change exists in the present but only in an imaginary future (which may never come to pass, judging by no appreciably warming in the last 17 years). Remember, these are only unverifiable computer model ''projections.'' So we ought, when considering our expensive prevention/mitigation policies, factor in the key point the ''future generations'' are going to be richer than we are and therefore better able to pay for any problems that climate change may cause them. That includes the very real predictions by Russian scientists this year that there is a very real possibility that with no warming over 17 years and the last two showing a cooling curve associated with a quiet Sun, that we could have another mini-ice age in the next 100-200 years. This prediction was seriously presented on the cover of TIME magazine in 1977 with a scientific article to back it up well before the myth of global warning was developed.

But the alarmists cannot afford to admit this, their noses are too deep into the government grants trough, for to do so would be fatally to weaken their case that the time for action is now and that any delay will be fatal. Their emphasis on their imminence of catastrophe is designed to preclude rational analysis, so as to railroad through policies before more temperate heads notice their flaws. In order to give this catastrophism more credibility, alarmists are wont to appeal to the authority of the ''consensus.'' Which is why of course, the warmist   establishment  drags out Al Gore to rant, rave and curse at the first sign of public opinion waning.

The idea that the catastrophic climate change industry can derive any authority from real science is an insult to real science, especially now with the admission from the latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change saying that forecasting computers have not taken enough notice of the natural  variability in the climate, therefore exaggerating the effect of the increased carbon emissions on world temperatures. I'd love to hear a convincing answer to this from the numerous well-known ''sell-your-name-for-a-grant'' scientists who have used their prestige or their presumed expertise to help push the great climate change scare all the while seeing chart after chart with each year showing no warming after 1997, while Carbon Dioxide increased by 25 per cent.

The Way I See It.....if you want further confirmation, you might care to read this superb recent essay about Dr Richard Lindzen, top Atmospheric Scientist at M.I.T. University (left) via The Weekly Standard   ''Richard Lindzen: the Unalarmed Climate Scientist (January 13, 2014)  He argues that mainstream climate science is currently akin to Lysenkoism, pertaining to the Russian T. Lysenko who twisted science to please Lenin.  and that its adherents have more in common with religious zealots than scrupulous seekers-after-the-truth.

To summarize: Scientists have now discovered (which I was the first to post a couple of years ago, on July 30, 2012)) that between 950 and 1250 AD, before the Industrial Revolution, when the Vikings were running around in short pants, raping and pillaging, it was 3 degrees warmer for decades at a time, as they are now. That's when the Vikings discovered Greenland (it was GREEN) and they colonized it with 80 self-sustaining settlements until 1250 when they had to leave as the winters were getting longer and harvests were not productive anymore.

Lindzen adds:
 ''Global climate alarmism has been costly to society, and it has the potential to be more costly. It has also been damaging to science, as scientists adjust both data and even theory, as Trofim Lysenko did, to accommodate politically correct positions. How can one escape from the Iron Triangle of  ideology (Politicians, Media, and corrupted Scientists) when it produces flawed science that is immensely influential and is forcing catastrophic public policy on an ignorant citizenry for no relative good.''  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Scottish Police Afraid to Breakup Muslim Paedophile Rings !

Hot on the heels of revealing Muslim anger over the Commonwealth Games committee having Scottie dogs leading each competing member country in the Opening Ceremony, it seems the Scotland is on the verge of major APPEASEMENT.  Yes, it's now revealed that those damn Muslims have ''spooked'' the citizens of their host country in causing the Scottish Police to worry that a breakup of 2 Muslim Paedophile Rings will ''increase community tensions prior to the Games.''

There was so much tiptoeing around this story that you might get the impression that you're at the Bolshoi Ballet instead of reading an article about the breakup of two major paedo rings. Unfortunately or the police, the paedos in question appear to originate from a religion whose prophet had a thing for little girls. Naturally, the Scottish media couldn't bring itself to say this, the prophet part or the Muslim part. The closet it can come to saying that is to mention that there is an ethnicity involved that ''extremist'' elements will capitalize on.

