Thursday, June 22, 2017


From My Fellow Word-Smith LARRY PICKERING: 

Greens’ unabashed Communist Senator, Lee Rhiannon, declared three years ago that coal production in Australia was finished. She was justifiably laughed at and she even drew derisory comments from the media. 
How can times change so quickly? But they can only change that quickly and that irresponsibly with the assistance of a Lefty interloper posing as a conservative after having backstabbed an elected conservative Prime Minister.
A political imperative is that you must not commission a report unless you are certain it will dovetail with what you want. PM Malcolm Turnbull is a global warming nutter with an eye on a future with the UN. Just like other failed Labor leaders.
Neurologist and Government "scientist", a dickhead called Alan Finkel (above) has just written a report on Australia’s future energy needs that has more holes in it than a cheap crumpet and it makes no sense at all, unless of course you are a global warming wanker. It’s hard to imagine what similarities link neurological qualifications to a drastic energy shortage.
Turnbull’s brain fart of an idea to drive the Snowy water up hill so that it can be dropped again, indicates just how smart our current PM is. It’s also hard to equate dubious merchant banking qualifications with high-end hydrological engineering.
It seems our PM sat upright in bed one night, bleary eyed, still grasping his donger, and announced that he had just discovered the illusive theory of “perpetual motion”.
It’s not his silly idea anyway, it was suggested ten years ago and dismissed out of hand after it was quickly established the extra electricity gained did not cover the electricity required to pump the water up hill for almost one kilometre, in the first place.
                      Unabashed, self-claimed Greens' Communist, Lee Rhiannon
So we must not mine our own clean, efficient, coal so that other nations must now use the world’s dirtiest coal. Work THAT out. Doesn’t that sort of defeat what the Greens, Shorten and Turnbull are trying to achieve? Or is it just another example of Left logic?  
Turnbull evokes bitter memories of fools like Whitlam, Rudd and Gillard. We await the sage administration he promised us but all we have got so far is a combination of the supercilious ideological bullshit of those three former Prime Ministerial wastrels.
I am not going to abuse my new keyboard trying to explain the stupidity behind Turnbull’s thinking, so I will just iterate the fact that the Paris Accord is dead… stone dead. The Accord was only a verbal commitment anyway, and anyone who trusts India, China or Indonesia to keep their word needs a good shrink.
It seems only Australia is silly enough to keep its word.
         Just one of 45 coal-fired power stations Japan has signalled it will build ASAP.
Even nuclear-shy Japan has started on new coal-fired power stations. India and China are opening new stations at the rate of one a week, and they have promised they will continue doing so at least until 2030, by which time Al Gore will have tired of fishing for trout in the streets of Miami and will be flicking sardines to polar bears from his Fifth Avenue apartment.
Fair dinkum I’m over this shit!  This mad Left governance is hopefully like cyclical climate change... it must eventually complete the cycle before returning to normality.
                          Hmmm, but I’m not so sure about that with this bloody mob.of Wankers.  God Help Australia !!  Useless like Tits on a Bull !

Monday, June 19, 2017

FIDGET it Really What Your Child Needs?

BACKGROUND: The top selling toy today is nothing more than a gadget with three weighted prongs that spin and spin on one's fingers. They've existed in some form since 1993 and lately have grown so popular since some manufacturers are touting their therapeutic benefits for children with autism, anxiety and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

The alleged mental benefits of the toys have helped fuel their sales, but even a cursory look at the nonexistent science -- and the history -- of the spinners makes it clear these claims are specious at best. Fidget spinners weren't created by behavioral scientists with deep knowledge of intellectual disability nor were they created by experts in a lab; they were patented by an inventor from Florida named Catherine Hettinger who wanted to promote World Peace.

Hettinger's spinner never took:off.  Her patent expired in 2005, and the spinner spun into obscurity until earlier this year, when a series of YouTube videos featuring teenagers doing tricks with them went viral. Now to the serious matter this something that will enhance your child's Life?

