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Our Western Leaders Pay Homage at the Cesspool of Terrorism !

Now you could forgive an excited, and away-with-the-fairies, Prince Charles for ejaculating in his biodegradable green underpants when in the presence Saudi royalty, I mean royalty is royalty to a royal, right? And you could forgive a Muslim President for bowing to his forebears, but for the Poms to grovel to such a decadent Islamic sewer of inhumanity that is the House of Saud with half-mast flags is astounding. Is je suis Charlie already a distant memory?

The “Royal” House of Saud imposes Shariah Law of the most perfidious Wahhabi version. It gave rise to Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and ISIS and more recently has financed Yemeni Al-Queda terrorism. It countenances all forms of Islamic extremism while inflicting a trillion dollar Jizya (halal extortion tax) on the West.

It rules OPEC and is currently preventing the West’s self sufficiency in oil, slashing the barrel price by two thirds. Yet flags fly half-mast over the UK Parliament in deference to this, the birthplace and home of the originators of cancerous radical Islam.

So who was this dictator King Abdulaziz? Well he was well known for his insatiable sexual appetite. In addition to his innumerable concubines, the “pious” Wahhabi Imam married about 300 wives (some of them were only one night stands) while his princely sons are estimated to number 125 and no-one knows for sure how many daughters he fathered.

King Abdulaziz  (see photo Left) also encouraged the practice of slavery by personally owning hundreds of slaves for himself as well as for his family members. However, to avoid international embarrassment, the Wahhabi House of Saud was finally forced to reluctantly abolish slavery as late as 1962. Other embarrassments caused by Saudi Wahhabism came in 1969 when the top religious Wahhabi sheik, Abdulaziz Bin Baz, emphatically declared that the Earth was flat and that the Sun revolved around it.  With that, the scientific prestige of centuries of Islamic science went into the proverbial toilet!

The pleasures of the House of Saud are all about drunken orgies, the denigration and legal raping of women and children, betting on camel races, the public slaughter of foreign nationals after Friday prayers, gold plated Mercedes, countless A380s, each with half billion dollar personal fit-outs and poisonings of those within the family who dare challenge you.
Contrary to American media propaganda the US still strongly supports the Wahhabi House of Saud which fears its own brand of terrorism as much as the US does.
In fact, Wahhabist clerics have already implemented American requests to change the meaning of Jihad (“holy war”) in Islam to the “Salafi” (meaning “noble tradition”) to please Washington. In reality the House of Saud, which is underpinned by the Wahhabist clerics, is as much hated by most Muslims as the US itself is hated.

That’s why the Saudis allowed the Americans on its soil to train “moderate” Syrian rebels and it’s why the Saudis are busily building walls around their innumerable gold-plated palaces to protect them from the monsters they created.

The Way I See It.....there are two Saudi ruling-class families (the political House of Saud and the religious Wahhabi House),  both of whom are intensely hated by millions of Muslims within and outside of Saudi Arabia. The political House of Saud is a depraved, decadent, inbred group of mega rich layabouts who would make Caligula blush. It is kept in check by a powerful council of religious Wahhabi clerics who impose strict Shariah Law but dare not challenge the wealth and might of the Saud family. The Saudis in turn pay lip service to the Wahhabist extremists in fear of their ability to garner outside Islamic extremist support.

In mid-June, 2013, Saudi prince Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, abducted a 25 year old Saudi woman when she refused his advances and took her to a unknown location and raped her. When she resisted further and tried to flee he murdered her and then dumped her body on a main thoroughfare.

This is not the first incident in Saudi Arabia and neither the Last , but due to the Press censorship and Ban on the Human Rights Associations in the Land the Wahabi Monarchs such news are forbidden and are rarely in the local Media , Only the Free Social and the Independent Media gives coverage to such misdeeds of these Animals.

Perhaps there is a reason for a flag at half mast over the UK Parliament because it is clear from historical records that without British assistance neither Wahhabism nor the House of Saud would be in existence today. Wahhabism is a British-inspired Islamic fundamentalist movement it concocted and encouraged. Through its defence of the House of Saud, the US also supports Wahhabism both directly and indirectly despite the terrorism average Westerners suffer.

I must check if the White House flag is also at half mast. That would piss off a lot of Americans.

Saudi King's Death May Lead to the Rise of Imam al-Mahdi !