It's an utterly appalling example of child abuse. Two 13-year-old Scots girls were groomed and raped by a network of ''numerous'' paedophiles across Britain. This operation resulted in 37 arrests and the identification of 108 further victims and perpetrators. Again, all of those involved are awaiting trial. The details of the crackdown were revealed by Chief Constable Malcolm Graham to the scale of the child abuse. Concern is growing that the problem has been grossly underestimated for years, with police  failing to take victims seriously with political correctness shielding the involvement of the ethnic offenders. There was an obvious fear it would lead to ''significant community tension.''

Constable Malcolm Graham
Ah, the dreaded backlash. No sooner does the Religion of Peace do something horrible, than we must all brace for the backlash. According to a police source, since the media's lips are sealed, ''there are foreign nationals involved in this where the respect for women isn't seen as being a high priority in their country of origin.''  I must say it's nice of the Scottish police to be so understanding of the cultural differences involved. Mr Graham elaborated, ''a significant proportion of the identified perpetrators were from ethnic immigrant minority communities. It is not possible to draw conclusions from this relatively small dataset and more accurate data is required.''

Naturally, we mustn't jump the gun. Perhaps Mr Graham would care to expand his dataset by abandoning his daughter in the vicinity of some local mosques and seeing how that goes. Mr Graham added, It is acknowledged extremist groups have attempted to associate Child Sex Exploitation (CSE) with wider immigration issues and this has the potential for significant unrest.''  Right, yes. The extremists are the ones who think filling Scotland with people whose religion was founded by a child molester might be a bad idea. The moderates are the ones who want to expand the dataset.

The Way I See It....Mr Graham and his police force must continue to be determined to tackle this emerging threat to Scotland , not just by talking about it getting the political authorities to say ''the hell with political correctness.''  It was bad enough to see the Scottish National Party's (SNP) flirtation with Islam starting a few years ago. By aligning itself with an Islamist agenda the
consequences are starting to show.

As their stupid immigration rules funnel more Muslims to Scotland, with their high birth rate, to slowly replace the native population the Scots remain acquiescent for some reason. Mosques are clashing with traditional pubs. Scottish medical workers have been barred from eating at their desks during Ramadan....don't want to offend these dog and pork hating scum. The Burka is being promoted and Scottish Muslims have been planning to set up an Islamic state in some remote part of Scotland...hopefully at the bottom of Loch Ness!  You would this day and age that people would realize that appeasement will always lead to one's destruction.

President Obama: America's Vacationer-in-Chief lies again !

Before jetting off for two weeks in ritzy Martha's Vineyard for some swimming and golfing, President Obama laid the blame for the Iraq crisis at the doorstep of the Bush administration. At a brief press conference last Saturday on the White House lawn, Obama scoffed at the notion that he might regret for not having a residual American force in Iraq. Six years into his administration, he still blames Bush. This man will not own anything that is his responsibility.

''Under the previous administration, we had turned over the country to a sovereign democratic Iraqi government,'' Obama said. ''In order for us to leave troops in Iraq, we needed the invitation of the Iraqi government....based on its political considerations, in part because the Iraqis were tired of a U.S. occupation, but they declined to provide us with those assurances. By calling it ''wrong'' to override the wishes of the Iraqi government, while ignoring his military advisors advice, Obama failed to take responsibility for his failed leadership, infuriating a host of listeners.

Asked if air strikes against Islamic State forces were meant to restrain or destroy them, Obama flaunted his weak-kneed tendencies once again, stammering around for an answer but giving none. He talked about protecting the religious minority trapped in the mountains, finding an escape corridor for them, reconfiguring Baghdad's boundaries and finding satisfaction in the decision by Britain and France to contribute food supplies-- and yet, still failed to answer the question. When pressed on whether he and his staff had ''underestimated the power of ISIS,'' Obama again avoided admitting poor judgement and said, ''Their advance has been more rapid than the intelligence estimates and policymakers expected.''  And he then quickly turned towards his awaiting helicopter to avoid further questions and go on another holiday to put international matters on the backburner.