The brain has the magical ability to rewire itself. We live in the world that offers our brains instant gratification, which works just like a drug. The more instant gratification we offer our brains, the more our brains crave it.  
With the best of intentions, we have rewired the brains of this entire generation of children to expect instant gratification, by offering them IPads, videogames, and depriving their brains of opportunities for boredom, responsibilities, and limits. Children come to school emotionally unavailable to learn. Their brains are unable to function under lower levels of stimulation, and expect special effects at all times. Unfortunately, real life can’t offer their brains what we promised; compared to the stimulation offered by the screens, real life is boring. Life requires the brain to work through boredom, which these children can’t tolerate so they become fidgety the moment their brains perceive even minor “boredom”.
With the invention of the spinner fidgets, we take their brains to the next level of instant gratification. Moreover, again and again, we buy our children what they want, the moment they want it, without thinking if it is truly what they need. Now, they bring the spinners into the classroom; continuing to stimulate their brains all day long with high levels of spinning stimulation. The more they stimulate their brains, the more they will crave for it, the less delayed gratification they will have, the less emotionally available for learning they will be (Read more about it here).
There are a few kids that do require fidgets. However, even for these kids, the fidgets are just a quick fix. These children require a much deeper approach to help them concentrate.  In many cases, if a child needs fidgets, it means that his brain is overly stimulated and he actually needs help calming his brain down rather than further
stimulating it. Here are some suggestions that will minimize your child’s need for fidgeting:
  • Teach children that “boredom” is a normal state of human emotions. Help children to recognize the signs of boredom and help them develop functional strategies to deal with it. Don’t take the responsibility of constantly entertaining your kids, as they need to learn to self-regulate through boredom.
  • Put a conscious effort to train your child’s delayed gratification skills. Avoid using technological babysitters in cars and restaurants and train his ability to just sit and wait.  Teach your child to sit at a table until everyone finishes eating.  Limit snacking between meals.
  • Limit your child’s access to technology. In addition, unplug from your phone and share quality time with your child.
  • Offer your child opportunities to spend time outdoors, especially in green space.
  • Provide regular opportunities for high intensity, high duration exercises such as biking, hiking.
  • Bring calmness into their lives by listening to calm music, sitting around a fireplace, having a calming bath, reading a book, drawing, or playing board games.
  • Offer plenty of sleep in technology free bedrooms.
  • Train your child’s ability to complete monotonous work, such as helping with cooking, setting a table, making his/her bed, or folding clothes.
  • If your child truly needs a fidget, provide him/her with a low stimulation fidget, such as a stress ball.
The Way I See It......parents, we are failing our children! Their future is in our hands. Provide children with what is truly and deeply good for them, instead of highly stimulating quick fixes.

Friday, June 16, 2017



The level and severity of crimes by African refugees and their children is astonishing and an indictment of Australia's refugee policies. Here are the three latest examples, including another alleged brutal home invasion by six to eight Africans. How on earth did we import this danger?

