Friday, November 23, 2012

Red Aussie Greens See Red at Israel !

Here in Australia we have a Greens party run by Watermelons (Green on the outside, but oh so Red on the inside). Could Greens Senator and admitted Stalinist-lover Lee Rhiannon and the rest of her insanely anti-Israel party explain those hundreds of rockets being fired at Israel from Gaza? You see, Rhiannon even this week was still claiming Gaza was ''the world's biggest outdoor prison and....has been under blockade for quite some time.''  Blockaded by Israel, that is, which Rhiannon wants to boycott ''as a way to promoting Palestinian human rights.''  This Jew-hater has also had previously mounted boycotts of (Israeli owned) Max Brenner Chocolate shops in Australia. My fellow Aussies have rightly told her to get lost.

And it's blockaded so wickedly that Greens leader Christine Milne on Tuesday tabled a motion in the Senate demanding the government get ''Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza."  Andrew Bolt, journalist and blogger for the Herald Sun newspaper, asks, ''Has Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group which seized power in Gaza five years ago, learned the lesson from this?  That the quickest way to get the deadshit Greens to spruik your cause is to shoot lots of rockets at Jews?'' 

But about that blockade, Senators. From where came the nearly 2000 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel since January, including some powerful enough to hit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv?  The answer? Many from Iran. Some blockade, which lets such weaponry get smuggled in. Perhaps that blockade isn't as strict as Rhiannon claims - certainly not along Gaza's border with Egypt, now controlled by the Hamas-friendly Muslim Brotherhood. So...if Gaza is ''the world's biggest outdoor prison'' , strangled by a blockade so severe that Palestinians are left, as activist idiots such as Professor Juan Cole like to claim, desperately short of food and medicine, why would Hamas be smuggling rockets instead?  Strange priorities, especially when rockets are not weapons of self-defence but of offence. Of Terror. Which of course is the stock in trade of Hamas, pledged to Israel's destruction.

Senators, can you now understand why Israel, while actually allowing in food, medicine and other goods, does try to stop imports to Gaza of weapons and material to build them? Why it's so suspicious of what Hamas would do if left free to bring in whatever it wants? Surely you can't be that stupid! If Israel did not restrict dangerous imports to Gaza, would there now be more rockets or fewer? More dying or less? Doesn't seeing Hamas fire off so many rockets make you ladies (I use that term reluctantly) at least consider how much mayhem would be unleashed if you really did manage to lift what blockade there still is?  You've become a dupe of terrorists rather than a voice for ''human rights.''

The Way I See It....if Hamas put as much effort into developing Gaza as it does into smuggling rockets, wouldn't its people be safer, richer and more trusted y its neighbours? Would a Hamas that created jobs rather than rockets be more likely to persuade Israel it wanted peace, and not Israel's destruction? Look at those rockets, Senators and ask yourselves how smart it was to only now demand peace -- only now that Israel has finally responded to many months of rockets fired at its civilians.

Consider this morally bankrupt line from Milne's Senate motion, the Greens final shame: The Greens have asked ''that the Senate note the disproportionate Israeli response in Gaza and that the parties to the conflict are not equivalent as Israel is the world's fifth largest military power and Palestine has a weakened and constricted economy and is subject to restrictions on freedom of movement in breach of international law.'' What is grotesque about that paragraph is not what perhaps seems so obvious -- that the Greens characterise this fighting as between ''the military power'' Israel and poor defenceless Palestine -- when in fact Israel is finally defending itself after months of rocket attacks from Hamas terrorists and first and foremost took out their scumbag leader.

No, most repulsive is that the Greens believe Israel self-defence is ''disproportionate'' -- as in not enough Jews have died for Israel to now drop so many bombs on Hamas targets. So excuse me if I ask Rhiannon and Milne one more question, after all: How many Jews must die before you let them defend themselves?  Some -- including many in Hamas -- think even six million wasn't enough. What's your figure, ladies?

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