About those frequent holidays:  $44, 351,777 of Tax-Payer funds and counting since he took office in 2008. Remember when the Left - and much of the media - decided it was a crime for a president to play an occasional round of gold?  I recall that Bush was loudly criticized when he didn't hold a press conferences frequently enough to satiate a badgering press, though he averaged one every two
months. Over the course of his two term presidency, he held 45. Bush was also constantly criticized for playing golf . In August 2003, he gave up the game, believing it sent the wrong message to grieving parents of soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course he was ridiculed for that as well.

So why are the Leftist scumbags no longer worried about golfing presidents, even when Barack Obama is about to beat even Tiger Woods total? As Obama approaches his 200th round of golf since his election as president, here's a fact to put that into perspective: Since January 2009, Tiger Woods has played 269 rounds of golf. And Tiger, beleaguered by injury, is almost certainly done for the year. So that means the president, if he keeps up with his pace of play during his present 15-day vacation (a round a day) and his normal weekly round with his buffoon of a Vice-President, Joe Biden, will pass Tiger in the coming months. Think about that for a minute. The president of the U.S., juggling the American economy, the collapse of border protection, Iraq in full meltdown, the Middle East is a powder keg, Russia moving on the Ukraine and other world's problems -- has played golf nearly as much a guy whose day job is playing golf!

Now, a recently uncovered interview, recorded before the 2008 election, shows Obama saying the most ironic thing possible about making sacrifices to become the resident of the United States:
          ''You have to understand that if you seek that office, then you have to be prepared to give your life to it. Essentially, the bargain that every president strikes with the American people is, 'you give me this office, then in turn my fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure, is gone. I am giving myself to you.' The American people should have no patience for whatever's going through your head because you've got a job to do. And so how I think about it don't make that decision unless you are prepared to make that sacrifice.''

The Way I See It......there is no denying that Obama's rudderless foreign policy has been a disaster. The international order has rapidly deteriorated since he entered the Oval Office. The current situation is so perilous that so long as Obama thinks of vacations more than his nation's standing, the phrase ''presidential leadership'' will continue to be an oxymoron.

The President suffers from two fundamental flaws. The first is that he is unwilling to make decisions. He much prefers to play the role of a disinterested observer who comments on a set of adverse events that he regards himself as powerless to shape, of which Assad's carnage in Syria is the prime example. The second is that he fundamentally misunderstands the use of force in international affairs.
He handicaps himself fatally by imposing unwise limitations on the use of American force, such as his repeated declarations that he will not send ground troops back to Iraq.....allowing ISIS to press on.

No one can claim that Iraq was at peace when George Bush left office, but the violence had been curbed. Since Obama has taken over, relative tranquillity yielded to factional squabbling, followed by vicious aggression that caught the President woefully off guard. Iraq is not alone. The number of hotspots in the world - including Gaza, Libya, Nigeria, Ukraine and the China Sea - is increasing. The President wrings his hands over how difficult it has become to find credible allies in the world to address these problems without ever asking why no one trusts him. So he resolves to hold back on the use of American force overseas. Armed with that certainty, every tin pot dictator and terrorist group thinks it has an open field in which to run. The world is now more dangerous than in the last 30 years.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Truth About Islam: The More Accommodating You Are, the Bigger the Demands !

Those of you who watched the opening ceremony in Glasgow of the Commonwealth Games two weeks ago would remember how cute it was to see around 40 Scottish Terrier dogs leading the various country teams around Celtic Park. What you didn't see or hear about was that the Muslims were ''outraged'' (what else is new?) and demanded an apology for those Scotties appearing at the Opening ceremony, Supposedly, according to Malaysian politicians and religious leaders, the presence of dogs was offensive and bordered on the disrespectful to Muslims at the Games.