Read my previous informative blog pinpointing the history:
Last Month:
A gang of hoodie-wearing African youths had a white Holden Commodore in their sights as they unsuccessfully attempted to kick down the Sassafras Way front door before forcing their way into the [Melton] home by throwing a brick through the back window about 3.10am on Sunday.
Jade Ribeiro said her mother, stepfather and 12-year-old brother were all “terrified” and “shaken” when six to eight males invaded their home of three weeks... 
“She saw one of them with a stick bashing my stepdad, so she got involved and they hit her … there’s blood all over the floor, my stepdad has a cut cheek, eyebrow and concussion.
“My little brother is terrified, he hasn’t stopped crying.”
The gang was involved in another burglary in a Melton home on Saturday, where they stole a white Toyota Camry sedan.
TWO boys have told police they were ambushed by a group of older teens in a robbery outside of a shopping centre in Melbourne’s northwest. 
Parents have come forward with claims the youths, aged 15 or 16, surrounded the boys as they rode their bikes in Melton on Sunday afternoon.
One of the victims was put into a headlock by the thieves who demanded cash and phones, according to one father...
[The offenders] were described as Sudanese filth in appearance, aged 15 to 16.
A gang of Sudanese teenagers armed with wooden stakes has kicked down the front door of a family's home and stormed inside. Source: 7 News 
The mother and father were threatened as they cowered in their bedroom while their five-year-old daughter slept nearby. 
The family told 7 News on Wednesday of their horrific ordeal, awoken by five African teenagers standing over their bed at the Melton suburb of Kurunjang.
Then there are these statistics: "But Sudanese youths were vastly over-represented in the 2015 data, responsible for 7.44 per cent of home invasions, 5.65 per cent of car thefts and 13.9 per cent of aggravated robberies, despite Sudanese-born citizens making up about 0.11 per cent of Victoria's population."
Nearly 70 times more likely, then, to commit a home invasion than are Australian-born youths.
A GANG of thieves has ransacked a home while a family slept, in another home invasion in Melbourne’s northwest overnight. 
A man, woman and two children were asleep in their Brookfield home when five burglars crept inside about 1.20am this morning. 
The offenders stole mobile phones and car keys before taking off down Clarkes Rd in the family’s silver Audi A5 sedan and a black Holden Commodore... 
“Investigators have been told a group of five men, perceived to be African in appearance, gained entry to the Clarkes Rd residence before stealing mobile phones, keys, and two vehicles about 1.20am,” [a police spokesman] said.
The Way I See It......Refugee advocates can never summon the courage to answer the question of how many is too many. Instead, they hide behind the particular instance, always ignoring the big picture...when Enough is Enough! An overly legalistic and generous refugee regimes, detached from its consequences, makes Australia vulnerable to large numbers of unsuitable refugees. The effect, if indeed not the object of refugee advocacy, is to disarm Australia. Australians must stand up, ignoring the howls of ''racist'', and tell our immigration department that too many immigrants from cultures too different from ours can and will, erode not just the concept of citizenship, but the sense of mutual obligation that underpins the social welfare of the state. Deportation seems the most realistic option.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE ...and the world already has nine nuclear nations !

Leaving a problem for an incoming leader or what is known as, “kicking the can down the road” is common in the US and here.
 Obama and Gillard were expert at it.

