Saturday, November 3, 2012

Racial Divide Becomes A Chasm Under Obama !

The racial divide has deepened dangerously under Barack Obama. American blacks have gone backwards under Obama at an alarming rate. It demonstrates the false promise of symbolism. All that Hope and Change brought No Hope and little Change for black folks. And yet a poll this week shows these idiots are still 98% for their Messiah to have another 4 year term. It's as if sticking-like-glue is about race....or may I say...dependency. In other words, they like the comfort of the Democrats ''plantation'' handouts.

Blacks started Obama's first term with 13% unemployment and by the middle of last year it was up 16.2%, about double that of the national average and more than double that of whites. Between 2005 and 2010, the net wealth of black households fell by just under 60%, a staggering figure. The net worth of white households fell 18%. The median white household had 22 times the wealth of the median black household. Obviously, these are facts and figures that the administration isn't eager to much for Obama's much touted ''transparency''.

Blacks make up a little over 11% of the workforce, but 21% of postal employees and 20% of government employees generally. Government is the biggest employer of black men and the second biggest employer of black women. The government cutbacks are now making many of these jobs unsustainable. The past 4 years have allowed blacks to become less empowered.

There are powerful social and economic dynamics which are bad for middle class and under-class blacks. Some of these are longstanding, some new. According to poverty expert Robert Woodson, also writing in the American Interest, since the ''War on Poverty'' was launched in the 1960's, $US15 trillion has been spent on anti-poverty programs but the incidence of poverty has risen. Woodson writes: ''Welfare policies have undermined healthy communities by erecting disincentives for work and marriage.''

Some of Woodson's figures are startling. In 1954, 96,000 blacks were in jail. This corresponded roughly to their share of the population. Today, there are 900,000 blacks in jail, about three times the number that would correspond to their share of the population. During the Depression of the 1930's, blacks actually had a higher marriage rate than whites. Up until 1965, the black marriage rate was more than 80%. Today marriage, especially stable marriage, has collapsed in the black under class.

The Way I See looks like Obama's generous welfarism, economic weakness and the decline in lower-skilled jobs has increased the collapse of the black family unit and the rise of a rejectionist black street culture that has deepened a divide already dangerous. Blacks are leaning to blaming whites for hindering Obama's progress in helping African-Americans. It seems electing the first black president wasn't enough to quell charges that America is a racist nation. Now we all must go along with everything he does or doesn't do or be slandered as hate-mongers.

With all the unfulfilled hopes his first campaign instilled and now with all the ''Four More Years!'' chanting during the past 6 months of election rallies, I would've thought that many more African-Americans had had enough of Barack Obama. Insights into his administration's dogmatic socialism has shown a meanness to any dissension. A sort of reverse racism. Take the recent incident of that lovely black actress, Stacey Dash, who sent an inoffensive little tweet supporting Mitt Romney and is buried in tweets calling her ''an indoor slave'' and a ''jiggaboo'', who was ''slutting herself to a white man.'' (And those were just the tweets from the Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign people!)

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