The dogs, which wore cute little tartan dog coats with the name of each team on them, were widely praised on social media, with many people stating they had ''stolen the show.'' Hamish, who led this canine contingent, led out the Scotland team, receive one of the biggest cheers of the night. Dr Judy Murray, tennis coach and current captain of the British Fed Cup Team tweeted after the ceremony;  Scottie dogs in tartan coats at the CG opening ceremony. Barkingly brilliant.''

However, as I mentioned, not everybody was as impressed. Those political and religious wet-blankets in Malaysia have claimed the use of dogs connected to Muslim countries was ''disrespectful.''  You see, many Muslims refuse to have direct contact with dogs, which are  considered by some to be ''unclean'' in Islamic culture (and here I thought it was only pigs, which they enjoy calling Jews) . Some overseas Muslim groups have reportedly previously called for a jihad on dogs (oh, please!).

Possibly making matters worse was the fact that Jock, who was supposed to lead out the Malaysian team, sat down and refused to move as soon as his coat was put on, meaning he had to be carried by the woman team representative, a Muslim. She was all smiles as she led her team around the arena. It was only Mohamed Sabu, the deputy president of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party that said, ''Malaysia and all Islamic countries deserve an apology from the organisers of the Games.''

He went on to say, This is so disrespectful to Malaysia and Muslims--especially as it happened during Ramadan. Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs, so the organisers should have been more aware and sensitive on this issue. It is hoped this incident can teach other Western countries to be more respectful in the future.''  Dato Ibrahim Bin Ali, a far-Right politician, former MP and founder and president of the Malay supremacist group Perkasa (sometimes called ''poke-me-in-the -asa'') also called for an apology. (photo right)

Once again, showing the annoying habit of Muslims repeating themselves, he went on to say, ''I think it is unbecoming. The hosts have not been sensitive enough--especially in a so-called knowledgeable and civilised society like Britain.''  He kept it up with, ''It is shameful and has offended not only Malaysia as a Muslim country, but Muslims around the world.''  A Glasgow 2014 spokesman responded strongly by saying, ''Glasgow 2014 have received NO complaints from the Commonwealth Games Associations of the competing nations and territories following the Opening Ceremony.''  So there!

The Way I See It.....Muslims demand that we submit to their repugnant laws and like it.  I would say to these complainers...''Suck It Up !''  Millions of Muslims come to Western countries with a ready-made model of a democratic society and government, and yet establish a parallel society based on Islamic law-- parallel sharia police, parallel sharia government with parallel sharia law. It's obvious their resistance to assimilation shows they are following the Qur'an which tells them not to make friends and to prepare the way for our society's destruction (have more babies).

The Scots have been very accommodating to Islamic demands. Unfortunately mirroring the dhimmitude  (referring to an appeasing non-Muslim of a Muslim state) of British authorities, the Scots have even feared that the break-up of Muslim sex trafficking gangs of infidel girls would ''increase community tensions.'' (The filthy animals!) At the moment there are no signs of any apology for the Scottish Terriers. The correct response should be,  ''Oh, when it comes to Dogs....leave your wives at home!''

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We Live in the Long Shadow of 1914 !

With solemn commemorations acknowledging the 100 year anniversary of the start of the First World War happening in Britain and all across Europe, it bodes well to reflect on the terrible carnage that was sustained in lives and economic hardship. The cause was, as the Archbishop of Canterbury said at the service in Westminster cathedral today, ''by humanity being led astray.'' 

It was supposed to be over in a matter of weeks.  In that summer of 1914, the European war that began in the aftermath of the shocking assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, drew great armies into the fields, launched ships of war upon the seas and engaged imperial ambitions and fears. Criss-crossing alliances sucked nations into a whirlpool of conflict. There was a sense of optimism among several of the combatants.  Kaiser Wilhelm II told the German troops, ''You'll be home before the leaves have fallen from the trees.'' in that first week of August. (photo right)

Of course, it wasn't over by the time the leaves fell, and what became known as the Great War really isn't over even now. From the downing of the civilian Malaysian airliner by Moscow supported insurgents over Ukraine to the Israeli-Palestinian combat in Gaza to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran, the troubles of our time directly descend from the world of 1914-18, the era that inflamed ethnic and nationalistic impulses and led to the ultimate creation of new nation states, whose borders were drawn up arbitrarily, especially in the Middle East.

