Tuesday, July 23, 2013

King Kevin - The Great Pretender !

In Australia, people cheer Kevin Rudd (the new Prime Minister by default after ''knifing'' the standing PM (Julia Gillard) because they cannot believe he would trick them so brazenly. And never has Rudd - - a genius at ''seeming'', a disaster at doing - been as brazen as last week. King Kevin is a fraud!  He wants Australians to thank him for promising to fix what he's actually smashed. He' figured voters are too stupid to remember what he did, and too lazy to check what he promises to do now. And it's working. Thanks to two extraordinary stunts last week, voters now hail Rudd as the Savior who'll cut the Carbon Tax he in fact voted for, and to stop the illegal aliens in boats he in fact lured to Australia be smashing the previous PM's (John Howard) ''Pacific Solution'' that worked well.

Let's check the reality and not his habit of ''seeming'' to fix the two messes he's made:
NO, he did not ''terminate'' Labor's carbon tax.
NO, his planned emissions trading scheme cannot start next year, or not without spending billions he does not have to buy off the hostile Greens.
NO, he won't save families $380 per year.
NO, your electricity bills might in fact soar, not fall.

The Imperial Conga-Line of Ambassadors
In fact, Rudd will be the second prime minister to go to an election promising ''there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.'' If re-elected he will be the second Labor prime minister to claim ''changed circumstances'' made him break his solemn word.

So, to begin his week, King Kevin invited all the ambassadors, representing every Embassy, to the Prime Minister's residence for a cup of tea, a biscuit and an introductory chat. When they started arriving they weren't led inside but were told to wait until all of the ambassadors arrived and had them assemble on the front drive. It was then that he and his wife opened the door and each ambassador was led, one by one, to come forward and introduce themselves and shake Rudd's hand and then was shown inside. It suited Rudd's known imperial attitude and love of grandstanding.

Then last Tuesday, he made the following false claims or almost certainly undeliverable promises in announcing he'd move to an emissions trading scheme a year earlier than Labor planned saying that ''the Government has decided to terminate the carbon tax. By that, modelling from treasury shows that next year an average family will receive a cost-of-living relief to the value of $380 per year. We expect the change that we are bringing in will see the price on carbon fall from $25.40 a tonne by next July to $6 a tonne.''  Not one of those claims can be trusted. Some are outright fabrications. Rudd is dead wrong in claiming his change would save families $380 per year, as he stated FIVE times on Tuesday. Rudd is merely bringing forward by one year the switch to emissions trading, so any savings are also for just one year. Then the following year the EU plans to increase the carbon price to perhaps double the $6 and in a few more years we might not be saving but spending a more.

Next, let's remember, at his first go as Prime Minister in 2008, King Kevin scrapped the tried-and-true tough border laws by the previous Liberal government which had cut boat arrivals to an average of just three (3) a year. Since then more than 45,000 boat people mostly from lovely Muslim countries like the Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have come to Australia, and more than 1000 have been lured to their deaths. Last week another thirteen boat people drowned. With blood on his hands and an election coming up he finally stopped talking about fixing the lethal disaster he caused and put Australian's tax money where his mouth was. He's bribing another country to fix it.

On Thursday, King Kevin announced he has made a boat-people-deal with the Papua New Guinean government to open the Manus Island detention centre. The construction of the detention centre was announced last year and is still six months away with room for just 600 asylum seekers. Rudd boldly stated to the press with members of the PNG government ministers behind him, ''From now on, any asylum seeker who arrives in Australia by boat will have no chance of being settled in Australia as refugees. Asylum seekers taken to Christmas Island will be sent to Manus Island and elsewhere in PNG for assessment of their refugee status.''  but the published ''agreement'' does not guarantee all what Rudd claims. The deal is for just 12 months. It does not oblige PNG to take all boat people sent from Australia. It makes such people only ''liable'' to being transferred to Papua New Guinea.

PNG even suggests there will be a ''cap'' on the number of people it will take. Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato told The Australian newspaper ''the arrangement'' was open-ended but he also signalled the potential to put brakes on its scope over time. ''We are not putting any cap on any numbers just yet, because we want to work through jointly to establish at what point in time what brakes Australia will put on and what brakes PNG will put on. The deal does not oblige PNG to resettle any boat people not to be actual refugees.''  If PNG won't resettle non-refugees, Australia may have to take them back--or find them some other home not yet identified. PNG made it clear that it was willing to resettle asylum-seekers who were given refugee status but for those that failed that test, they would be kept in detention if no other countries agreed to accept them. Of course they could always go back home on their own accord.

The Way I See It.....Kevin Rudd's supercharged ''Pacific Solution'' has all the hallmarks of an election quick fix...this solution...with an election looming is redolent of political opportunism. Somehow, amid his usual posturing and policy-changing, the most important human aspect is in danger of costing Australian taxpayers a fortune. This deal seems to offer life-time support from Australia for any refugees resettled in PNG under this arrangement, which could prove attractive to future illegal aliens. Kevin's description of this last obligation that slipped under the media radar was,  ''......the Australian Government, in support of the PNG Government, will provide comprehensive settlement services to ensure that these refugees can live safely and with security and in time, prosper within PNG.''

