Monday, November 5, 2012

It Takes a Jackass To Like a Jackass !

Top 10 Reasons President Obama Shouldn't be Re-elected!

If you have any doubts that dyed-in-the-wool Marxist Barack Obama should be sent packing from the White House this month, then cast your eyes on this list of reasons he will be a one-term president. It takes some sort of jackass to ignore the glaring truth!

  1. Jobs, jobs, jobs:  While the official unemployment rate had inched down to 7.8% then last month jumped up to 7.9%, that number would be much higher if all the discouraged job hunters who stopped looking for work were included. Obama's record as a job creator is dismal, because the basic tenets of his economic Marxist ideology are woefully misguided. Government doesn't create jobs, it just gets in the way of companies that can.
  2. Health Care showdown:  With the Supreme Court readying its decision on the president's signature initiative, the Affordable Care Act is front and center of his campaign boasting. No matter how the court rules, the nation will be reminded of the highly unpopular health care overhaul that was enacted with legislative bribes, using arcane congressional rules and without a shred of bipartisanship. Now we hear of $716 billion in Medicare cuts....crazy!
  3. Immigration showdown:  The high court will also be issuing its decision on Arizona's immigration law, SB 1070, which allows local police to check a person's immigration status. With polls showing a strong majority of Americans favoring the legislation, Obama's suit against the state is highly unpopular. Here again he feels it is the government's right to dictate to the states on any and all matters.
  4. Dismal economy:  The economy is not doing well, given the nation is in the midst of the weakest recovery on record and even that is stalling. With so-called Taxmageddon looming after the election when a host of tax hikes are automatically scheduled to take effect, an Obama victory would ensure a continued weak economy because he will gladly allow them to be enacted. There are 5.5 million homes in Crisis/Foreclosure! And shockingly there are 47 million Americans on Food Stamps!
  5. Big government run amok:  From Obama's fictional ''Julia'' who can't get through life without a raft of government programs, to his failed stimulus package, this president is all about crafting a European-style welfare (big government) solution to every problem. The American people are onto this community organizer spreading the wealth around. They would rather have economic freedom than a government handout.
  6. Base depressed: The ''hope and change'' enthusiasm from 2008 is long gone as voter registration seems to be lagging among the young and minorities. Many voters seemed attracted to Romney because of his presidential attitude during the debates. Hopefully Obama will not get the turnout he enjoyed four years ago. Millions of voters expected this president to deliver more than high unemployment, a weak economy and lackluster job creation. Those Obama Zombies that have graduated from the hot-bed of leftist universities are getting a dose of reality looking for jobs in Obamaland.
  7. GOP on fire:  Despite a hard-fought primary, conservatives of every ilk are behind Romney, knowing that the real issue is the defeat of Obama's big government leftist agenda. Because turnout is always key in an election, the fact that conservatives and even non-Republicans are fired up to remove Obama from office will make the difference.
  8. Misguided energy policy:  Obama canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, has kept vast amounts of U.S. energy resources off-limits for development, and through the Environmental Protection Agency, is regulating the coal industry into oblivion. His energy policy is misguided by a devotion to the global warming alarmism cult. No wonder gas prices have doubled since he took office.
  9. Foreign policy misadventures:  Obama is making a mess with his haphazard foreign policy, angering allies like Israel, resetting relations with Russia in the wrong direction, while doing nothing about Iran's and North Korea's nuclear ambitions. Obama has apologized for the country's actions and handed over decision-making to international bodies. Where America was once respected around the world, it is increasingly being seen as a paper tiger.
  10. Scandal-plagued administration:  From the Fast-and Furious gun-running debacle to the General Services Administration's lavish Las Vegas conferences, from the Secret Service agents's romp with Colombian prostitutes, to the decision to dump taxpayer's money on big donators' green energy companies like the now-bankrupt Solyndra and the recent Benghazi lies and denied rescue debacle. This government, run by amateurs, is taking on the look of a scandal-plagued enterprise. Four more years of this?  You've got to be kidding!
The Way I See It....with two days to go till the election, I'm happy that over the past 9 months I have tried to exposed Barack Obama for the real person he was and has become. This list of failures and wrong-headed policies is nothing to brag about and for Obama to yell out to his brain-dead followers that he wants FOUR MORE YEARS to fix this mess....he is clearly a JACKASS! And for his adoring followers to ignore and forget the mess America has become, they are Jackasses as well!

In the coming weeks I will enjoy pursuing other topics and giving you my perspective on them. The issues I'm looking forward to exploring are, by their very nature, controversial and I hope you will appreciate the insights that are often not expressed in the ''lame-stream'' media.  Till then, remember, a vote for Romney will keep the democratic American Dream, not a Marxist/Socialist's dream, alive.

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