Friday, January 27, 2012

No More "Reconciliation" !

So...this is what reconciliation looks like on Australia Day, after so many concessions over so many years.

Reconciliation means Prime Minister Julia Gillard and guests, at a ceremony to honour SES members, being trapped by furious Aboriginal protesters inside a Canberra building yesterday being heckled and abused as racists. Disgusting! It means Gillard, fear on her face, being man-handled and falling in the melee as police rushed her to her car for safety, one shoe lost in the crowd.

It means Opposition Leader Tony Abbott also being bundled into Gillard's car to protect him from assault with protesters trying to block the car with its terrified occupants and fighting police and vilely abusing them.

Yet here are some concessions we've made to an obviously ungrateful reconciliation movement that now destroys the cause it preaches. 1) We've allowed a shambolic Aboriginal "tent embassy" to despoil public space in Canberra for 40 years, when we wouldn't tolerate a (non-Abo) Occupy Melbourne protest for 40 days. 2) We've formally apologised to "stolen generations" despite not being able to identify even 10 of the tens of thousands of Aboriginal children said to here been stolen just to breed out colour.(read my post on August 30th, 2010) 3) We've held Sorry Days and marched over bridges behind their alien flag. 4) We've (quite properly) granted Aborigines land rights, even if they never did a thing in 50,000 years to improve their lot or the human race's for that matter. They also got rights to block mining projects of huge economic benefit to all Australians.

5) We've spent BILLIONS to try to lift Aborigines out of poverty while they love to call their Welfare handout "sitting-down-money". There seems to be an absurd fear of seeming "mean" that has stopped our leaders from doing what's most needed. Real"tough-love"! 6) We hold Welcome-to-Country ceremonies and pay respects to Aboriginal elders at government and sporting events to show our good hearts. 7) Andrew Bolt adds, " we've introduced what seems to me apartheid justice, with Koorie Courts and had judges show extraordinary leniency to Aboriginal offenders on the grounds of their culture." (Even yesterday, ACT police assured reporters that none of the ratbags behind the riot would be arrested.)

And now we have a government-formed committee of "experts" recommending new clauses in the Constitution to recognise Aborigines as a race with prior claim to this country, and offering special protections for their meager culture and their "feelings". Oh...please!!! Some of these things my friends you may well support. Some of you may not, because they seem like moves likely to divide us on the grounds of race and to leave no one but pondscum activists better off. After all these changes and compromises hailed by the appeasing socialist Left...why this disgraceful riot?

Protesters blamed Tony Abbott...because he'd said that the tent embassy perhaps should move on since a lot has changed for the better since it was set up---a perfectly rational opinion that any citizen should be free to express without needing police protection. Yet one of the protesters, the head deadshit Michael Anderson, yesterday told the crowd that what Abbott has said amounted to inciting racial riots. Which his followers promptly made a self-fulling claim by staging exactly that and today this hard-core scum burned the Aussie flag after spitting on it in front of Parliament House!

The Way I See It...this is not reconciliation. This is instead a warning that the wrong path has been taken, leading us to deeper divisions, entrenched by laws, and with dissent punished in the courts or on the streets. It means each concession, no matter how extreme, is feeding a hunger for yet more and is just dividing us more along racial lines.

Let's learn from yesterday's shame and say "NO". No to those ungrateful race-baiters. No to laws dividing us by race. No to those who want to shut down the debate on all this; those that can't stand the truth of what they've become. And let's say "YES" to judging each other not by colour of our skin or the race of our ancestors, but by the content of our character. As individuals. That means the reconciliation movement must's just too dangerous.

NOTE: The current use of INDIGENOUS to describe Aboriginals is incorrect. The word indigenous means "born and raised in the country one is living in". That makes every person, black, white or brindle that has been born and presently lives in Australia INDIGENOUS. It was probably some socialist, elitist, academic schmuck that started this politically correct usage. The vernacular works perfectly fine for the majority of true-blue Aussies.

Friday, January 13, 2012

"Stealth Jihad" Is In Australia !

Everywhere all over the Western world it's the same story: Muslim groups are growing ever more aggressive in demanding concessions to Islamic law and practice, and Western authorities are responding with eager submission, even when such concessions involve restrictions on long-cherished freedoms. And in every instance, the lamestream media focus public attention upon those who are determined to resist the advance of Islamic law, as of those standing up for freedom were the problem, not those devious scum that at trying to destroy it. I first warned you about this last year in my May 18th posting.

I've discovered the Q Society, an Australian human rights group, that's keeping track of stealth jihad in Australia. Their spokeswoman, Vickie Jansen, reports that "Latrobe University has its Muslim-only toilets and prayer rooms. A group of Aussie Muslims is campaigning for exclusively-Muslim prayer rooms in a Western Australia hospital on the basis that they need to avoid the idolatry that may occur if they share with other faiths." Ms Jansen goes on, "our public schools are adapting to a Muslim Perspectives curriculum project in which, among many other things, not just female-only swimming is recommended for Muslim students, but for exclusively Muslim-only swimming pool periods. Some public schools are catering to diversity by ensuring tuckshops are exclusively Halal." (Sounds like a resurrected form of apartheid to me)

The demands of Muslim groups all over the Western world for separate facilities are in the service of a supremacist ideology that emanates from the Koranic assertions that Muslims are the "best of people" (3:110), while unbelievers are the "vilest of created beings" (98:6). "Unbelievers are unclean" (9:28) which leads to the conclusion that Muslim should avoid contact with them. (Then tell the bastards to stay home from school!) Every capitulation made to these demands only feeds these supremacist notions, by the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, which work directly against the principles of equal justice and equal rights for all.