King Kev figures voters are too stupid to remember what he did, the first time around, and they now blindly backing him to deliver hasty, vague and massively expensive fixes. They're forgetting this is the same ''psychopath'' (as his fellow Minister's called him) who botched so many grand plans -- including his free insulation disaster (4 installers died), 8 billion dollars in the school halls blowout and the Grocery and Fuel Watch shambles. People with short memories may find it unbelievable that a prime minister could tell them such untruths with such moral conviction. The constant Cheshire Cat grin should've given it away, but Rudd has long traded on ''seeming'' something he is not. He is a genius at seeming to fix what he's actually broken and then the negative, not-well-thought-out consequences come home to roost. We have seen it all before where this King of Seeming was shown to be wearing no clothes.  Only morons remain blind to his phony personality.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

''Crackergate'', Holder, Obama and the Trayvon Saga !

I was hoping not to write anymore postings on the racially charged Zimmerman/Trayvon case. However, in the last 48 hours more stupidity, including the demonstrations, has become public.

Chris Mathews with Humble-Face
Firstly, a clear case of Negrophilia (as explained in my previous blog posting) was demonstrated by a news anchor on MSNBC, Chris Matthews, who apparently believed he has the platform to speak about the death of Trayvon Martin. He looked into the camera and got all humble in voice and face and said, ''I'm speaking for ALL WHITE PEOPLE....and I'm sorry for this stuff.''  Stuff??  You mean the stuff of a Hispanic man trying to defend himself from severe injury from a tall, 17 year old aggressive Negro teenager who was beating him up on the ground?  That stuff ?  Or, as White people we collectively must feel guilty that this deadshit kid (not unarmed but with strong arms itching to fight) was shot?  Mr Matthews you should get Bill Cosby on your show and listen to his oft expressed opinion of these teenage punks bred by lazy, no-account men and careless, no-account women.

Then on Friday Americans heard President Barack Obama, their Race-Baiter-in-Chief, remark on the Trayvon tragedy, saying, ''Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.'' and then saying the outcome might have been different if Trayvon had been white was reprehensible. President Obama is often deliberately divisive; culture wars and straw men have been his friends these five years. "Divide and conquer'' is a political method, after all -- if you can keep people screaming at each other and hating each other with trumped-up ''wars on women'' and talk of ''fat cats with private jets'' -- they're not paying attention to the fact that the government is tracking their every move. Was this yet another attempt to keep the house divided?

Arguably, American race relations have deteriorated ever since the election of Obama. The President and his cabinet and troop of Czars continuous playing of the race card for political opportunism has become an American staple. And many dumb whites still don't see they're being played. Eric Holder is the president's point man on this issue, and has become so bellicose that decent people can't stand to listen to him any longer. The continuous support of racial hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson by Holder, the president and the media and their minions are shameful and un-American. These people are in it for the profit, re-election and fame...not justice and truth.

Race-Baiters with a 12 year-old Trayvon photo !
It seems that the entire Negro community is obsessed with this issue, notwithstanding the mainstream media's preoccupied propagandizing of all Black vs White matters. The fact that Zimmerman is half Hispanic seems also have been lost in translation. After all, progressives (Leftists & Democrats) would not want to see a confrontation between the two largest minorities on which they bought with welfare cheques and count on for re-election. The recent murder of an infant by two Negro teenagers, in an effort to extort the White mother to give them money, was not only missed by Jackson and Sharpton but also by the press, Holder and Obama. The fact that Martin referred to Zimmerman as a ''White Cracker'', certainly a racist term, also seems to have disappeared down the sinkhole of history.

Now we finally learn that good old Eric, you remember Fast & Furious, and his media cronies are about to tie the case into another attempt a gun control legislation and Florida's ''bizarre gun laws.'' The overturning of Florida's Stand-Your-Ground law, that by the way has nothing at all to do with this case, allows you to face your assailant without fear and the right to protect yourself is not only the law in 37 states...it is also Constitutionally legitimate in all states. Holder knows this and Gov. Rick Scott says he's not going to change it. These scumbag progressives believe that it is bizarre for a homeowner to be allowed to protect his home and family, and that if faced by a violent assailant; getting a broken nose and fractured skull (like Zimmerman) you must not in law shoot the bastard (most of them are) but run away, that is if you are young enough to do so. This is stupid logic!

It is also quite apparent that the real facts in the case must not be allowed to interfere with the political and media agenda. Little issues like using five year-old photos of Martin at age 12, in reporting, omitting the use of Marijuana by Martin, not allowing the reporting in court of three school expulsions, police records, and violent behaviour to the jury. I have seen recent pictures of Martin tattoo laden, stripped to the waist making rude finger gestures on the Internet. These pictures including one at a store in which he towers over the Hispanic clerk that certainly conflicts with the media ''choirboy'' portrait of Martin. And the attempt to change the charges to manslaughter on the last day of the trial is unprecedented in American jurisprudence. It was a failed ''All-American Show Trial'' that was no different from the Soviet ones.