To understand the madness of the moment, one needs to take to long view--one that begins in 1914 and not, as many U.S. Democrats would have it, with the election of George Bush or, as many Republicans think, with election of America's worst president (to date) Jimmy Carter. The spectrum of political conversation in our time is, to borrow a phrase from Abraham Lincoln; "was inadequate to the stormy present." 

The 19th Century has been said to have ended in 1914, with a war that became, in the words of historian David Fromkin (photo left), ''in many ways the largest conflict that the planet has ever known.'' One could argue that the 20th Century lasted only 75 years, ending under the administration of  George H.W. Bush, with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the death of the Soviet Union (itself a product of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917), which it seems Russian President Putin is still sulking over. This former KGB bully-boy's training and Czarist ambitions has him as chief trouble-maker for an indolent Europe. As the news of this summer reminds us, we are now in a world much like that of 1914, without a truly controlling order and an shameful rudderless Obama America.

Americans who grew accustomed to a largely static balance of power during the Cold War must teach themselves to think in kaleidoscopic terms, not binary ones. Their national imagination is still partly shaped by the FDR-JFK rhetoric of American responsibility and the idea that they are capable of bearing any burden and paying any price to bend the world to their purposes. Yet they must be realistic--not defeatist but realistic--about their power for Good.

While it should never give up the conviction that it can effectively exert its will around the globe, the U.S. should also appreciate that any undertaking is inherently limited when some nations and societies are too stupid to understand that it's democracy plus capitalism that makes for a strong, prosperous national future. President Woodrow Wilson (photo right) found this out by believing that the Great War would end all wars. He was wrong--woefully so. The first Bush was closer to the mark, when he spoke, usually privately, of how foreign policy was about ''working the problem,'' not finding grand, all encompassing solutions to intrinsically messy questions.

And those questions today remain urgent and dangerous. In his insightful book Europe's Last Summer, Fromkin writes that ''it takes two or more to keep the peace, but only one to start a war. An aggressor can start a major war even today and even if other great powers desire to stay at peace--unless other nations are powerful enough to deter it.''  To think of another conventional conflict on the scale of the Great War--16 million dead, 20 million more wounded--stretches credulity. Still, the forces of ambition, greed and pride are perennial in the lives of men and of nations, and wars of any size bring with them large and unintended consequences.

The Way I See summing up August 1914, let me quote from a great book I read many years ago, The Guns of August, from the author-historian Barbara Tuchman. ''Men could not sustain a war of such magnitude and pain without hope--the hope that its very enormity would ensure that it could never happen again and the hope that when somehow it had been fought through to a resolution, the foundations of a better-ordered would have been laid.''

We know now that such hope was illusory. It did happen again, from 1939 to 1945, and now, a century on, we live in a world that remains vulnerable to chaos and mischance and misery. Such, though, is the nature of reality and of history, and we have no choice but to muddle through. There is, in the end, no other alternative, whether the leaves are on or off the trees. Nature will endure but it's only the goodness that is in the hearts of men that will allow us to endure and ensure we have a future.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

GAZA Reality: A Just but Bloody War!

There was supposed to be a 72 hour ceasefire in place today to allow humanitian aid to get to the be- leagued Gazans, who have suffered over Hamas' bull-headed intransigence, but within 4 hours Hamas broke the agreement and started shooting again with the usual Israeli response. It pays to reflect on what has taken place these past few weeks. The reality is there for everyone to see, except for rabid leftist Jew-haters, that it was Hamas provoking this round, and Israel had no choice but to respond.

