Monday, December 3, 2012

Quantum Scientists Prove the Soul Exists !

A pair of world-renowned quantum scientists say they can prove the existence of the soul. For those not up on scope and theory of Quantum Mechanics let me explain. Quantum Mechanics is the fundamental physics of the microscopic world, the domain of atoms and photons and elementary particles. The theory was developed in the early 20th century by Planck, Einstein, Bohr and others. Though physics has advanced quite far in the decades since quantum mechanics was born, it remains the basic framework for our deepest insights into nature.

American Dr Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose developed a quantum theory of consciousness asserting that our souls are contained inside structures called mcrotubules which live within our brain cells. Their idea stems from the notion of the brain as a biological computer ''with 100 billion neurons and their axonal firings and synaptic connections acting as information networks.''

Dr Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology and Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona and Sir Roger Penrose have been working on the theory since 1996. They argue that our experience of consciousness is the result of quantum gravity effects inside these microtubules -- a process they call orchestrated objective reduction (Orch-OR).

In a near-death experience the microtubules lose their quantum state, but the information within them is not destroyed. Or in layman's terms, the soul (the essence of life) does not die but returns to the universe. Dr Hameroff explained the theory at length in the Morgan Freeman-narrated documentary Through the Wormhole, which was recently aired in the US by the Science Channel. The quantum soul theory is now trending worldwide, thanks to stories published this week by The Huffington Post and the Daily Mail, which have generated thousands of readers comments and social media sharing.

''Let's say the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing, the microtubules lose their quantum state,'' Dr Hameroff said. ''The quantum information within the microtubules is not destroyed, it just distributes an dissipates to the universe at large. If the patient is resuscitated, revived, this quantum information can go back into the microtubules and the patient says, 'I had a near-death experience.''' Then he summarized, ''In the event of the patient's death, it is possible that this quantum information can exist outside the body indefinitely -- as a soul.''

The Way I See It....quantum theory challenges our imaginations in new and unexpected ways. Quantum theory has a number of surprising implications for probability, the motion of particles, the properties of energy and the strange ''connectedness'' of separated systems. The ''weirdness'' of quantum theory is not an incidental feature. It is at the center of the theory, required to make a consistent, accurate physical theory of the microscopic world. It's worth for you to explore it further.

I am happy to see that the inner insights of  human beings over millennia which have formulated the spiritual basis for a soul that is neither created or destroyed and has permeated every has validation. Pity the poor atheists....they have a soul whether they like it or not!

NOTE: Quantum theory is a more encompassing term, including the wider application of quantum ideas. Quantum physics or mechanics is the most general term for the physics of the microscopic realm. In everyday usage, however, these terms are practically synonymous.

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