While Sharpton and Jackson screech of racial inequity; they flatly refuse to address the real issue of WHY. As of this month 85% of all black children are born out of wedlock. Statistically crime out of wedlock born children is over 20 times that of those with fathers. A majority of gang members come from fatherless families; while 60% are rapists. You get what you pay for! The existing welfare system rewards women to have illegitimate children by paying them more for each child; if she gets married she loses all that. The Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program increased the number of illegitimate births by 43% . Let's be honest, black on black crime is the real problem with Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, St Louis and Memphis topping the list and each of these cities has been run by progressive Democrats for decades. Putting it another way, since the Martin/Zimmerman incident, 2,992 Blacks have been murdered by other Blacks in just 14 progressive Democrat run cities. It says it all, doesn't it?

The Way I See It.....with a White population four times that of Blacks, and yet Blacks are responsible for 50.5% of all murders, while only 8% of Blacks were murdered by Whites, there is an illogical emphasis by progressives on blaming lack of gun-control and a prejudiced judicial system. In a previous blog posting last year I pointed out that FBI statistics indicate that guns and semi-automatic rifles commit only 2.6% of murders, when in fact knives, fists, and dull instruments are more common in murder cases. Our problem is not guns or judicial injustice but FIVE I will list:
  1. Illegitimacy and the absenteeism of fathers.
  2. A social welfare system that rewards illegitimacy.
  3. The lack of enforcement of existing gun possession laws.
  4. The lack of socially directed Moral and Ethical teaching and Religion in Public Schools.
  5. A political callousness that has no interest in solving the problem because it relies on the problem to create an ever-expending dependency in communities to support re-election campaigns.
America's problem, to put it bluntly, is one of political and social liberalism (called progressivism)  that will find the dynamic freedom loving country of the United States progressively slipping into a style of European Union socialism that will stifle individual ambitions for mediocre achievement and with higher taxes to pay for it.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zimmerman Trial Exposes ''Negrophilia'' in the United States !

A bizarre and baffling condition has seized American society and is spreading in pandemic proportions. But no one dare utter its name because this sickness is rooted in the most vulgar of four-letter words....RACE. So charges a new book by author Erik Rush, who doesn't refrain from using the new N-word ''Negrophilia'' -- ''undue and inordinate affinity for blacks embracing the myth of the noble savage''.  This describes the mindset that Rush says is behind a pervasive manipulation expertly employed and exploited to divide and destroy American society.

No stranger to brash actions, Rush, who's black, sparked a national fervor when he came forth to expose the anti-American ravings of President Obama's longtime minister and then ''spiritual adviser,'' the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He states in his new book, (right)Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America's Racial Obsession, ''Whites succumb to Negrophilia when, believing that people of color are somehow more benevolent and less corruptible than themselves, they develop an undue affinity for them.'' He added, ''Blacks suffer worse. They're denied accountability for their own actions. They're shackled with accepting the nobility--no matter how lacking-- of all black 'leaders.' They're ripe for the 'rescue' of predatory, opportunistic members of the black community--in concert with white politicians scheming for personal enrichment.'' Nowhere was the influence of Negrophilia more evident than during the presidential campaign of ''post-racist'' Barack Obama which Rush describes in detail in his book.

The Justice-for-Trayvon crowd keeps pretending there hasn't been a trial where the evidence overwhelmingly showed that Trayvon committed the first (and only) crime that night by assaulting Zimmerman. Instead, the race agitators are sticking with the original story peddled by the media, back when they, and we, had zero facts. To wit, that Zimmerman had stalked a young black ''child'' and shot him dead for being black and wearing a hoodie. Journalist and political commentator,Ann Coulter relates dozens of stories like this in her book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama. In the golden age of racial demagoguery, they came about one a year. That prick Al Sharpton was usually involved.

A normal person would hear some of the more outlandish allegations and think, ''I can't believe it!'' not meaning, ''Wow! What a blockbuster story!'' but rather, I would like to hear the facts because I literally don't believe it.''  (That was much of America's reaction to the media's claim last year that a neighbourhood-watchman in Florida had hunted down a black teenager and shot him dead for wearing a hoodie.) Whenever a much-celebrated claim of racism turned out to be false -- which was almost always -- you'd just stop hearing about it. There would never never be a clippable story admitting that the media's harrumphing had been in error. No...''Attention, readers! That story we've been howling about for several months turned out to be a complete fraud ! ''  Journalists are incapable of learning that they should get all the facts before launching moral crusades.

In her book ''Mugged'', Ms Coulter mentions a similar case like Zimmerman's. It involved Edmund Perry. In 1985, Perry, a black teenager from Harlem who had just graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy, mugged a guy who turned out to be an undercover cop. He got shot and a few hours later was dead. Instead of waiting for the fats, the media rushed out the story about Officer Lee Van Houten being a trigger-happy, racist cop. When that turned out to be false, The New York Times looked at its shoes and said nothing. It was the kind of story the leftist elites wanted to be true. It should be true. We has such high hopes for that one. Damn!

