Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AMERICANS: Fooled, Ruled and Re-Tooled ! (#2)

In my previous posting I mentioned that Stanley Kurtz, in his book Spreading the Wealth: Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities was hoping to awaken the voting secular suburbanites to the hidden agenda that Obama and his fellow Marxists intends to severely damage them. However, the majority of those who blindly voted for this ''Manchurian Candidate'' obviously couldn't be bothered to get to read any of the many books that have been on the New York Times Best Seller list over the past 2 years exposing the truth about Obama. Their fate is now in his hands.

These are the ''low-information''  voters who were conned by Bill Clinton and the New Democrats. They were told it was now safe to cast their ballots for Democrat candidates because the party had mostly abandoned the anti-capitalist mindset of the McGovernites. The differences between conservative Republicans and center-left Democrat politicians concerning economic matters were supposedly next to zilch. Barack Obama's election would supposedly continue these common sense measures. That's all changed and he knew that his hostility towards suburban living and his remarks about "spreading the wealth'' would be totally ignored and hidden from the public by the so-called mainstream media that has so much invested in this person they foisted upon the nation to prove that they weren't racists. Now they don't want to admit what their dereliction-of-duty did and how much damage it has already done to the nation.

Kurtz explains, ''David Rusk is out to annex your suburb and pick your pocket. If annoying principles like individual liberty, voluntary association and self-government stand in his way, that's too bad. The contradiction between hard-left redistributionism and traditional American values could hardly be drawn more sharply.''  Most Americans have probably never heard of Rusk, nor Mike Kruglik, Peter Dreier, Linda Hammond or Myron Orefield. Each of these individuals are close political allies of President Obama are are advocates of a movement called ''regionalism'' aka ''metropolitanism'' or more deviously ''smart growth.''

Obama and Kruglik plan to over come the public's suburban mindset is by pitting the suburbs against themselves, creating an alliance between cities and the relatively less well-off inner-ring suburbs. A barrage of new taxation will enhance (read intimidate) the middle class and upper class suburbanites to submit to the ''re-tooling'' of the American landscape. They hope to achieve this major change by expanding cities into regions that will all come under the control of the nearest cities. Obama and his ilk consider everything about the suburbs to be bad. That's where the money has fled. That's where the SUV's and autos pollute the environment. That's where valuable farmland and forests are absorbed to build more residential sprawl.

For a determined administration, the suburbanites also need to have their love affair with the car crushed! Mass transit is intended to stop the building of highways in order to help eliminate the use of automobiles. A tall order I know, but these Marxist bastards have been planning this for years. Even the new health care laws are really designed to help bring about the redistribution of wealth from the suburbs to the poor. I repeat, the president is existentially hostile towards those citizens who have moved outside the city centers and literally considers them racist thieves, and need to be dragged back into the cities to help solve the problems festering there. What Obama and his allies have in common is a deep disdain for the so-called ''American Dream'' and the way of life that so many Americans have worked so hard to achieve.

The Way I See It....many of these anti-American scum have been working on these issues for two decades or more just waiting for the right moment to spring their elaborate ''reforms'' on an unsuspecting public. It was not until they had the great good fortune to have a ''community organizer'' in the White House that they had any real chance of implementing the majority of their radical initiatives. One has to wonder how many tens of thousands of people are going to work each day in various government entities. foundations, non-profits and think tanks plotting the demise of America as we know it.

Basically, there are three major components to this approach. First and foremost, you should know that redistribution is the heart and soul of ''regionalism.'' The ultimate goal of these radicals is for the major cities to annex the surrounding suburbs. In this scenario suburban tax money would be transferred to the cities. Second, those who subscribe to the rationalist model would incrementally implement policies that would ultimately strip suburban cities and towns of their right to self-rule. and finally, these people would champion zoning and tax policies that would ultimately force suburban residents to move back to the cities. It may sound bizarre to you but these leftist filth are bound and determined to do all of this and now that Obama has been re-elected, there is very little that will stand in their way. 

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