Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AMERICANS: Fooled, Ruled and Re-Tooled ! (#1)

Documented meetings have been held in the White House this year and appear in a book, authored by Stanley Kurtz entitled, ''Spreading the Wealth: How Obama will Rob the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities.'' It backs up what I have been writing about the past year about Obama's Marxist upbringing, starting with his mother, her friends and family and then on to his fellow Socialist/Marxist/Communist friends and professors in the colleges he attended. His ideology demands that he re-tool American's way of thinking about wealth and its necessary redistribution from the rich to the poor. Hopefully this book and my posting will awaken those misguided voters in their snug suburbs to how Obama plans to abolish their communities and put them, their taxes and their schools under control of the Democrat big city mayors.

Obama has longed believed that the residents who fled the cities are racists and need to be dragged back into the cities to help solve the problems festering there. But it was all hush-hush before the election because if Obama' plans for this forced redistribution became common knowledge, then it would cause his re-election campaign to crash and burn. For those naive suburban voters who have only been paying attention to the biased mainstream media, or not reading any of the recent books exposing the real Barack Obama, I'll put you in the picture. I guess you didn't realize that the so-called trillion-dollar stimulus plan was really just a poverty program that was intentionally mis-named to fool the voters. That's why it had almost no effect and certainly produced no improvements.

For more than two decades, Obama and his fellow radical community activists and agitators, have been working toward punishing all those people who voted with their feet and fled the cities and left them filled with only poor and minority residents. For Obama and company, the suburbs are a defect in the very structure of American life. That is why the president backs his friends ''Regionalism'' movement to abolish them. ''We are battling apartheid in America,'' said Obama's onetime organizing mentor Mike Kruglik in 2005, explaining the twisted philosophy behind his crusade for regional equity. At the time, Kruglik was directing the regionalist efforts of the Gamaliel Foundation, a national network of community organizations that Obama himself had helped launch in the mid-80s. Today, leading Building One America, he fights for regionalism in partnership with the White House, although few Americans have any idea that this is the case.

To Obama's radicals, those suburban ''racists'' deserve to have their wealth taken away from them and given to the less unfortunate. Of course Obama didn't publicly proclaim the details of the regulations to ''re-tool'' the suburbs he had in mind during the election campaign so as not to tip-his-hand and alienate the very supporters (read suckers) he knew would vote for him. So behind the scenes, his plans were under way for a serious push toward wealth redistribution, with the suburban middle class -- not the so-called 1% -- bearing the brunt of it. In the eyes of Obama's former mentors -- followers of leftist Saul Alinsky (see previous posting)-- suburbs are breeding grounds for bigotry and greed. The classic American Dream of a suburban house, high quality locally controlled schools strikes them as selfishness, a waste of resources that should be directed to the urban poor. Karl Marx would be delighted!

The Way I See It....victorious President Barack Obama made the most honest and yet sinister remark of his life last week when he told his cheering deluded supporters: ''The best is yet to come!''  He wasn't kidding. Drawing on previously overlooked sources, Stanley Kurtz cuts through the smoke screen of Obama's rhetoric to reveal what's really going on and going to happen. Radicals  from  outside the administration -- including key Obama allies from his early community organizing days -- have been quietly influencing policy, in areas ranging from education to stimulus spending. Their goal: to increase the influence of America's cities over their suburban neighbors so that eventually suburban independence will vanish under a blanket of government control. The result would be a profound transformation of American society

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