The initial news accounts stressed not only that Perry was a graduate of Exeter, but that he was unarmed. A few weeks after the shooting, The New York Times called Perry ''a prized symbol of hope.'' (sic!) It went on to say that ''all New Yorkers have big reasons to wish for the innocence of the young man who was killed.'' I doubt very much that Van Houten being accused of being a murderous racist hoped for that. The Village Voice stupidly wrote: ''Like so many other victims in this city, Perry was just too black for his own good." Luckily for the policeman, Perry had mugged him in a well-lit hospital parking lot. Twenty-three witnesses backed the officer's story in testimony to the Grand Jury while there were a half dozen for Zimmerman.. (Unlike Zimmerman, Van Houten's case was at least presented to the Grand Jury.) But the evidence overwhelmingly corroborated his story.

Make your own Judgement
In Van Houten's case, even after it was blindly clear that Perry had mugged him, the truth was only revealed amid great sorrow. When the facts were unknown, the cop was racist. When it turned out Perry had really mugged the cop, the Negrophilia kicked in with the media saying ''it was no one's fault,'' but a problem of ''violence'' and of ''two worlds colliding.'' Perhaps, someday, blacks will win the right to be treated like volitional human beings. But not yet. After the Grand Jury refused to indict Van Houten an idiot, Dorothy Gaiter of the Miami Herald wrote in an article titled ''To Be Black and Male is Dangerous in the U.S.'' She asked: ''How do you teach a boy to be a man in a society where others may view him as a threat just because he is black?''

The Way I See It.....Ms Gaiter.....to avoid looking like a criminal, don't commit a crime. Van Houten, like Zimmerman, was jumped on, knocked to the ground, punched and kicked by by Edmund Perry. Isn't it possible that Van Houten saw Perry as a threat for reasons other than ''just because he is black.'' And please stop the media from talking about Martin's ''hoodie''! Zimmerman wasn't worried about the hoodie; he was worried about being beaten to death by a tall Negro kid.

Instead of turning every story about a black person killed by a white person into an occasion to announce, ''The simple fact is, America is a racist society,'' liberals might, one time, just ask the question: ''Why do you suppose there would be a generalized fear of young black males? What might that be based on?  WE ARE NOT STUPID! It's because a disproportionate number of criminals are young black males. It just happens that when Lee Van Houten and George Zimmerman were mugged by two of them, they survived the encounter. So the Negro community should just SUCK IT UP !!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Are You Eating This ''Cancer-in-a Can'' Snack ?

Yes....I'm writing about the ubiquitous Pringles. To understand the nature of Pringles and other stackable chips, forget the notion that they come from actual potatoes in any recognizable way.
The Pringles Company (in an effort to avoid taxes levied against ''luxury foods'' like chips in the UK) once even argued that the potato content of their chips was so low that they are technically not even potato chips!

So if they are not made of potatoes, what are they exactly?  Well...the process begins with a slurry of rice, wheat, corn, and potato flakes that are pressed into shape. This dough-like substance is then rolled out into an ultra-thin sheet cut into chip-cookies by a machine. The chips move forward on a conveyor belt until they're pressed onto molds, which give them the curve that makes them fit into one another. Those molds move through boiling oil, are then blown dry, sprayed with powdered flavours, and at last flipped onto a slower conveyor belt in a way the allows them to stack. From then on, it's into the cans....and off towards the innocent mouths of the consumers.

I hate to tell you this, as we all grew up loving the taste of potato chips, but they are clearly one of the most toxic processed foods you can eat--whether they're made from actual potatoes or not. Actually, one of the most hazardous ingredients in potato chops is not intentionally added, but a by-product of the processing. ACRYLAMIDE, a cancer-causing and potentially neurotoxic chemical, is created when carbohydrate-rich foods are cooked at high temperatures, whether baked, fried, roasted or toasted. Some of the worst offenders include potato chips and French fries, but many foods cooked or processed at temperatures above 212 degrees F (100C) may contain acrylamide. The chemical is formed when food is heated enough to produce a fairly dry and brown/yellow surface.

If you think you can avoid the health risks of potato chips by choosing baked varieties, which are typically advertised as being ''healthier'' think again. Remember, that acrylamide is formed not only when foods are fried or broiled, but also when they are baked. And according to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) data on acrylamide levels in foods, baked chips may contain more than three times the level of acrylamide as regular chips!  Interestingly, the same trend holds true for other foods, too, which suggests that baking processed potatoes at high temperature may be one of the worst ways to cook them. So keep in mind, that ALL potato chips contain acrylamide, regardless of whether they are natural or not, baked or fried. Likewise, they will ALL influence your insulin levels in a very negative way.

A three-year long EU project, known as Heat-Generated Food Toxicant (HEATOX), published findings that discovered that you are far less likely to ingest dangerous levels of the toxin when you eat home-cooked foods compared to industrially or restaurant prepared foods. Additionally, the HEATOX findings also suggested that although there are ways to decrease exposure to acrylamide, it cannot be eliminated completely. However, like a modern-day search for the Holy Grail, chip manufacturers keep searching for methods to improve the image of their health-harming but profitable snacks. For example, since 2011, about half of Pepsi's potato chip range of snacks has been reformulated with all-natural ingredients. The reformulated chips may end up being less bad for you than the original originals but chips will never be truly healthful. All-natural chips may be the lesser of the two evils.