“Some Shiites link Saudi king’s health to the-end-times,” said Rohollah Faghihi, Al-Monitor, January 14, 2015:
In the last two years, media outlets have published conflicting reports on Saudi King Abdullah’s health. Just last week, Saudi Arabia’s Royal Court announced that the king has pneumonia and is temporarily using a breathing tube. In fact, every time the king’s health deteriorates, news agencies speculate on what will become of the Saudi dynasty and its leadership after the king’s death. But
some Shiite scholars think differently about the matter, believing that Abdullah’s death will mark the beginning of a chain of great events that will shock the world.
Abdullah, the 10th son of King Abdulaziz, was born Aug. 1, 1924. His mother, Fahda bint Asi Al Shuraim, was a member of the Al Rashid family, longtime rivals of the Al Saud family and a historic dynasty in the Arabian Peninsula that ruled the emirate of Jabal Shammar. Abdullah ascended to the throne in 2005 following the death of his half-brother King Fahd, though power was already in his hands.
According to Shiite hadiths, after the death of a king named Abdullah in the Hijaz — a western region of present-day Saudi Arabia — no successor to the throne would be accepted, and disagreements would escalate and persist until the rise of Imam al-Mahdi.
The Shiites believe that divine Imams are heirs to the political and religious Ummah, or Islamic nation. These 12 imams are successors to the Prophet Muhammad and to the head of the caliphate, with Mahdi being the final Imam who disappeared, or went into occultation. Mahdi will be revealed only in the end-times, along with Jesus, to deliver peace to the world.
According to the book “250 Signs Until the Appearance of Imam al-Mahdi,” Prophet Muhammad said: “On doomsday, a man who is carrying the name of an animal ascends to the throne, after which a man named Abdullah comes to the power. Whoever informs me of his death, I will inform him of the rise [of al-Mahdi]. After Abdullah passes away, for several days and months, the government will appear.”
A seminary teacher based in Qom told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “The animal-named man can be King Fahd because one meaning of Fahd’s [name] is rapacious animal and cheetah, which matches what Prophet Muhammad said.”
The Bahar al-Anvar, a book of hadiths, quotes the sixth Shiite Imam Sadegh as saying: “When Abdullah dies, people will agree on no one, and this issue will be kept alive till the rise of Imam [Mahdi]. An age of a hundred-year reign comes to an end, and an age of a [kingdom lasting] a few days and months arrives.”
The Shiite scholar in Qom said, “Currently, there is a possibility of a power struggle in Saudi Arabia, as King Abdullah has tried to make up the new post of deputy crown prince.'' Actually, with regard to [this], if Prince Salman becomes the king and Muqrin bin Abdulaziz is named the crown prince, the next deputy crown prince will be Mutaib bin Abdullah, so we can expect tensions between King Abdullah’s sons and Salman’s brothers to escalate after Abdullah passes away.” In 2012, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (see photo right) was named crown prince, and two years later, Muqrin bin Abdulaziz was introduced as deputy crown prince.
According to Al-Akhbar newspaper, past tradition dictated that the interior minister would be the most likely candidate for second deputy prime minister, and after that, the post of crown prince. But after upgrading the status of the National Guard, which is chaired by Mutaib bin Abdullah, and turning it into a ministry on par with the ministries of defense and interior, King Abdullah’s wing in the royal family is well-positioned to be a strong contender for the throne.
The Qom seminary teacher said that according to some hadiths, leaders in the Hijaz will hide news of the king’s death for 40 days. Based on Abdullah’s deteriorating health situation, this could have happened by now.
Some believe that the rise of terrorist groups in the Levant, along with their black flags, is another sign of al-Mahdi’s resurrection.
The Nahj al-Balagh, a collection of the first Shiite Imam Ali’s sayings, quotes the imam as saying: “When you witness black flags, don’t move, because their calls are void and null and you shouldn’t help them. Their heart is like iron fillings, and they don’t honour their promise. Their names and monikers are taken from the names of cities.”
The Qom-based scholar explained the quotation, “Black flags can suggest the Islamic State, which is killing hundreds of innocent people in the region with brutality, and [regarding people named after
cities], I can mention Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Omar al-Chechen.”
He added, “Many in the seminary of Qom believe that the rise of Imam Mahdi is imminent. Even important figures in the seminary have expressed their hope for this event to happen and has called for our readiness to help him. What’s happening in the region is very similar to what our Imams have predicted about preconditions for the rise of Imam al-Mahdi, so the moment of truth may have come.”…
The Way I See It......the subject of the emergence of Imam al-Mahdi has now assumed truly urgent importance in the world of Islam - Shia as well as Sunni.  Islamic Scholar Imran Nazar Hosein writes that this subject is important since the Angelo-American-Israeli military attack on Arabs, Pakistan and Iran can be expected at any time now, and Muslims can therefore expect that someone will soon emerge with a claim to be the promised Imam.
He goes on to say, ''I have no doubt that certain members of the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad will be blessed with true dreams and visions which will convey to them, and us, information and a 'system-of-meaning' concerning the End-Time advent of Imam al-Mahdi.''  Evidently, he explains, this system-of-meaning will harmoniously integrate all data from the Qur'an and the Hadith pertaining to the End Times, and will be recognizing the return of the true Messiah Jesus, the son of the Virgin Mary as the Sign of the End of Times, hence the subject of the emergence of Imam al-Mahdi will be harmoniously integrated with that momentous return. There's hope for us Infidels yet!