Obama left ISIS to grow like Topsy and sealed a deal with Iran to develop a nuclear capability for the next US President to deal with. Ex-Prime Minister Julia Gillard committed the following PM to funding almost $250 billion in Gonski, the NDIS and NBN. Gillard knew neither she nor the hapless Rudd could win the vote. So she laid massively expensive landmines for the incomer with feline precision.
                                 You're dying to get into my knickers aren't you?
She knew that the voters were not sophisticated enough to understand the unfunded costs were up to a decade beyond the forward estimates, but she also knew, once announced, an opposing Party could not scrap her outrageous plans during an election. The Opposition would need to honour her excesses or risk losing. 
Of course the Opposition weakly complied, despite the burgeoning debt and the disappointed sufferers waiting for NDIS cover that was never coming.
Obama never realised the significance of the ISIS threat, or maybe he did, but he resolved to merely “contain” it. As I suggested here five years ago ISIS could be wiped out in one weekend when it comprised a small bunch of 3,000 hoons in utes shooting Shiites. 
But ISIS has spread unchallenged across the Levant and into Africa and now that it intends to realign with Al Queda and possibly the Taliban it needs much more than “containment” doesn’t it Mr useless black Islamic President, sir? 
But that’s not your problem now is it? Your primary problem is still your embarrassing golf handicap of 22.
Permanent Iranian observers are in attendance at North Korea's nuclear tests working closely together on programs to upgrade gas centrifuges for uranium enrichment.
The problems left by Obama are now Trump’s and, despite Left media criticism, it appears that he intends to do something about them. North Korea has been growing a nuclear capacity with the aid of Iran and in consultation with Pakistan for decades and now the chickens have come home to roost. 
Nine nations (the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, France, India, China, Israel and North Korea) now have nuke capability and together they boast 17,000 warheads capable of ICBM delivery. 
Oh, the wets will talk of more sanctions but true Conservatives know that Kim jong-Un must be taken out. They realise it’s far better to resolve the problem now rather than wait until he can miniaturise a hydrogen bomb that has international reach.
The current blizzard of White House meetings can only arrive at one conclusion...kill the lumpy little loon now, it can’t wait any longer.
There is little risk now... every day his death is delayed the nuclear threat exponentially grows. North Korea is no Libya, Egypt, Syria or Iraq, there is no power structure to follow Kim jong-Un, he has murdered them all 70 at a time and there is no competent military line of command in place. 
And there are no diplomatic channels available.
This little grub is ruling as a tyrannical monarch in only the third stage of an emerging dynasty and monarchs aren’t given IQ tests prior to their coronations. It’s just a case of, “you’re next in line so you’re it, buddy!” That’s how we will receive Charlie.
What Trump’s generals will be looking at are the North’s conventional weapons aimed at the South. The US can’t trust any “iron dome” to destroy the rockets that will rain down from the North. The “iron dome” sort of works for Israel but nothing approaching dependably. There are 20 million southerners exposed in Seoul alone.
                            Medals awarded for each day you can avoid execution
The North's conventional weapons need to be taken out at the same time as Kim jong-Un in case some doddering old general wants to get famous and press some orange and yellow buttons. 
                                                    Mostly papier mache
Any nuclear response from the North will be slow giving the US plenty of time and space to wipe out all of the Kid’s professed nuke facilities and destroy all known launch pads before the timeously complicated task of launching a nuke can be carried out. 
Game over for good. Only then will North Koreans discover what a deranged dickhead their dear leader Kim jong-Un really was. 
Then the more traditional dismantling of Iran’s nuke ability and maybe even Pakistan’s. (Although Pakistan’s plans are all about India.) There must not be other than the existing first world to have nuclear capability. Rogue nations that crave nuclear development are only in it for personal aggrandisement and to exact (blackmail) favours from the developed world.
                           The north's lack of development compared to the south
The Way I See It......Obama left the world in a bloody awful mess and it will take a once in a lifetime Trump Presidency with the testicular grit to fix it.
 After Kim jong-Un is gone the next megalomaniac for eradication will be NATO member Turkey and its potential Muslim Ottoman Caliphate leader in Erdogan.
Trump’s new imaginary friend should be Erdogan’s real future enemy, Vladimir Putin.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Former FBI boss James Comey is a narcissist with an agenda and a nasty and unprofessional  habit of leaking, yet his testimony to Congress yesterday destroys the media conspiracy theories. 

NO, Comey did not take that expression of Trump's hope to be an order to drop the probe - "those words are not an order". Comey simply interpreted them as a "direction", but one he ignored: "I mean, this is a president of the United States with me alone saying I hope this. I took it as, this is what he wants me to do. I didn't obey that, but that's the way I took it."
NO, Trump never asked Comey to stop investigating claims of Russian involvement in the 2016 US election - "Not to my understanding, no."
NO, Trump didn't ask Comey to hide any evidence of collusion between his team and Russian intelligence. In fact, the opposite: "He said, and if some of my satellites did something wrong, it'd be good to find that out."
NO, New York Times' claims of extensive contacts between Trump's associates and Russian intelligence were false - "in the main, it was not true".
No, there's no proof of Russian collusion.
NO, Flynn was not central to any allegation of collusion with Russia -dropping any investigation into him would have been "unlikely" to affect the Russian probe. This means Flynn could not have testified against Trump with any dirt.
NO, Trump did or suggested or ordered nothing after that initial conversation with Comey to get the FBI to drop any investigation into Flynn.
YES, if Trump had wanted to kill the investigation into Flynn he could have issued an order as president.
And, YES, Comey had refused to publicly clear Trump of what he knew were fake media smears.
At least CNN and ABC have now apologised for one hate-Trump falsehood - that Comey would deny he'd told Trump he was not under investigation.
Even MSNBC host Chris Matthews says Comey's evidence collapses the conspiracy theories - although you wouldn't guess that from Australia's media coverage.
In fact, Comey's evidence was most damning of Barack Obama's Attorney-General, who seems far likelier to have abused her authority over Comey to protect Hillary Clinton.
But the media Left will look after its own, and will not easily give up its mad insistence that Trump must be guilty and face impeachment.
So what is left of the case against Trump? It is that he expressed a hope - not an order - in one conversation with Comey about Michael Flynn, the national security advisor he'd just sacked the day before for lying.
This is what Trump allegedly said:
I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is good guy. I hope you can let this go.
We now know that Comey agreed Flynn was a good guy, that Trump did not order the investigation dropped and that Flynn was not central to any investigation of collusion with Russia, anyway.
We also know Trump denies he asked for suggested Comey drop the investigation.
The Way I See It.....the charge against Trump lies entirely in how to interpret his expression of a hope - as being just that, or being a direction which Comey ignored to do something that was of little consequence anyway.
Loose change - and everything else has been fake news.