The Way I See It.....if you consume this snack foods regularly, they will still push your health in the wrong direction. There's no getting away from the fact that modern plagues such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes have a dietary component, and potato chips and French fries will always be a losing bet if you want to avoid becoming another disease statistic. By opting for foods that will benefit your health, such as raw, preferably organic and/or locally-grown vegetables, grass-fed meats, healthy oils (rice & coconut), nuts and seeds, you can  change your health for the better.

Remember, eating fresh whole foods is the ''secret'' to getting healthier, losing weight and really enjoying your food. It's unfortunate that so many are under the mistaken belief that it's ''next to impossible'' to create a meal without processed foods. Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough tackle this issue head-on in their book Real Food Has Curves (Simon & Shuster), which is a great starting point to ''relearn'' the basics of how to enjoy and prepare real food. Once you get used to it, you'll find you can whip up a healthy meal from scratch in the same amount of time it would have taken you to drive down the street to pick up fast food. The main difference will be greater satisfaction, both physically and mentally, and perhaps even financially, as processed foods typically end up being more expensive than cooking from scratch.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Simple Case of Self Defence by a Small Man Becomes a Federal Case !

Zimmerman's Broken Nose
With mobs of Negros going berserk around the U.S.A. over the Not Guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman case once again shows their one-eyed view of the law. Once again playing the Victim Card  to its fullest. The press didn't help by portraying Zimmerman, a member of his community's Neighbourhood Watch, (in Sanford, Florida) as a ''white Hispanic'' and another detail obscured by media organizations preferring to show pictures of the dead Trayvon Martin when he was much younger, smaller and childlike. The decision to bring charges against him was based on politics; the racial bias of Barack Obama and Eric Holder rather than the facts.

People appear to have forgotten that when race first became a factor in this case it was because for six weeks after the shooting, Zimmerman was neither arrested nor charged. The story that a bruised George Zimmerman told about his fight with Trayvon never had anything to do with Florida's so-called Stand Your Ground law when attacked inside his gated community. Zimmerman saw Martin acting suspiciously, called the police, and while waiting for their arrival, confronted him. He was knocked down by a young Negro who was four inches taller than him and considered himself an expert fighter. I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of people had no idea that Martin was sitting on top of Zimmerman, punching him in the face, breaking his nose and banging his head (photo left) into the pavement. In desperation Zimmerman shot the scumbag. ''It was purely a matter of self-defence,'' said Police Chief Bill Lee.

Team Obama sent the FBI to investigate the shooting and they concluded: No racial element, and in fact no crime period. End of story, right? Nope, just the beginning. Obama and Holder say to themselves, ''That's not the narrative we want'' and send several hundred Department of Justice (DOJ) employees on the ''Taxpayer's Dime'' to Sanford. They organized several rallies inviting folks like the legendary deadshits like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers. Actual DOJ employees during the rallies proclaim ''Zimmerman is a Racial Motivated Murderer!'' Obama states to the media, "If I had a boy...he would look like Trayvon.'' and adds to the racial emotions. Then abuses the power of the Oval Office to fire the Police Chief and the State's Attorneys, not to mention taking the case away from the Sanford police.

A political hack Angela Corey is appointed ''Special Prosecutor''.  She circumvents the process, does not go to a Grand Jury, instead just files charges....facts and prior investigations be damned. A trial that should never have happened, goes on. Both sides present their evidence, give closings and the jury gets the case to decide. The jury returns a Not Guilty verdict, end of story right? No, not when you hear the jaw-dropping statement prosecutor Corey in a TV show interview and said, ''Zimmerman is still a murderer!''  Not with all the expectation of a lynching fuelled by Jackson, Sharpton and Team Obama. So we have the riots, the death threats; even to Zimmerman' mother and father. Nothing is too low for these lowlife blacks to say and do when their thirst for blood isn't slaked. Even Holder has the nerve to hint that he may take it to a higher court. This leads most decent Americans to ask, ''Who the hell are the Real Racists?''  It's time for a frank discussion.

Hack Prosecutor Corey

Some of these thoughts about America's real ''racial divide'' were brought out by a black journalist, Jason Riley, this week. He mentioned that an candid debate on race and criminality in the US would have to start with fact that blacks commit an astoundingly disproportionate number of crimes. African-Americans (I hate that term--you don't see me going around saying I'm a German-American) constitute about 13% of the population, yet between 1976 and 2006 blacks committed more than half of all the murders  the US. The black arrest rate for most offences -- including robbery, aggravated assault and property crimes -- is typically 2-3 times their representation in the population.

''High rates of black violence in the late 20th Century are a matter of historical fact, not bigoted imagination,'' wrote the late Harvard Law professor William Stuntz in The Collapse of American Criminal Justice. ''The trends reached their peak not in the land of Jim Crow (the South) but in the more civilised North, and not in the age of segregation but in the decades that saw the rise of civil rights for Blacks -- and of the Blacks control of city governments. It seems civil rights didn't bring along civil responsibility.'' The stupid Left wants to blame these outcomes on racial animus and ''the system,'' but blacks have long been a part of running that system. Black crime and incarceration rates spiked in the 1970s and 80s in such cities as Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia, under black mayors and black police chiefs. Some of the most violent cities today are run by incompetent blacks.

