Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Passionless, Amateur President !

In a revealing new book, The Amateur, author Edward Klein interviews President Obama's physician, Dr. David Scheiner, MD, who blasts the president's health care plan and says that Obama has an academic "detachment" that he could never break through. The doctor fears that if the health care plan is "the failure"' he believes it will be, because of runaway costs and other problems. then any serious health reform will be set back for years to come.

This is only one of many troubling insights in Klein's book, which is buttressed by nearly 200 interviews with people close to Obama and makes the case that the President is a spend-thrift amateur with a messianic complex who is completely out of his depth. Dr Scheiner reveals the lack of humanity in Obama's character and carelessness with which he enacted the entirely politicized health insurance reform, often called ObamaCare.

Worse still, Scheiner elaborates by saying, "I think there is too much of the Chicago political machine in him. By which I mean he's calculating, lacks passions and feeling, and doesn't have the sense of humanity that I expected. I'm sure his Commie mother must have had an influence here too!"

In the book's chapter titled, Hollow at the Core, Dr Scheiner is further quoted as saying, "As a rabid Left-wing Socialist, Obama has no cost control. All his schemes are turning out to be incredibly expensive and he doesn't care. Aside from implementing policies to turn the American way of life in a copy of European Socialism he maintains a debt that our grandchildren will need to pay off. He's a dangerous incompetent!"

The Way I See it....the point that Dr Steiner is trying to make is that President Obama lacks the ability to make meaningful decisions because he fails to connect to people personally. My main objection to Barack Obama is that he is a great speaker (as long as the Telepromter is working) and a lousy communicator. He says words of concern but you can sense he is detached from their meaning. He isn't showing he really cares. It must be all those years (20+) of listening to Rev. Jeremiah Wright's hateful sermons about America.

Besides the good doctor, other interviewees in The Amateur believe that Obama has become a dilettante and thereby a failure as a president. His disrespect for the Constitution is appalling, but mainly he has failed to live up to the hype and left a trail of broken promises in his wake. America...this a wake-up call to stop the leaderless rot enveloping you! Read the has been No. 1 on the New York Times' best-sellers list for the second straight week!!