Thursday, July 29, 2010

Human Flotsam and Jetsem


Today a boat filled with 85 asylum seekers was picked up off of Ashmore Reef by the overtaxed Australian navy. This is the 150th boat to arrive since the Labor government took office and removed the strict approach to these boat people by the previous Howard Coalition government. Still, the Labor government can't come to terms with this influx and manage it effectively. Prime Minister, Julia Gillard still spitefully resists the logical choice to agree to the most obvious solution; sending these folks to the previously built detention centre on the island of Nauru by Howard for processing by the Immigration Department.

It takes roughly seven days to sail from the southern shore of the Indonesian island of Java to Ashmore Reef, a low-slung speck of Australian territory surrounded by turquoise waters. Such relatively short distances to a country long seen as a safe haven are what drew thousands of asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Iraq to Indonesia the past few years. But it was not Jakarta they were bound for; it was Sydney. Of those who made it to Australian territory, many by boat but actually many by air (on tourist visas....then claiming asylum) around 2000 were granted asylum. But most refugees never see the southern continent's coast. Instead, they end up in places like the immigration detention centre at Tanjung Pinang, a town on Bintan Island, just over 2 hours by air from Jakarta. It is the largest of 15 such centres spread throughout the Indonesian archipelago; it can hold up to 600 detainees at a time. The facility has some comforts--there are regular doctor visits, TVs, a volleyball net and three filling meals a day. But a poor country like Indonesia can ill afford to spend much on meals and amenities so they are provided and paid for by the Australian government with the help of the International Organization of Migration.

As the numbers trying to transit through Indonesia to Australia have risen, so have tensions between neighboring states over who should be responsible for them. "Indonesia has not signed the 1951 International Immigration Treaty, so has no laws distinguishing asylum seekers from illegal immigrants", says J. Frelick of Human Rights Watch, "they are political pawns. The idea that you would provide asylum to a person who is considered an enemy of another country is looked upon as an unfriendly act." Most Asian countries feel the same way.

While the Rudd/Gillard government waffled on, over 3400 asylum seekers arrived in the last 7 months and were hauled off to be processed at the offshore immigration centre on Christmas Island, another remote piece of Australian territory that is now filled to capacity. The Immigration Department is looking to put the overflow on the mainland in some remote former mining camp. Still Gillard looks elsewhere, like East Timor and Papua New Guinea and stupidly refuses to discuss the "Pacific Solution" with a willing Nauru.

The Way I See It....the government should make an emphatic pronouncement to make Sri Lankan refugees (mainly Tamils) realize that they are NOT in danger at home. They are only despised for the vicious separatist movement they perpetrated on their fellow citizens and being cursed at and spat-on doesn't constitute any danger. They deserve to be reminded of their guilt. Tell them "Just wear it and don't come here!" As for the Afghans, tell them to stop running away from the Taliban problem. If you or your family are threatened by these rag-headed Scumbags, have some "balls" and join your country's much maligned, understaffed police or military and fight the bastards and don't rely on our soldiers to do the dying for you. As for you Iraqis, "Ask not what we can do for you, ask what you can do for your country...Aussies don't like wusses!"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Muslims Lie About Islamic Atrocities

As Muslims around the world continue to deny basic human rights to women and non-Muslims, Muslim spokesmen maintain a pattern of lies, denial and deception. Here's a few recent examples:

Sakineh Ashtiani, a 43 year old Iranian woman, is facing death by stoning for adultery, a capital crime in "medieval" Iran. Yet, when human rights activist, David G. Littman, asserted at the U.N. Human Rights Council last year that "stoning of women for alleged adultery still occurs regularly in Iran." Iran's spokesman declared that this was "not true, it is completely false and is out of the question!" Sakineh would beg to differ and she's not the only one, at least 45 other women are waiting for the same fate in Iran right now.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia last month, Christians in the city of Bekasi are facing an escalating persecution from Muslim idiots. According to Asia News, "in the past six months radical Islamic groups have interrupted Christian religious services, prevented Christians from entering their churches and blocked the building of a new church." This is in accord with traditional Islamic law for non-Muslims in an Islamic state, which forbids these "subject peoples" (not fellow citizens) to build new houses of worship or repair old ones. Yet it was with a straight face that Imam Hassan Qazwini of the Islamic Center in America restated a very common assertion of Muslim spokesmen in the West: "Most westerners do not know that Islam respects Christians and Jews." It seems that too many Muslims in Indonesia don't seem to know it either.