The Way I See It.....the homicide rate claiming black victims today is seven times that of whites, and the George Zimmermans of this world are not the reason. About 90% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks. Did the perception of black criminality play a role in Martin's death?  We may never know for certain, but we do know that those negative perceptions of young black men are rooted in hard data on who commits crimes. We also know that young black men will not change how they are perceived until they change how they behave. Ditch the Hoody and get a job. Enough said!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Arab Spring's Blooming Shrivels in the Cold Light of Reality !

Syria and Egypt are dying. They were dying before the Syrian civil war broke out and before the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Cairo.  They are dying because they chose not to do what China did: move the better part of a billion people from rural backwardness to a modern urban economy within a generation.

It was obvious to anyone who troubled to examine the data that Egypt could not maintain a bottomless pit in its balance of payments, created by a 50% dependency on imported food, not to mention an energy bill fed by subsidies that consumed a quarter of the national budget. It was obvious to Israeli analysts that the Syrian regime's belated attempt to modernize its agricultural sector would create a crisis as hundreds of thousands of displaced farmers gathered in slums on the outskirts of its cities.

It is cheap to assuage Western consciences by sending some surplus arms to the Syrian Sunnis. No-one has proposed a way to find the more than US$20 billion a year that Egypt requires to stay afloat. Egypt remains a pre-modern society, with nearly 50% illiteracy, a 30% rate of consanguineal marriage, a 90% rate of female genital mutilation, and an underemployment rate over 40%. As malnutrition afflicts roughly a quarter of Egyptians in the World Health Organization's estimate, and the Muslim Brotherhood's government was waiting for a bumper wheat crop that never will come.  Egypt is slowly dying.

Even if the Sunnis could eject the Assad family from Damascus and establish a new government -- which I doubt -- the best case scenario would be another Egypt: a Muslim Brotherhood government presiding over a collapsed economy and sliding inevitably towards state failure. It is too late even for this kind of arrangement. Equalizing the military position of the two sides will merely increase the body count.

And now we hear the President Obama plans to send military weapons to the rebels without a thought that these rebels are die hard al-Qaeda scum and follow Mohammad's teachings when it comes to infidels. Dutch Christian Martin Janssen found that out after a ''prayer walk'' in Syria in support of Greek Orthodox Archbishop Paul Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim, kidnapped by Syrian rebels. After the prayer walk Janssen had the opportunity to meet with Syrian Christian refugees, who told him how they came to flee their homes and villages. Their village was occupied by rebel forces, who proceeded to announce that they were under an Islamic emirate, and were subject to sharia law.

The Christian residents were offered four choices:
  1. Renounce the ''idolatry'' of Christianity and convert to Islam;
  2. Pay a heavy tribute to the Muslims for the privilege of keeping their heads and their Christian faith (this tribute is known as jizya);
  3. Be Killed !
  4. Flee for their lives, leaving all their belongings behind.
Syrian Muslim Rebel
Some Christians were killed, some fled, some tried to pay the jizya and found it too heavy a burden to bear after the rebels kept increasing the amount they had to pay, and some were unable to flee or pay, so they converted to Islam to save themselves. This Islamic based crap is a re-enactment of the historic fate the man of ''tolerance'', Mohammad, offered the conquered Christians and Jews across the Middle East in the 7th Century. You can see his evil has survived through to this century.

The Egyptians have put a different twist on this abhorrent attitude and its on the rise. They have a jihad on Christian children, both boys and girls. Take for example these incidents:  Last month, ten year old Sameh George, an alter boy at the Coptic church of At. Abdul Masih (Servant of Christ) in Minya, Egypt. was kidnapped by ''unknown persons'' while on his way to church to participate in Holy Day prayers. His parents and family reported that it was his custom to go to church and worship in the evening, but when he didn't return They began to panic when they received an anonymous phone call from the kidnappers, saying they had Sameh and would execute him unless they received 250,000 Egyptian pounds in ransom money.

And about a month before this latter incident, yet another Coptic boy, twelve year old Abanoub Ashraf was also kidnapped right in front of his church. His abductors, four men, put a knife to his throat and dragged him into their car and sped away. Later they called his family demanding a ransom for the boy's life. While the immediate motive behind these kidnappings is money, another purpose appears to be to frighten families from sending their children to church. Considering that some Egyptian Islamic clerics deem church attendance as worse than attending bars and brothels, the kidnappers likely deem this the ''altruistic'' side of their greed and hate.

Missing Egyptian Coptic Girls
Meanwhile, as females, Coptic Christian girls are even more vulnerable than Coptic boys. An International Christian Group says, ''Hundreds of girls have been abducted, forced to convert to Islam, and forced into marriage in Egypt. These incidents are often accompanied by acts of violence, including rape, beatings, and other forms of physical and mental abuse.''  Most recently, fourteen-year-old Agape Girgis went to school accompanied by a Muslim social worker and a Salafi teacher and never returned home. After protests, she was eventually handed over to her family. According to a Coptic bishop involved in the case, what happened to Agape--whose name is based on the biblical word for ''brotherly love''-- is disgusting. She was drugged and awoke in a secluded place with Salafis who tried to convert her to Islam, forced her the wear the full hijab, and beat her.

