Sunday, November 4, 2012

Eleven States Could Decide U S Election !

Eleven states are likely to have an influence in deciding whether President Barack Obama or Republican Mitt Romney will be elected president. The winner needs to cobble together 270 electoral college votes. Estimates by the website say that Obama can count on 201 and Romney 191 in areas where they look solid.

That leaves the ''battleground'' states. Spread across the U.S., the swing states often share several characteristics: recent population increases, meaning lots of new voters; growing numbers of Latinos with their hands out, diverse populations that mirror the nation's demographic makeup meaning there's less whites as every year passes; and economies that are recovering slowly.

The biggest prize is Florida, whose 29 electoral votes would give the winner more than 10% of what he needs for election victory. So far the battle is a virtual tie, which is shocking to think that all those retired Jews don't seem to give a hoot that Obama can't stand Netanyahu and actually loves Israel less. Don't these people remember last year when the head of the free world said,  ''I'm keeping some space from Israel,''  because he couldn't get Israel to agree to go back to its pre-1968 borders! You'll see...he'll give Israel more pressure and continue to side with the countries surrounding it, that's the kind of ass-kisser he is.

The states to watch first on election night are Virginia and North Carolina. Both went Democratic in 2008 for the first time in decades, but they show signs of inching back to the Republican side. And so they should, because the Obama administration is also ass-kissing the environmentalist movement. There goes those state's Coal industry. Obama promised to slowly wipe that cheap source of energy out to spend billions on Green energy that he specifically mentioned would cost so much more for every family. Suckers!

Moving west, and there's the present day's most reliable bellwether, OHIO. No Republican has won the presidency without it and no one has won the presidency, period, without Ohio since 1964. Already, Obama and his powerful super PACs and well-financed scumbag unions are outspending Romney. No wonder Obama is up by 4.5 percentage points. The state is being saturated with TV and Radio ads 24/7. Again, one has to wonder what kind of idiots Ohioans are. Here again their Coal industry is in the firing line to be phased out and there goes a big chunk of revenue for their weak economy. Wake up people!

Should the race remain tight on Tuesday night, attention will turn further west, first to Iowa and Wisconsin, and then to the final battlegrounds, Colorado and Nevada. Each has seen increases in their Hispanic populations, and surveys show Latinos are overwhelmingly for Obama since he has ''bought-them-out'' with his lack of movement on a tighter immigration policy and the ''if-your-born-here'' waiver. Of course these ''wet-backs'' won't say no to a nice welfare cheque either from Barack.

The Way I See It....the fight for the sliver of undecided voters in the battleground states is unusually fierce. It seems Obama's lies and the horrendous damage he has done to America and Americans with his Marxist/Socialist actions still has so many Smucks sucked in without a thought of what is worse to come. Estimates are that the two campaigns and their parties will each raise more than $1 billion. Obama's forces have opened more than 100 campaign offices in both Florida and Ohio. Romney's camp boasts its workers have knocked on more than two million Ohio doors.

Then there's the October surprise, Hurricane Sandy. Obama left the campaign trail for 3 days so he could monitor and manage the federal response and ''look presidential.'' Romney suspended campaigning for 2 days and helped Ohio supporters prepare relief supplies. Will it help that Obama was able to vividly remind voters that he's in charge?  At least the storm buried the cries of  ''coverup'' in Benghazi for the moment. Hopefully Romney will score with his relentless assault on Obama's economic record. As Obama gloats that so many more people were hired last month, Romney can remind the Obama Zombies out there, that the actual unemployment rate actually jumped up, to 7.9% from last month's 7.8% . For all intents and purposes...the economy is still stagnant. Hopefully the majority can get past Obama's Cheshire Cat smile and Bojangles style and vote for a man the really looks and acts presidential!

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