The King is Dead....Long Live the King (NOT!) !

Wahhabist Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is dead and everyone in the West, except Barack Obama, bemoans the fact that he died peacefully under an anaesthetic rather than having his head brutally hacked off in a public square.

On our holidays we watch sport, and so do the Saudis in Deera Square, Ryhadh (or Chop Chop
Square as it more affectionately known). Saudi crowds gather each week to ghoulishly witness beheadings and other gruesome penalties for non-violent offences, including drug crimes, adultery and practices it deems to be witchcraft.

This Saudi national sport averages 90 beheadings a year, mostly of foreign nationals, and runs second only to China in sheer numbers of executions.
The crowds are warmed up with beatings and severing of hands and limbs prior to the main decapitation events.
A lawyer for many due for Chop Chop Square, Waleed Abu Alkhair, currently in jail facing insubordination charges, told the BBC that one of his client's charges concerned statements posted online calling for a relaxation of Saudi Arabia's strict interpretation of Shariah Law.

Foreign correspondent for “The Age” Paul McGeough, wrote yesterday, “When ISIS throws accused homosexuals to their death from the top of a tall building, it tweets pictures and uploads video to social media. But not those Saudi killjoys – when a policeman last week videoed the mediaeval beheading of a female migrant worker in the holy city of Mecca and exercised his freedom of expression by uploading the clip on YouTube, he was arrested and has apparently disappeared into
the maw of the Saudi security system, reportedly to face unspecified charges in two courts – one military, the other religious.''

“ISIS would have given him a medal.'' The Burmese woman, named as Laila bint Abdul Muttalib Basim in one report, was dragged through the streets and held down by four policemen, while it took three blows from the executioner's sword to sever her head – and as he hacked away, she used her last breath to scream: "I didn't kill. I didn't kill."

“How strange it is then, that we're at war with the ISIS, but the Saudis are our allies. We don't hear Barack Obama or John Kerry threatening to bomb the Saudis or even rebuking them. That's left to an eminently forgettable spokesperson at the State Department who utters a few words of criticism – you know the drill, always enough to say the US has been critical; but never enough for the Saudis to be seriously offended. In Obama, who didn't bother to go to Paris to march with 40 world leaders against terrorism is rushing off today to attend Abdullah's funeral, you know, the same Abdullah
Obama bowed before on his June, 2009 visit to Saudi Arabia.

So what now?
The crown prince, Abdullah’s half-brother, Prince Salman, has taken over, but it might not be that easy. After all, it wasn’t too many years ago that people were speculating about what Egypt would be like under the rule of Hosni Mubarak’s son Gamal. And the accession of a 79-year-old to the throne does not give the impression that the House of Saud is vigorous and ready to take on the numerous challenges it faces.
And it faces many. This is not an optimum time for a transition. The House of Saud has headed up an obnoxious regime that has spent billions to prepare the ground for the jihad that is now aflame all over the world, by propagating its virulent view of jihad everywhere. Now the Saudis’ massive expenditures to export the jihad doctrine have come back to bite them in the form of the Islamic State, a self-proclaimed caliphate that denies the legitimacy of the House of Saud (and every other government other than its own) and has vowed to conquer it (and every other country, but it is right on the Saudis’ doorstep).
The Saudis want the U.S. to take care of their Islamic State problem for them. They can’t easily do it Muslim cleric from Saudi Arabia was killed while fighting for the Islamic State. And Sheikh ‘Aadel Al-Kalbani, former imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, has declared: “ISIS is a true product of Salafism and we must deal with it with full transparency.”
themselves, because they have taught their own people the idea that the umma, the worldwide Muslim community, should ideally be ruled by a caliph, the successor of Muhammad as the political, military, and religious leader of the Muslims, and so if they move too decisively against the Islamic State, they might be facing an uprising from within. Several weeks ago, a
Salafism is what the Saudis have used their oil billions to spread throughout the world. And given the fact that Saudi Arabia’s plush rehab facility for jihadists has proven to be a spectacular failure, King Salman  (see photo below) may be spending a considerable part of his declining years battling the jihadis to whom his predecessors gave their guiding ideology.
If, on the other hand, the Saudis don’t move decisively against the Islamic State, and Obama continues his cosmetic, face-saving airstrikes and continues to reject strong action of his own, Saudi Arabia may before too long be facing an invasion from without. Maybe not a full-scale invasion, but certainly an escalation of individual acts of jihad terror. In fact, Islamic State jihadis killed three Saudi guards at the Iraq border just a few weeks ago.
The Iranians, meanwhile, are always jockeying to become the leader of the Islamic world, and in that Saudi Arabia is one of their chief rivals. But Iranian-backed Shi’ite Houthi rebels have just won a major victory in Yemen, and Iran has just concluded a military pact with Russia. This could be the Shi’ites’ moment, in a way that could bode quite ill for the House of Saud.