A few weeks earlier, another fourteen year old girl was abducted on her way to school and smuggled across the border to Libya (where Coptic Christians are being brutalized with the help of the Interior Ministry. In the last few years, some 550 cases of abduction, entrapment, rape, and forced conversion of Christian women have been documented in Egypt. Their rate has only increased after the ''Arab Spring'' and the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood-- which has seen a concomitant rise in sexual harassment of ALL Egyptian women. Ironically, when the scumbag Morsi was in Germany last February, he was asked about this issue of victimized Coptic girls, he responded by saying ''that the idea that they were being abducted and abused was merely a rumor.'' Good riddance to Morsi!!

The Way I See It....forced conversion of Coptic girls, which started four decades ago, has dramatically escalated after January 2011 (when the ''Arab Spring'' reached Egypt), shows a clear pattern of events that point to well organized ''hidden hands'' behind the process. Amazingly, the collusion of Egypt's security as well as judiciary authorities--in defiance of the existing laws concerning minors--shows the extent of the scheme. It is part of a way of attrition against the Copts in their own ancient homeland.

Thus, as with any number of recent indicators--including an unprecedented assault on their holiest sits and the codification of legal measures to oppress them--the jihad on the children of Egypt's Christian minority is yet another indicator that a rapidly Islamizing Egypt is hostile to its oldest and most indigenous inhabitants, the Copts, and, as happened to the Jews before them, an example of such a retrograde future if the young secular Egyptians can't finally get the democratic government they fought so hard for. Then that light of Equality will shine so bright that world governments might find it easier to come to its rescue.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Islam's Dangerous and Absurd Realities !

I recently watched a video of a sheikh warning Muslims against disregarding Muhammad's ''sunna'', or the rules and customs the prophet prescribed for Muslims. To support his point, he read a hadith wherein Muhammad told Muslims: ''When you wake up from sleep to pray, wash your hands before you put them in the wudu water for the purpose of salah (formal prayer), for you do not know where your hands have spent the night.'' Then the sheikh told about a man who, upon hearing Muhammad's words, had deridingly said, ''What, am I not going to know where my own hand has been?'' According to the sheikh, the next morning his man ''woke up to find his arm - from hand to elbow -- shoved up his anus.''

The moral of the story?  The sheikh stressed the authoritative source of this absurd anecdote, Sharh Sahih Muslim, and read its closing warning: ''Thus let the mortal fear Allah and not make light of the sunna -- for see what happened to this man for rebelling and mocking the words of the Prophet?'' There is a reason why Islam's guardians -- past and present -- always threaten Muslims to take the sunna seriously: because Muhammad said any number of bizarre or perverse things that naturally provoke abhorrence, if not laughter. It was like he and Gabrielle had a good time smoking or sniffing something thinking up crazy rules for his growing number of followers.

Let us examine just one: the Muslim notion of adult breastfeeding, or rida' al-kabir in Islam, which started when Mohammad commanded a woman to breastfeed a grown man. This is because it was a grave sin for a woman to be in the same room with a non-family male, so to avoid the sin of ''khulwa'', she literally had to have him suckle her breast to make him a defacto family member. This needed to be done when any friend of her husband's came over for a visit. He being allowed to suck on her breasts ''till he was satisfied he was a member of the family." This way she could now comport herself more freely in front of the nursed adult male, such as appearing before him unveiled.

So, because it is contained in a canonical hadith, today, nearly 1400 years later, top Muslim authorities still advocate this perverse practice. After all, to eject or reform it or any other canonical hadith is to reject the sources and methodology of usul al-fiqh -- in short, to reject Sharia law. Now, let us connect the dots to see how the bizarre in Islam demonstrates the violent by asking the following simple question: If Muslims are still compelled to be true to things like adult breastfeeding, simply because 7th Century Mohammad said so, is it not logical to accept that they embrace their prophet's even better documented and unequivocal words concerning the infidel?

Look at it this way: the issue of adult breastfeeding is embarrassing for Muslims; far from providing them with any sort of advantage or benefits, it places them, especially their women, in a ludicrous position. Now with Muslim women frequently working with men in the same offices, with the inevitable possibility that a woman may find herself sitting alone in the same room with one or more of her male colleagues, a dilemma arises. But not to worry! The erudite scholar Dr Izzat Attya, who is head of the department of Hadih in Al-Azhar (which is the world's most prestigious Islamic University), has the answer by way of a fatwa (religious opinion) he issued in 2009.

He says that the quoted hadith is certainly accurate and, if necessary, a Muslim working women is allowed to follow the example set by the Prophet. The fatwa said that ''if a woman fed a male colleague directly from her breast at least five times they would establish a family bond and thus be allowed to be alone together a work.'' A woman at work can then take off the veil or reveal her hair to someone whom she breastfed. Since Dr Attya is probably the most learned man in the speciality science of hadith, he knows every nuance about the texts of the hadith. When he says something about the hadith, Muslims better believe him and suck it up.......literally.