This may seem surprising to people who don't follow the Middle East closely. They may ask, ''Why is this incursion different from all other Israeli incursions?''  Because Hamas, which was in an existential jam this Spring, needed a new strategy. It had lost its prime ally in the region when the Egyptian army overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood. (Hamas is the official Palestinian branch of the Brotherhood.) It also alienated another of its supporters, Iran, when it sided with the Brotherhood against Bashar Assad in Syria. Opposition within Gaza to Hamas' corruption and misrule was also on the rise. What to do???

Provoke Israel. It had worked in the past. A kidnapping of Israeli soldiers on the northern border had led to Israel's less-than-discriminate assault on Hizballah in Lebanon in 2006. Rocket attacks had provoked Israel's two previous Gaza incursions, in 2008 and 2012. Hamas and Hizballah had ''won'' those wars because their fighters resisted the Israelis more effectively than conventional Arab armies had done in the past but also because the images of collapsed buildings and blood-soaked children had bolstered Israel's growing reputation as an oppressor and a bully in the eyes of the world.

This time is was different, however, for several reasons. The initial provocation, the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, was indefensible, as was the retaliatory murder of a Palestinian teen. In a moment or moral clarity, Hamas lauded its kidnappers, while a furious Netanyahu called the retaliation ''reprehensible'' and ordered the police to find the perpetrators and arrest them.

Indeed, Israel's actions have been more prudent across the board. It confined its bombing at first to Hamas' military facilities ad leaders. Civilians were killed in the process -- as was Hamas' intent -- but these were targeted strikes, not the free-range assault o Gaza City that had occurred in Operation Cast Lead in 2008. The ground campaign that followed was limited as well, confined to Shejaiya, a neighbourhood on the eastern outskirts of Gaza City that was a warren of Palestinian fighters and the launch point for a very elaborate tunnel system from Gaza to Israel. Hamas despicably used the
400,000 dollars a year they get from the main Brotherhood supporter, the Sheikh of Qatar, (photo left) Tamim bin Hamad Al
Thani, to build tunnels and not one bomb shelter while hiding their rockets in homes, schools and hospitals.

The fighting has been brutal, to be sure. More than 1200 Palestinians (75% are civilians) and 38 Israeli soldiers have been killed. Editor's Note: (As an Australian I wonder why the leftist scum in my country didn't get upset like they're doing now over Gaza, when 1200 legal boat people drowned at sea because Labor's Kevin Rudd reduced the previous government's strong immigration policy.)  But this is was not an indiscriminate massacre. Israel was protecting its border, the right of any sovereign nation; its citizens were threatened by Palestinian assaults at the receiving end of the tunnels (many of which were foiled during the fighting). Ori Nir, spokesman for Americans for Peace Now says, ''I don't like the casualties that result from bombing the homes of the Hamas leaders, but at least they're phoned first, but it falls within the normal rules of war. The moral bottom line is clear.''

There have been predictable anti-Israel riots in Europe, mostly by the one-eyed cretin Muslims. I'm sure the stupidity of Germany, France and even Australia allowing this savage element into their western tolerant culture has dawned on them. Here in Sydney we even had a Greens Senator and
avowed Communist-trained anti-Semite, Lee Rhiannon, shamefully speaking before a rally of Islamic idiots and getting them all riled up. The Jew-hating Left has been appalled, on cue, by the alleged Israeli ''brutality'' -- without questioning the deadly cynicism (turning down 5 cease-fires) of Hamas.

The Way I See It......Hamas has been outfoxed diplomatically: it opposed the cease-fire agreement proposed by Egypt, which Israel--and the Arab League--supported.  If you are really the aggrieved party, it's not easy to explain why you won't accept peace. By now, in a reasonable world, Hamas would have lost all remaining shreds of its tenuous moral credibility. With the failure of the present 72 hour cease-fire, negotiated by the U.N. and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, one hopes that with Hamas' weakness, and its inability to dictate terms, this will eventually leave a tiny possibility for peace.