That scumbag, Vladimir Putin is clearly trying to re-establish Russia as a world power, and he may think that the death of Abdullah provides him with a grand opportunity to weaken a U.S. ally (however unreliable the Saudis have actually been as an ally).

The Way I See It....perhaps now would be just the time for an uprising of the Saudis’ considerable and harshly oppressed Shi’ite minority, emboldened by the Houthi example and backed by Iran.
Could the death of Abdullah be the Iranians’ moment? Or the Islamic State’s? Time will tell – but one thing it is almost certain not to usher in is a time of peace and stability.

Seriously, many Shiite scholars think differently about the matter, believing that King Abdullah's death will mark the beginning of a chain of great events that will shock the world. That could well be true, even without ''the rise of Imam Mahdi.'' The main concern for non-Muslims is that all too many Shiite (and Sunni) end-of-times scenarios involve mass slaughter of Infidels. That'll be in my next posting.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Larry Pickering asks: ''Where Do Muslims Become Radicalizd ?'' Need a Clue?

Okay, um, they are white Mid-Eastern type buildings that are now referred to as “Centres of Worship” when applying for council approvals and they are where Muslims rush out of in a rage each Friday after prayers wanting to kill non-Muslims. And they have tall minarets symbolic of
dominance. Yaaay, you got it....mosques!

Now, who runs these mosques? Need another clue? Okay, let me think... they are sinister looking bearded bastards who travel the country on welfare preaching anti-Aussie stuff. Yaaay, that’s it... Muslim clerics!

Okay last one. What do these clerics, imams and mullahs, actually preach? Another clue?, it’s something to do with a stone-age philosophy of violent hatred where those who don’t submit must lose certain parts of their bodies depending on the severity of the crime and where little girls can be married to old men but they must be genitally mutilated beforehand. Shariah Law!  Yaaay, that’s it!

Our clever leaders explain that home-grown Muslims who travel to fight with the ISIS are likely to return dangerously radicalised. Wrong! They were already well and truly radicalised before they packed their bags. They travelled to join the ISIS to be TRAINED (not radicalised) in the best ways to kill infidels! Yet the government stupidly takes their passports so they can't go overseas instead of cancelling the passports after they the bastards can't come back!

Our leaders want us to treat these white buildings with the same reverence we treat churches. Yet most churches I have seen don’t advocate the abolition of all other religions and most parishioners don’t rush out after services on Sunday mornings wanting to kill non-Christians. So maybe the clergy isn't preaching the same stuff as the clerics.

At most anti-mosque rallies I have attended, objections are based on the proximity of the mosque to Aussie homes, noisy monotone wailing known as “calls to prayer” and parking problems etc. And those objections may well convince a council to refuse an application.

The problem with that process is another application for a mosque will suddenly appear at a more acceptable site and the same objections to council will re-emerge, until eventually the council will have no choice but to accept a proposal because the objectors have used up all their objections.
But it’s not really about parking and stuff is it?
It’s about an alien cancerous culture with vile objectives establishing itself within our communities
Mosques are symbols of non-assimilation and dominance over non-Muslim communities. They are centres used to promote discord, hatred and the eventual destruction of their hosts, and anyone else who disagrees with them.

They disparagingly refer to us as "non-Muslims" yet I don't hear Presbyterians referring to us as "non-Presbyterians". Do you get the drift of where they are coming from?  They are about as culturally un-Australian as you can get... and that, not parking, should be the real and consistent objection to the proliferation of mosques.

The Way I See It.....the P.C. brigade and the Islam apologists are itching to call Mr Pickering out for Section 18C, despite the fact objections to mosques, mullahs, and Islam in general have nothing to do with the Racial Discrimination Act. Larry's cartoons have been known to push the envelope.