Now here's a shocker! Three weeks ago, Afshan Azad (see photo), the 21 year old actress who first appeared in the Harry Potter movie, "The Goblet of Fire" in 2005 as the character Padma Patil and has been in three more Potter films since then, fled from her home in Manchester after being beaten and badly bruised by her father and brother, both Muslim-scum, for refusing to break up with her boyfriend, a Hindu. Muslims traditionally hate Hindus more that than Christians or Jews...go figure. Islamic law forbids Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men (another intolerant idea from Mohammad), and Abdul Azad and his son, Ashraf were allegedly willing to murder Afshan for daring to flout this prohibition.

Muslim spokesmen routinely deny that honor killing has anything to do with Islam, even though over 90% of these killings take place in Muslim countries. Many of these countries have relaxed penalties for honor murders and Islamic law stipulates no penalty for a parent who kills his child. Here again, Afshan might beg to differ with the prevailing denials and evasions of responsibility by these Muslim spokesmen. While it may be unpleasant for Afshan if criminal proceedings against her father and brother continue, it would be disastrous for it to be dropped.

The Way I See It....for the denial about the tolerance for honor killing in Muslim communities in the West only ensures that more Muslim girls will be murdered. And the larger denial by Muslim spokesmen when confronted with atrocities that have been explicitly perpetrated in the name of Islam and justified by reference to Islamic texts and teachings only ensures that such atrocities will continue. It's time the western media get tough and expose these liars!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GREEN with N-V (non-viability)

We're all going to the polls here in Australia in 4 weeks to chose between the better one of the 2 political parties; Liberal Coalition (conservative) and Labor (left-leaning). However, the decision could be made a lot easier now that we hear the Greens Party has decided to give their preferences to Labor. Of course we don't know what kind of concessions Labor has given to the Greens for this windfall of votes to get a win in this election. Has our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (a foreign-born, atheist and a childless defacto), sold her climate-soul to these Watermelons to beat the Liberals?

Watermelons they are...through and through. Distinctively Green on the outside but oh so Red on the inside. In spite of more and more evidence that climate change is a natural variation in our Earth's history and CO2 is not responsible, their socialist agenda to save the world from ourselves is quite mindboggling! Here is an excerpt of an interview Andrew Bolt (Herald-Sun reporter) had with the Victorian Greens MP, Greg Barber.

Andrew: Your party is demanding instant closure of the Hazelwood power station, that happens to produce 25% of our state's electricity. Your policy is to shut every coal-fired plant as well, leaving us with just 5% of the electricity we now use, so how are you going to replace the power we need to keep our hospitals, factories, trains, homes, etc. with nuclear power banned, new hydro-power banned and just relying on unreliable solar and wind?

Greg: The simplest way is to save energy rather than use it in the first place.

Andrew: Save 95% of our energy ????

Greg: I've cut my energy bill by half and you don't see my family freezing.

Andrew: Ninety-five per cent of our energy comes from coal-fired power plants. I'm asking, how would you replace 95% of our power?

Greg: I'd say homes and businesses around Australia could probably cut their energy bills by half and they wouldn't even notice it. It's called energy efficiency!

Andrew: A would that cut its power by half ?

Greg: Ah, lighting, heating and air conditioning.


Greg: Well, businesses are already trying to achieve it.

Andrew: HALF ! No Greg. That is not credible.

Greg: The Greens will make it happen.

Oh, please! If you think this Green future is remotely logical to you, consider first, before voting for them or their Labor cronies, going to your home, business or factory and switch off half the power. You'll think it's a noble policy, which sounds warm and fuzzy, until you realise it will leave you cold and shivering, while making not a spit of difference to the planet.

The Way I See It....there is a level of stupidity in all this. Let me try to get it through your cable-knit beanie how virtually impossible this extreme Green Dream of "USE-LESS" is to fulfill without causing a major reduction in our standard of living to a degree endured by people who burn cow-dung for their cooking. Show the Greens and their political ilk that their guilt trip is USELESS on you and you'll be moving forward with a party that doesn't buy the catastrophe hype of a "man-caused" warmer world, knowing it is better than going backwards to the Middle Ages!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Is This a New Genesis ?

It would be great if we could release into the Gulf of Mexico a vat of bugs that did nothing but eat gobs of oil and digest it into harmless smaller bits. Then there is powering our cleanup vessels with microbes that munched seaweed and spit out fuel, so we'd no longer need to punch holes in the sea floor in the first place. Such is the promise of synthetic biology, which, is basically a marketing term for all kinds of research in which scientists tinker with different biological bits to make useful things....sort of like living Lego blocks.