The first step is to restore legal order in Gaza by returning the Palestinian Authority--ousted by Hamas in a 2007 coup--to power and bringing in the U.S. trained Palestinian security forces who have done such an excellent job of bringing law and order to the West Bank. The next step is free elections in Gaza, which, given Hamas' current unpopularity, might be won by more moderate factions, perhaps even Fatah.  This is the Middle East, of course, Israel remains intransigent on a West Bank agreement. Peace is a chimera; only the dead bodies are real.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Barack.....STOP and Smell The Outrage !

The world is under fire by guns, rockets and car bombs, America is under attack and being invaded my thousands of Latino flotsam and jetsam every day and Muslims are killing Christians an absolutely alarming rate around the world, but there was time taken from golf and fundraising to celebrate with Muslims the Eid-al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan day.

On Sunday, President Obama and the first Lady released a statement thanking Muslim Americans for their ''many achievements and contributions'' building the ''very fabric of our nation and
strengthening the core of our democracy.''  These off-the-wall comments were made to mark the end of month of fasting that allows Muslims to attain some spiritual renewal. The Obamas said in their statement that Eid ''celebrates the common values that unite us in our humanity (?) and reinforces the obligations that people have to each other, especially those impacted by poverty, conflict and disease.''

The Obamas statement further added insult-to-injury by saying, ''That is why we stand with the Muslim people, here at home and around the world, to protect and advance their rights to prosper, and we welcome their commitment to giving back to their communities.'' The International Business Times reported the Muslims joined in an Islamic prayer, while saying ''Aliahu Akbar'' (God is Great) and feasting. The statement further reads that ''the administration wishes Muslims in the United States and around the world a blessed and joyous celebration.'' The letter ended with the salutation of ''Eid Mubarak'' (roughly ''blessed celebration'').

You remember all those contributions by Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of the United States, don't you?  Remember the Muslim signers of the Declaration of Independence? And the Muslims who gave James Madison information about the Constitution of Medina that he used when framing the Constitution?  Remember those Muslims who fought so valiantly during the War of 1812 and the Mexican War?  Remember the heroic Muslim abolitionist Senators who faced down the South in the antebellum Senate, the Senate chamber ringing with their oratory about how the Qur'an says to free the slaves and so the U.S. government should, too?

You must surely remember the Muslim regiment in the Civil War (all on the Union side, of course!) ?  The Muslim industrialists who brought us railroads, the telegraph, and the telephone? How about those Muslims who fought so bravely in the Spanish-American War, World War l & ll, fighting and dying on the beaches of Normandy ?  For fun, didn't those Muslim entertainers keep us laughing on the Vaudeville circuit and on the home front during those terrible world wars with their songs and with their jokes from the Hadith?  What!  None of this rings a bell? Not to worry. Before too long it will be taught in all the textbooks as; The Warm Sentiments by the President on the Occasion of Eid-al-Fitr'', White House, Office of the Press Secretary, July 27, 2014.

The Way I See It.....I feel the majority of Americans are running out of adjectives to describe the evil this shapeshifter is infusing into every single area of the American government and the rewriting history seems to be the specially of this diabolical anti-American, Marxist atheist. The gross denial of America's most dangerous enemy by lauding their freedom loving contributions and affinity for assimilation is mind boggling!

Now, Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, writes a blistering condemnation of President Obama's indifference on the killing of Christians and Jews in the Middle East. ''Christians are being beheaded all over the Middle East because they are Christians, and those carrying out this mass murder are doing so it the name of Islam. Yet, Mr President you continue to say and do absolutely nothing about these unspeakable crimes. Do Christians mean so little to you?''  He further added, ''Muslim terrorists are killing Jews in Israel, and their representatives have pledged to wipe Jews off the face of the earth. Yet your administration spends most of its time patronizing Muslims and lecturing Israelis to be patient. About what? Being bombed by rockets because they are Jews. Do Jewish lives mean so little to you?''