Objections to council should be presented as matters of justifiable community concerns. Monuments of hatred have no place in our suburbs, they are diametrically opposed and alien to the Australian way of life! It's a simple as that......even Mohammed would agree if he could tear himself away from all those prepubescent virgins.

So you can forget about 18C, a council is obligated to take those considerations into account in the same way it would an application for a halal slaughterhouse in Martin Place. Parking spaces and noise pollution are just pretend objections. On the eve of another celebration of AUSTRALIA DAY this Monday, let's shout it out: "Long Live the Australian Way of Life."

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Islamapologists Take Note: One-Way Tolerance Leads to Cultural Suicide !

Allen West, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army, has written that there’s a lot of talk about freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press right now in light of what happened in Paris at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, but what will our response be in the West?
Shall we be so intimidated that we will cower away in fear as that which is intolerant forces us into their coerced definition of tolerance? You know what happens then: when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide.

We have the President of Turkey, Recip Erdogan basically saying, “you got what you deserved” – and our President, Barack Obama, refers to Erdogan as his friend. How many of you watched the movie, “Kingdom of Heaven?” Sure, many say: “Great movie but it was historically inaccurate in many ways.” First of all, there was never an explanation as to why Pope Urban II called for The Crusades in 1095 – it was because of Christian pilgrims being constantly attacked by Muslims in the Holy Land.

''Well, it’s time we find some courage to historically portray the truth, and my good friend Bill Siegel – who took me to my first ever NY Knicks game, and has a pretty well-known and exceptional fiancĂ©e named Monica Crowley – has penned a pretty good recommendation for Hollywood in the Washington Times.''

Siegel thinks it’s about time Hollywood depict the story of Mohammad’s life. According to Siegel:
“What would an accurate and fair film of Mohammad’s life show? One would see ‘Jihad’ in action with Mohammad beheading 600-900 Jews of the Banu Quraizah tribe (picture right) as their heads roll into trenches, taking women and children as slaves,
leading more than 25 raids, taking 20% of the booty for himself and Allah, and reneging on treaties.
“One would see him consummating one of his thirteen or more marriages with the 9 year old Aisha and how the revelations he timely received from Allah conveniently grant his desires, including Allah’s arranging Mohammad’s adopted son to divorce his wife so that Mohammad could marry her.
“One would see the early ‘tolerant’ and ‘peaceful’ revelations so often cited abrogated by later ones revealed when Mohammad had full power to dominate. “One would see him solicit an assassin to murder the poet who, much like Charlie Hebdo, insulted him, would see how he terrorized to weaken his enemy’s will so that little else was required to cause its ultimate submission to him, Allah, and Islam, and hear him utter at his life’s end, ‘I have been made victorious by terror.’ The man had a ''Heart of Gold.'' (Not)
“One would see him structure his community into a bigoted hierarchy in which Muslims lived according to one set of rules while certain others (Christians and Jews primarily) were granted protection so long as they paid a tax and submitted to the shamefully humiliating lesser status requirements of being a Dhimmi. All others were forced to convert or die.”
Do I think Hollywood will heed the recommendation and the offered storyline? Nope, they ain’t got the cojones, but this is a superb piece Bill wrote (photo left) in The Washington Times – and he ain’t skeered of no “Fatwa.” Maybe someone, somewhere will find the courage to do a film based on Bill’s concept. It’s also reflected in the book by Robert Spencer, The Truth About Muhammad.”

The Way I See It......I for one am sick and tired of listening to all the excuses and wrong explanations using revisionist history. It’s time people came to understand the first Mecca phase, Medina phase, the second Mecca phase, and then the Islamic conquest phase – which has been resurrected thanks to the asshole Jimmy Carter allowing the Ayatollah Khomeini to rise to power.

KNOW YOUR ENEMY!  The truth is, not many Westerners know what's in the Koran, since so few have actually read it -- even among the legions of politicians, diplomats, analysts, and editorial writers who vehemently insist that the Koran preaches tolerance. So get a copy of the Koran and read the many decrees toward Jews, Christians, and other Infidels, explaining how they were viewed in Muhammad's time, and most important, what the Koran has in store for them, now and forever.

Also, besides Robert Spencer's (photo right) very informative book, ''The Truth about Muhammad'' read the companion book to your Koran, his ''The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran."  It's a meticulously researched, comprehensive, and indispensable guide through the Koran's origins and most contentious passages.

So, read my dear readers, don't to forget to read Bill Siegel’s astute and exceptional piece – it’s the historical and irrefutable truth about Muhammad. However, will it ever be told on the big screen? Or have the Islamic jihadists and totalitarians won, causing us to self-censor because we’re afraid of being called Islamophobes?

Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. During his 22-year career, he served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, receiving many honors including a Bronze Star. In 2010, West was elected as a member of the 112th Congress representing Florida’s 22nd District. He is a Fox News contributor and author of “Guardian of the Republic."

Forest Gump: "Stupid is What Stupid Does ! "

English Prime Minister, David Cameron is winning praise for daring to suggest that the foe we face has anything to do with Islam. At the same time, however, he continues to maintain that the jihadis are “perverting” their peaceful religion. Stupid is......

That is an unproven assertion and not a harmless one: it forces law enforcement and intelligence officials to waste time and resources on a fruitless search for what motivates young Muslims to join jihad groups — since the officials are bound as a matter of policy to ignore the fact that the jihad groups appeal to Islamic texts and teachings to recruit peaceful Muslims. And this leads to policy errors such as the endless flow of jizya (subjugation tax) to Pakistan and Afghanistan, predicated on the false assumption that poverty causes terrorism and wealth will end it.

Ultimately, neither Cameron nor Obama is facing the jihad threat squarely or realistically. And so the jihad fire will continue to rage, despite their best efforts to contain it.
“Obama vs. Cameron: British PM takes hard line on ‘Islamist’ extremists, Obama avoids I-word,”, January 16, 2015 (thanks to Robert):
“We both recognize that intelligence and military force alone is not going to solve this problem, so we’re also going to keep working together on strategies to counter violent extremism that radicalizes recruits and mobilizes people, especially young people, to engage in terrorism.”
“We also look forward to welcoming our British friends to our summit next month on countering violent terrorism, because whether in Europe or in America, a critical weapon against terrorism is our adherence to our freedoms and values at home, including the pluralism and the respect and tolerance that defines us as diverse and democratic societies.”
“This phenomenon of violent extremism, the ideology, the networks, the capacity to recruit young people, this has metastasized and it is widespread, and it has penetrated communities around the world.”
“I do not consider it an existential threat. As David said, this is one that we will solve. We are stronger. We are representing values that the vast majority of Muslims believe in — in tolerance and in working together to build, rather than to destroy.”
“And so, you know, this is a problem that causes great heartache and tragedy and destruction, but it is one that ultimately we’re going to defeat. But we can’t just defeat it through weapons. One of the things that we spoke about is how do we lift up those voices that represent the vast majority of the Muslim world, so that that counter-narrative against this nihilism is put out there as aggressively and as nimbly as the messages coming out from these — these fanatics.”
“We know what we’re up against. And we know how we will win. We face a poisonous and fanatical ideology that wants to pervert one of the world’s major religions, Islam, and create conflict, terror and death. With our allies, we will confront it wherever it appears.”
“We will deploy additional intelligence and surveillance assets to help Iraqi forces on the ground, and we will ensure they are better trained and equipped to counter explosive
devices. But most important of all, we must also fight this poisonous ideology starting at home.”
“We do face a very serious Islamist extremist terrorist threat in Europe, in America, across the world. And we have to be incredibly vigilant in terms of that threat.”
“It means countering this poisonous, fanatical death cult of a narrative that is perverting the religion of Islam.”
“But here’s, I think, the really determining point: You can have, tragically, people who have had all the advantages of integration, who’ve had all the economic opportunities that our countries can offer, who still get seduced by this poisonous, radical, death cult of a narrative.”
“So, let’s never lose sight of the real enemy here, which is the poisonous narrative that’s perverting Islam. That is what we have to focus on, recognizing that, of course, we help ourselves in this struggle if we create societies of genuine opportunity, if we create genuine integration between our communities.”
The Way I See It.......Western leaders have a responsibility to their constituents to wipe these terrorist groups from the planet and they can do it, yet still they remain in denial waiting to react to the next attack on the West with sickening platitudes.

Obama has now called a summit of “moderate” Arab nations to discuss this worsening “workplace violence”... WTF?  That’s akin to asking a clan of vampires to discuss an overflowing bloodbath.
The Obama concept of a “moderate Arab bloc” is the stuff of fairy tales. No Arab nation has the stomach to confront the ISIS or Al Queda unless they themselves are directly threatened. Obama may have a soft spot for Islam but he will never understand the labyrinthian mess of intertribal Islamic bastardry that rules the Middle East. The so called “coalition” against the ISIS is therefore predictably falling apart.

But here’s the doozy of all doozies: The Saudis have now allowed the US to construct training centres on Saudi soil, and who are the Americans training? You’ll never guess. “Moderate” Syrian rebels! I wonder if Obama realises that it is the Syrian rebels who are the backbone of the ISIS. Forest Gump was right !!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Well.....As Long As Obama Brought it Up.......