Friday, June 2, 2017


The Australian Broadcasting Commission is wailing in horror: Donald Trump is pulling out of the Paris climate accord. (Sceptics are worried: he says he is open to a better deal.)  
Trump has in fact pull out a deal that lets its strategic competitors - Russia and China - increase their emissions while cutting America's. He's pulled out of a deal that actually makes almost no difference to temperatures - at the very most 0.05 degrees by 2100 - at the cost of trillions of dollars. He's pulled out of a deal that only pretends to fix what might not actually need or want fixing.
And by pulling out, Australia's idiocy is exposed: the world's top four emitters are either out of the Paris agreement or are free under the deal to increase their emissions. China is the top emitter, responsible for 28 per cent of the world's man-made global warming gases. It is followed by the United States, India and Russia, and the Paris agreement allows China, India and Russia to all increase their emissions.
So why is tiny Australia still part of this growth-killing useless gesture, spending billions to make no difference?
Let fact-check the hysteria.
As U.S. backs away from climate pledges, India and China step up
As for China themselves, their INDC only promises to peak emissions by 2030,
and reduce CO2 emissions per unit of GDP by 60% to 65% of 2005 levels. Because their economy has expanded so much since 2005, and is planned to grow much more up to 2030, their promise is likely to see emissions increase by at least 50% from current levels.
While India’s pledge promises to cut its emissions intensity in 2030 to a third below 2005 levels, its growing economy means actual emissions will still increase... India’s pledge could see total greenhouse gas output nearly double by 2030...
Taking a closer look at Russia’s climate plan reveals that the country could increase its emissions about 40-50 percent above current levels by 2030.
So Trump is actually right:
[The Paris agreement] just transfers [coal] jobs out of the United States and ships them to other countries. This deal is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining an advantage over the United States.
What's more, the deal is actually a con.
So far global warming has not produced the predicted disasters. Cyclones have in fact between rarer, and not stronger. Droughts have not worsened overall, and Australia's dams have not emptied, as was warned. Low-lying atoll islands have not drowned - in fact, 40 per cent have increased in size and 40 per cent have stayed stable. World grain crops have set new records.
This may in fact be a pretend fix to a pretend catastrophe. Even if every country in the Paris deal cut their emissions as promised (and they aren't) and even if the climate is as sensitive to our emissions as the Paris deal assumes (and it may not be), the deal will still make very little difference:

  • ''The climate impact of all Paris INDC promises is minuscule: if we measure the impact of every nation fulfilling every promise by 2030, the total temperature reduction will be 0.048°C (0.086°F) by 2100.''

  • The Way I See It.....even if we assume that these promises would be extended for another 70 years, there is still little impact: if every nation fulfills every promise by 2030, and continues to fulfill these promises faithfully until the end of the century, and there is no ‘CO₂ leakage’ to non-committed nations, the entirety of the Paris promises will reduce temperature rises by just 0.17°C (0.306°F) by 2100.