The latest breakthrough in this field came last month, with news that bio-pioneer Craig Venter was said to have become the first to create life in the lab! What Venter did was replace the natural genome in a cell with a slightly modified synthetic one, which then issued orders by which the cell reproduced and brought science a little further into the realm of science fiction. He named this new life form Synthia.

The gift of man-made life comes wrapped in a risk, a Big Risk! What if that oil-eating bug mutates, as the horror-movie version inevitably does and starts eating other us? It's perhaps not surprising that when bioethicists describe synthetic biology, they sound like the characters in Jurassic Park. "When dealing with biological entities, " notes Thomas Murray (president of the Hastings Centre, a bioethics organization), "life has a tendency to find a way." Accidents at power plants are bad enough, but a leak in a bioreactor could be worse, since bacteria can learn new tricks when you're not looking. Microbes excel at exchanging DNA, like "microbial French kissing"! "We have ways to go," says Murray, "before we can really know what risks we're running if we release these bugs into the environment."

All of which confirms the need for careful oversight, but we haven't proven very good at this. We are at the crossroads of science and politics and it is a dodgy place. Without public oversight, we are certain to wake up one day to news of some private breakthrough that rattles our spine: a human hybrid, a cloned child, a fetus grown solely to harvest its parts. The path of progress cuts through the four-way intersection of the Moral, Medical, Religious and Political. Venter's bombshell revived the oldest of ethical debates, over whether scientists are playing God or proving he does not exist because he re-enacted Genesis in suburban Maryland.

The Way I See It....people are bound to disagree about when scientists are crossing some moral Rubicon. That is all the more reason to debate, in public and in advance, where those boundaries lie---rather than doing so after the fact, when researchers are celebrating some technical triumph and the rest of us are wondering what price we will pay for it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

X-Celling Over Men !

Women seem to like generalizing about their menfolk....but a startling study shows that science is backing them up. Research published in the NATURE Magazine reveals that women are genetically more complex than scientists ever imagined, while men remain the simple creatures they appear to be.

"Alas," said one of the authors of the study, the Duke University genome expert Huntington Willard, "genetically speaking, if you've met one man, you've met them all. We are, I hate to say it, predictable. You can't say that about women. Men and women are further apart than we ever knew. It's not Mars or Venus. It's Mars and Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and who knows what other planets. Women are not only more different from men than we knew....women are more different from each other than we knew; creatures of 'infinite variety' as Shakespeare wrote."

Dr Willard stated that the poor male of the species has only 45 chromosomes to do their work with because the 46th is the pathetic Y that has only a few genes (29) which operates below the waist and above the knees. He observed, "In contrast, we now know that women have a full 46 chromosomes that they're getting to work from and the 46th is a second X that is working at levels greater than we knew."

Dr Willard and his co-author, Laura Carrel, a molecular biologist, think that their discovery may help explain why the behavior and traits of men and women are so different. They learned that a whopping 50% (200-300) of the genes on the second X chromosome in women, thought to be submissive and inert are active, giving women a significant increase in gene expression over men. They explained that women are mosaics, one could even say chimeras (that fabled creature made up of various parts of animals) in the sense that they are made up of two different kinds of cell. Whereas men are pure and uncomplicated, being made of just a single kind of cell throughout.

"Women's chromosomes have more complexity, which men view a unpredictability," says David Page, a molecular biologist and expert on sex evolution at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge. His studies showed that the Y chromosome has been shedding genes willy-nilly for millions of years and is now a fraction of the size of its partner, the X chromosome. Size matters, as some experts have suggested that in 1 million years or even much sooner (100,000 years) men could disappear taking Playboy magazine, the second childhood and pizza and beer with them.

The Way I See It....this means men's generalizations about women are correct too. Women are an inscrutable, changeable, crafty, idiosyncratic species. Their superior gene expression may answer the age-old question about why men have trouble expressing themselves: because their genes do.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Muslim Extremists in Oz !

In today's Australian newspaper, an almost full page article by highly respected journalist, Sally Neighbor, reported a global extremist Islamic group, called by another stupid name, Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HT), was hosting a convention in Sydney with over 500 people attending. They heard dirt-bag preachers calling for all Australian Muslims to "disengage" from our democracy because it is incompatible with Islam. This is very disturbing!