Ann Coulter, leading journalist and author of High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Slander, Treason, How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must), Godless, If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans, Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and their Assault on America, and Demonic: How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America., writes, ''I gather from Obama’s “free” community college proposal that his plan for dealing with the Republican Congress over the next two years is to throw out ridiculously expensive ideas no one has ever heard of before, and then denounce Republicans for being naysayers.''

Community college is already incredibly inexpensive. The only thing that will jack up the price is making it “free.”  How about a big federal program to provide every American with free toilet paper? Coincidentally, that’s about all most college degrees are good for these days.

Obama’s moronic proposal has presented the GOP with a fantastic opportunity. Since he brought it up, how about Republicans get to the bottom of why college is so expensive?

The cost of a college education has increased by more than 1,000 percent only since 1978. Nothing else has gone up that much — not health care, consumer goods, or home prices. The explosion in college tuition bears no relation to anything happening in the economy.

Would anyone argue that colleges are providing a better education today than in 1978? I promise you: People coming out of college in the 1950s knew more than any recent Yale graduate — unless we’re only counting knowledge of sexual practices once considered verboten.

They’re teaching gender studies, ethnic studies, moral equivalence, and hatred of America. Did the Japanese Really Start World War II or Did We? It’s worse than not reading Shakespeare. They’re reading Shakespeare for homosexual imagery. As Yale professor  Daniel Gelernter (photo left) says, colleges are “threatening to become an elaborate, extremely expensive practical joke.”

The fact that 80 percent of Weathermen — those violent ’60s radical scum — are full college professors tells you all you need to know about the state of higher education today.The cost of college spirals continuously upward not because the product has gotten better — it’s gotten much, much worse — but because college loans are backed by the taxpayer.

The government is chasing its tail every time it increases student financial aid. If the government hiked college loans and subsidies by $1 million per student, colleges would promptly raise tuition to: (current tuition) plus $1 million. Americans are being bamboozled into paying any price for a college degree because they are relentlessly told that if they don’t go to college, their lives will be hell. And they’re told this not only by the colleges, but by the government.

The sales pitch is manifestly false. According to an article by Adam Davidson in the New York Times magazine last June, “(m)ore than half of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed, meaning they make substandard wages in jobs that don’t require a college degree.”  Evidently, most jobs don’t depend on a degree in women’s studies. More than a third of college graduates, Davidson (photo right) says, will never make enough money to repay their student loans.

If any other business made such false claims about a product, there would be massive congressional hearings, media denunciations, and prison sentences for the CEOs. A college degree is the most expensive purchase most families will ever make, other than their home.

Right before our eyes, Democrats are colluding with colleges to create a market bubble for an increasingly worthless product, and they’re doing it by making the exact same promise that banks made about home mortgages before the housing market crash: Sure it’s a lot, but it’s an investment in your future!

Instead of hauling college administrators to court, Democrats are active participants in the fraud, acting as Big Education’s carnival barkers. It’s as if the government is telling people: “If you don’t graduate, you’ll never be cool.”

Why is the left not willing to admit that education is an industry, just like Lockheed Martin, Enron, or Philip Morris?  Democrats love to rail about the high costs of everything else — pharmaceuticals, health care, mortgages, missile systems, contraception, and so on. College is a business, too — a cartel that fixes prices, preys on teenagers, and lies to consumers.

But these leftist won’t make a peep about the College Industrial Complex because college professors are brainwashing students into leftist politics. Every year, another 10 million graduates emerge, hating God, their parents, America, and Republicans; just to Obama's liking. For this, parents are spending $50,000 a year.

The Way I See It......the education industry is how leftists make capitalists pay for socialism. It was a smart move for cultural Marxists to capture the country’s education establishment. GOOD THINKING, CULTURAL MARXISTS!  You know you have a comrade in President Obama.

It’s not the fault of the students that they’re getting a crappy product at inflated prices. They’ve been lied to by shady education peddlers, including the Democratic Party. And if that's not bad enough there's the litany of lies with the Democrats’ endless global warming initiatives as well.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Are We Really CHARLIE? No, No, Not Even Close !!

PROTESTERS marching around the West, horrified by the massacre in Paris, have held up pens and chanted “Je suis Charlie” — I am Charlie.
Australian Journalist, Andrew Bolt says, ''They lie.'' The Islamist terrorists are winning, and the coordinated attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine and kosher supermarket will be just one more success. He notes that it is one more step to our society's gutless surrender.

