Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Letter From Joseph Goebbels to Obama !

I came across this insightful item from a Judy Morris, from Freedom Bunker. The sarcasm rings true about the nature of Obama's rule from Goebbel's own history and point of view.

Guten Tag...Herr Obama,
     I realize receiving a letter from a time traveler can be disconcerting but bear with me because I'm here to tell you something special. In short: I am impressed. As a propagandist, you have achieved everything I set out to do and did. You soared to victory this month like a Bundesadler in a Leni Riefenstahl film. I'm amazed der Juden und der junge are so devoted to your cause, as it seems you are determined to extinguish them both. Of course, der Schwarzers will follow you to Russia (I mean Hell) and back. But what really impresses me is the blind faith with which more than half of America follows you. These are people who couldn't care less about politics, yet somehow they are in a trance. Why? Because just like mein Fuhrer you promised them you care. Amazing!! An entire generation of young men stand proudly behind you simply because you play basketball. And you're not even good at it!

In New York, a state that hasn't voted for a Republican candidate in almost 30 years I heard New Yorkers saying that they felt ''empowered'' voting for you. I asked many of them to explain your health care program and they had no idea. All they knew was their vote ''made a difference'' and ''that's what counts.''  These are people with the math skills of a 12 year-old. You made an entire nation love you merely because you were black while claiming you were hated for precisely that reason. You are the most brilliant (or is it, devious) Negro I have ever seen.  Instead of talking to world leaders and letting people see your penchant for mispronouncing their names, you go on women's talk shows.

I loved it when unemployment soared and you said it would've gone much higher without you. You kill the space program and devote the resources to making Muslims feel better about themselves. You tell those disgusting Zionists to go back to the borders of nearly a half century ago and tell them to leave Iran alone. You convinced anti-war liberals that it's OK to extend the Patriot Act AND create a ''kill list'' AND conduct drone-wars AND keep Guantanamo despite promising the opposite. Then your propaganda machine convinces the country it's your opponent who is a warmonger. I'm so proud!

When you dig the deepest debt any president ever has, you say it had to be done. The nation's young people will inherit this debt but you've convinced them that they don't need to care. You control more young minds than that Ronald McDonald character. When are you going to hand out the brown T-shirts? You have somehow convinced the Obama Youth that any fact that is ''divisive'' is not worth knowing. If someone points out a failure, you blame the previous administration and they blindly agree. You made politics about pop culture and this Dumb Community worships you. You've turned them into dependent infants.

I haven't seen propaganda this effective since (your idol) Franklin Roosevelt. He managed to convince post-Depression America that it was the government's job to make things right. Roosevelt instilled in the lower classes a permanent reliance on government that persists today and will go well past the Second Civil War of 2020. Opps...you didn't hear that from me! I see Fox News appears to be the only responsible media pointing this out and asking questions, but only old people are watching and they will die shortly. Old people ask too many questions. As you well know Barack the most important part of good propaganda is not caring about the truth.

The masses are dumm Kopfs, uneducated fools who can't think for themselves. Just look at that 2011 Pew poll where blacks, young people and liberals all admitted to more positive feelings about ''socialism'' than ''capitalism''. They want the government to solve their problems. Adolf saw that Germans needed a fascist dictatorship, I'm sure you can find a more modern term for it, where one great leader chooses who will run the economy. Your acceptance speech reminded me of all my hard work getting people to accept a hope for change when I told them, ''Germany will again start making history.'' Imagine the joy I felt when, 80 years later, I heard you say,'''We have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America.....the best is yet to come!''  You are the black eagle on my coat-of-arms and I now know America is in good hands.

      Auf Wiedersehen und Gute Nacht!

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