The report by Ms Neighbor is causing real concern because this extreme Islamic group is already banned in some countries like Germany for promoting anti-Semitic literature and conduct, yet here in Australia we tolerate their hateful preaching and dangerous assembly. Australia is a secular society and not a theocracy like most backward Muslim countries. We, in the West, have found out hundreds of years ago that no good can come out of mixing Church and State as this extreme Islamic group of rat-bags clearly preaches. The Mullahs, the Koran and Sharia law belong in the Dark Ages and should remain in the "dustbin of History"

A spokesman for this group (HT) also appeared on the Today Show espousing that democracy is not in the fabric of Islamic society and allows Muslims in Western countries to forget the suffering and struggles that Muslims have had to put up with from western dominance. "These moderate Muslims should be more radial towards western values", he said, after which the co-host, Lisa asked, "how would Christians or Jewish protesters, like you are doing, be treated in any of your Muslim countries?" The scum-bag didn't answer.

Australia's heritage and background is Judeo-Christian and its culture is one of inclusion, openness and transparency. It is not our culture to exclude, nor is it one that aims to suppress women's rights of equality, openness and full political participation. Therefore, let us support Senator Fred Nile, and have a full and fearless debate on whether women should be required to wear the head-to-toe niqab, or the burka. Already seven European countries, including Belgium and France, have had enough of this antiquated tradition in their midst and are legislating against it.

Australia is a proud modern country whose people place a high value on the rule of law, the separation of powers and parliamentary democracy. Migrants who integrate, enrich and contribute to our great nation are always welcome. Those who do not because they hold misguided, violent political agendas and Koran-polluted belief systems that do not match the DNA of our society or values should not be welcome.

The Way I See it....our two national political leaders, Prime Minister Gillard and Opposition Leader Abbott, should join together and repudiate the extremism of this global movement and to guarantee that none of its international preachers and associated Muslim-scum ever receive a visa to step onto Australian soil again!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

South Africa's SHAME !

Despite more than a dozen international conventions banning slavery in the past 150 years, there are more slaves today than at any point in human history! While most are held in debt bondage in the poorest regions of South Asia, some are trafficked in the midst of thriving development. Such is the case here in Africa's wealthiest country, the host of this year's FIFA World Cup. While South Africa has invested billions to build infrastructure for the half-million visitors expected to attend, tens of thousands of children have become ensnared in sexual slavery and those who profit from their abuse have prepared for the tournament as well....big time.

An investigation into human trafficking syndicates operating near two stadiums found a lucrative trade in child sex. The children, sold by their parents for as little as $45, can earn more than $600 per night. "I'm really doing good business during this World Cup," said a trafficker. He said he had already done a brisk business among stadium construction workers. Although its 1996 constitution expressly forbids slavery, South Africa has no stand alone law against human trafficking in all its forms. Aid groups estimate that some 38,000 children are trapped in the sex trade there. More than 500 syndicates (Nigerian, Chinese, Indian & Russian) collude with South African partners, including recruiters and corrupt police officials, to enslave local victims. The country's estimated 1.4 million AIDS orphans are especially vulnerable. South Africa has more HIV cases than any other nation, and a child sold into its sex industry will often face an early grave.

A UN Human Rights official stated that, "An exploitation-free World Cup will require resources and political will from the South African government." Such political will is not evident. At best, the South African government's response to child sex trafficking has been superficial or piecemeal, at worst. United Nation sources describe how police at all levels have been soliciting underage prostitutes in Bloemfontein, Durban and other World Cup cities. South African officials claimed that Parliament will pass a comprehensive law against human trafficking in early sign of it yet! Meanwhile, honest enterprising police officers who take on these traffickers do so with few legal tools at their disposal. Convictions for trafficking-related offenses typically bring little or no jail time. SHAME!

South African President Jacob Zuma addressed fears about sex trafficking and slavery in a speech last August. "We have noted the concern amongst women's groups that the 2010 FIFA World Cup may have the unintended consequence of creating opportunities for human trafficking, " the President said. "We are putting systems in place to prevent this, as part of general security measures that we should take when hosting an event of this magnitude."

The Way I see It....Zuma's pledge was too little too late for many of those children. This is the douchebag that bragged that the way he beats getting AIDS is taking a shower after having sex with his mistress! I wonder what any of his four wives thinks of that and the other sex slaves that are in earshot of the sounds of the Vuvuzela coming from the stadiums. South Africans would be a lot healthier if its citizens had the same enthusiasm for condoms as they have for that annoying horn.