Al-Qaeda in Yemen didn’t attack Charlie Hebdo because we are all Charlie Hebdo. The opposite. It sent in the brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi because Charlie Hebdo was almost alone in showing up the nasty, unreformed stupidity of Islam in humorous cartoons.

Unlike most politicians, journalists, lawyers and other members of our ruling classes, this fearless magazine dared to mock Islam in the way the Left routinely mocks Christianity. Unlike much of our ruling class, it refused to sell out our freedom to speak.

Its greatest sin — to the Islamists — was to republish the infamous cartoons of Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten which mocked Mohammed, and then to publish even more of its own, including one showing the Muslim prophet naked.

Are we really all Charlie? No, no and shamefully no. No Australian newspaper dared published those pictures, too, bar one which did so in error.

The Obama administration three years ago even attacked Charlie Hebdo for publishing the naked Mohammed cartoon, saying it was “deeply offensive”. President Barack Obama even told the United Nations “the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” and damned a
YouTube clip “Innocence of Muslims” which did just that. The filmmaker was thrown in jail.

We are all Charlie?  Really? Obviously, this Ass-Kissing President isn't even close!

In Australia, Charlie Hebdo would almost certainly be sued into silence, to the cheers of some of the very protesters now claiming to be its great defenders. You see....Australia also has oppressive racial vilification laws which Prime Minister Tony Abbott had promised to relax but last year decided to keep, saying changing them would become a “complication” in making Muslim Australians side with the rest of us against jihadists.

But our journalists haven’t really needed a muzzle. They have been only too eager to shut themselves up rather than call out the growing threat of jihadism, brought to us by insanely stupid programs of mass immigration from the Third World.

When Dutch political leader Geert Wilders toured Australia to warn against the danger Islamism posed to our physical safety and our freedom, he was treated as a pariah and the protesters who pushed and heckled his audience were handed the microphone instead by a gutless media.

When jihadists screaming “Allahu Akbar” shot dead US soldiers at Fort Hood or coffee shop patrons in Sydney, ABC and Fairfax journalists pretended they had no idea what ideology could have motivated such slaughter.

When Boko Haram jihadists screaming “Allahu Akbar” kidnapped nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls, forcing them to convert to Islam and selling them to be raped, Islamist apologist and terrorism lecturer Waleed Aly refused even to acknowledge on Channel 10 that Boko Haram actually had an Islamist agenda, this deadshit described them merely as a group of vigilantes.

And when SBS filmed the then Mufti of Australia, Sheik Hilaly, praising suicide bombers as heroes in the Lakemba mosque just days before the September 11 attacks, it refused to air the footage for fear we might get the “wrong idea”.

This will go on. Be sure of it. Your ruling classes will not easily admit to having made an error that cannot now be fixed. It will prefer oppression to freedom, if that brings at least the illusion of peace — and many may even think they are right. Hear already the lies......

The BIGGEST LIE: You are told Muslim groups condemn the killings as unIslamic. Yet the Koran and Hadith preach death to unbelievers who mock Islam, and tell of Mohammed killing poets,
singing girls and others who made fun of him. Let's get's in their Blood people!!!!

No greater authority than the Ayatollah Khomeini, the then spiritual ruler of Iran, ordered the killing of writer Salman Rushdie for making mock of Islam in his The Satanic Verses. Which I actually still remains a historic oddity in the Qur'an that Muslims don't talk about; Mohammad's seemingly enjoyable conversations with the Devil.

We are also told the pen is mightier than the sword, but tell that to the people in the Charlie Hebdo office who found their fistfuls of pens no match for two Kalashnikovs. Tell that now to even the brave leaders of Jyllands-Posten, who, after years of jihadist plots against their staff have had enough, refusing now to republish cartoons from Charlie Hebdo for fear of yet more attacks.
“It shows that violence works,” it admitted.

Everywhere you will find other papers making the same call, rather than all come out publishing as many cartoons as they can to stick it proverbial pen up the extremist filth's ass!

The Way I See It.......The chanters yell out ''We are all Charlie!''  It's Bull. Absolute self-serving rubbish. The sell-outs are everywhere and will grow stronger. The West’s political leaders have already told Muslim leaders they agree that mocking Islam is a sin, and have even passed laws — in France, too — making it unlawful. They have attacked the very few journalists and politicians who dared warn against the Islamist threat.

Some of these appeasers now back Muslim demands for a boycott of Israel or at least greater recognition for the terrorists who run large parts of Palestinian territory.

Anything for peace, even if it means submission.

And for all the protests this past week, submission is what you must expect, until you all wake up and protest instead to your leaders and media to have the fortitude to stop censoring the truth and get on with constantly hammering the Islamists to join the 21st Century.