Nevertheless, left-leaning, ass-kissing Western politicians are eager to accommodate these demands. Last month, the Deputy Premier of Queensland, Andrew Fraser, denounced the Q Society for fliers protesting the introduction of misleading and whitewashed material about Islam into Australian schools. "Modern Australia has a proud multicultural heritage," thundered dead-shit Fraser'. "This kind of prejudicial rubbish has no place anywhere, let alone here in Queensland."

So in Fraser's view, to advance an apartheid-like system that institutionalises the oppression of women and non-Muslims serves Australia's "proud multicultural heritage," but to resist that system in the name of freedom and equality of rights for all is prejudicial rubbish." (God Help Us !) That is precisely the position that Islamic supremacist groups take in the U.S. as well...and Fraser, like so many opportunist politicians eagerly parrot their line.

The Way I See It....there is a sad reality that such demands are part of the stealth jihad that endeavors to advance Islamic law in Western countries through non-violent means....and what better way to accomplish this than by playing on the West's fears or racism and bigotry to win concessions as a victimised group?

The irony here is that the Australian (and American) politicians who allow themselves to be used in this way are abetting the advance of a system that is far more repressive and ridden with inequalities than anything in any modern Western country. But they will probably realize this only when they themselves fall victim to that system, as--if it continues to advance--they certainly will.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Warning: The Durban Bible !

Every New Years Day I reflect on the state of the world's Climate Change position. For many years I have noted the extensive use of quasi-religious language by climate activists. Followers of the hypothesis that man's responsible for so-called dangerous climate change are referred to as "believers"whilst doubters are often labelled "deniers", "sceptics" and even "heretics".

The public shaming and bullying of any scientist who differs from climate science orthodoxy is eerily reminiscent of a latter-day Salem Witch Trial or Spanish Inquisition with public "floggings" meted out metaphorically speaking for their thought crimes. Elements of the climate change movement are beginning to bear more resemblance to a religious cult than a scientific community. Dalliances with authoritarianism are never far from the fringes of the this metaphysical ideology. Environmentalism intends to radically change the world regardless of the consequences (at a cost of human lives and severe restrictions on individual freedom).

Last month's Durban Global Warming conference was a farce. It included over 14,570 "carpetbaggers" from dozens of organisations you'd never hear of otherwise, living on this gravy train, who came to settle once and for all a global strategy to curb carbon emissions that would reduce the world's warming (totally ignoring the Inconvenient Truth that temperatures haven't risen in 10 years!). All the major countries and the 10 Hollywood stars present succeeded in doing was to agree to agree to some 2020 reduction. Nothing was signed or committed to so it was a actually a dud, but that didn't end there. Now this is freaky. I've heard that the planet savers at this IPCC summit are working on a draft document that reads in part like the Bible of a new Green Faith. Here are the main points of this manifesto that are not just off-the-wall but are based on the obvious deification of the Earth (the Gaia hypothesis):

# A new International Climate Court will have the power to compel Western nations to pay ever larger sums to 3rd world countries in the name of paying for supposed "climate debt". The Court will have no power over 3rd world countries. Here and throughout the draft the West is the sole target. This Bible is irredeemably anti-Western.

# Rights of Mother Earth: to ensure respect for the intrinsic laws of nature with subheadings that have been written by feeble-minded green activists and environmental extremists.

# Right to survive: The draft childishly asserts that "people have a right to survive the treats and impacts of climate change, including sea level rise (even though the latest satellite shows the sea-level has actually dropped over the past 3 years).

# War and the maintenance of defence forces and equipment are to cease, just like that...because they contribute to climate change. Like that's really going work!

# A new global temperature target will aim to limit global warming to as little as 1 C above pre-industrial levels. Since the temperature is already 3 C above that level what is being proposed is a 2C cut which would literally take us halfway back towards the last Ice Age and would kill hundreds of millions. Colder is far more dangerous than warmer. Dumb and dumber!

# The new CO2 emissions target for Western countries only, will be a reduction of up to 50% in emissions over the next 8 years and of "more than 100%" (these words actually appear in the text) by 2050! So, no motor cars, no coal-fired or gas-fired power stations, no aircraft, no trains. It's back to the Middle Ages, but without even the right to light a fire in your hovel. "Renewables" are the alternative energy sources mentioned without one word of the need for rapid expansion of carbon-free nuclear power worldwide to prevent near-total economic destruction.

#The West will pay for everything, because of its "historical responsibility" for causing global warming. Third world countries will not be obliged to pay anything. But it is the U.N. not the 3rd world countries, that will get the money from the West. There is no provision anywhere in this Bible for the U.N. to publish accounts of how it has spent the $100 billion a year the draft demands that the Western countries should fork over from now on.

The Way I See hopes, after the 12 years of intimately researching and writing about the global warming alarmism and the eco-facist green movement fueling it, were that it would be exposed for what it really is by now. I am somewhat encouraged that it is slowly happening with more and more scientists willing to say and write about their doubts about the need to fear temperature rise and its dubious linkage to CO2 levels. My further hope is that political leaders of Western countries see the writing on the wall and what awaits them and their citizens if they sign up or even give credence to this Green bullshit Bible and its anti-human ideology. I wonder....what is it about "GREEN" that make it synonymous with "STUPID'' ?