What then, of Mohammad's other commanding rules -- commandments that, if upheld, far from embarrassing Muslims, provide them with power, wealth, and hedonistic joys -- that is, commandments that jibe quite well with mankind's most primitive impulses? I speak of Muhammad's commandments for Muslims to wage war (''jihad'') upon the infidel, to plunder the infidel of his wealth, women, and children, and to keep him in perpetual subjugation -- all things that define Islam's history vis-à-vis the non-Muslim. In other words, the Muslim mentality that feeds the need to address adult breastfeeding simply because Muhammad once advised it, must certainly be sold on the Prophet's constant incitements for war and conquest.

The Way I See It.....living in an era where the Muslim world is significantly weaker than the infidel world, and so currently incapable of launching a full-on offensive, one may overlook this fact. But the intention is surely there. One need only look how non-Muslim minorities, especially Christians, are treated in the Muslim world -- where they are persecuted, kidnapped, raped and their homes ransacked -- to be sure. I'll focus more on their disgusting actions in a soon to be written blog posting.

Footnote:  Last month a man in Algeria declared that he is divorcing his wife because she won't let his best friend suck on her breasts when he comes over for a visit. She stands by her decision and the Algerian courts say he is within his rights according to Mohammad's 7th Century hadith. Any modern sanity or morality is definitely lost on these people. I hope he finds his arm up his ass next to his brains one morning!

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Risk Found in Natural Childbirth After Caesarean !

More than a decade after doctors declared it safe for women to give birth vaginally after having had a Caesarean section, a new study has found that doing so is riskier to both the mother and child than a second surgical delivery, especially if hormones are used to induce labor. The study in The New England Journal of Medicine, found that women undergoing Vaginal Birth after Caesarean, or VBAC, were three times as likely as those who deliver surgically a second time to suffer a ruptured uterus, an extremely uncommon but dangerous complication that can kill the mother, her baby or both.

''We used to believe that a vaginal birth after Caesarean was pretty much risk-free,'' said one of the authors, Dr Thomas Easterling, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Washington state in Seattle. ''Now we know that it's not. There are risks. They are small but can be catastrophic. With this in mind, women should carefully discuss those risks with their health care providers,'' Dr Easterling and other experts said.

Uterine rupture occurred in just 91 of more than 20,000 women whose birth records were examined for the study. But beyond the increased risk of such rupture with VBAC as a whole, the researchers found the rate to be 15 times as high among women given prostaglandins, hormones that help ready the cervix for labor, as among those who had second Caesareans. Among women whose labor was induced with other hormones, the rate was five times that of women with second-time Caesareans. The researchers said the study strongly suggested that Obstetricians should avoid the use of drugs to induce labor in women who have had previous Caesareans, a precaution some obstetricians say they've adopted.

For decades, the medical mantra about childbirth was ''once a Caesarean, always a Caesarean.'' The prevailing thinking was that scar tissue from the surgical incision rendered the uterine wall too weak to withstand the strain of powerful contractions during labor. Should the uterus rupture, the mother may bleed uncontrollably and the baby lose oxygen; to save both, experts say an emergency Caesarean section is needed within 15-20 minutes. ''So with no drugs, it's better to let her go into spontaneous labor. Don't induce her. And if you are in a situation where you would consider induction, just do a repeat C-section.'' says Dr Roger Freeman, a member of the American College of Obstetricians.

In the mid-1980's, however, VBAC (pronounced VEE-back) came into vogue, for reasons. By that time, doctors had abandoned the practice of making vertical incisions in the uterus in favour of low transverse cuts (many women called them bikini scars), which were believed to heal better. Subsequent studies found that the risk of uterine rupture with vaginal birth after Caesarean was small, about 0.5 percent. At the same time, there was growing concern that too many women were undergoing Caesareans unnecessarily, exposing them to risk of surgical complications. And some health insurers, concerned about rising costs, began insisting that women with previous Caesarens try natural childbirth.

''Over time, perceptions changed,'' said Dr Michael Greene,  an obstetrician at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he is director of maternal-fetal medicine and an associate editor of The New England Journal of Medicine. ''The Washington study brought those uterine ruptures into sharp relief and was the first to compare the risks of vaginal birth with those of a second surgical delivery in a statistically significant, scientifically valid way.'' The study, Dr Greene noted, found that the incidence of infant death was 10 times as high among women who suffered uterine rupture as among those who did not. He said, in the light of the findings, ''if a patient who has had a Caesarean asks him what is the safest for her next baby, my unequivocal answer is to have an elective repeated Caesarean section along that same  bikini line she acquired the first time.''

The study did not address why prostaglandins pose the biggest risk. But experts say that because those hormones are administered as gels, suppositories or can be typically applied directly to the cervix, they cannot be regulated, as oxytocin can, if the contractions become too strong and dangerous. A number of obstetricians said women should not conclude that VABC is inherently unsafe. In fact, said Dr Lawrence Platt of U.C.L.A., it can be quite safe, so long as labor-inducing hormones are used with great caution, if at all, and the birth occurs in a hospital where doctors are on hand to perform an emergency Caesarean section should a uterine rupture occur.

The Way I See It.....there are many reasons women might want to deliver vaginally after a surgical delivery. Vaginal childbirth entails less discomfort after delivery, and mothers can go home with their babies sooner. At the same time, the risk of surgical complications, including those that can eventually require a hysterectomy, increases with each Caesarean section. So omen who want three or more children may want to try a vaginal birth the second I the hope of avoiding surgery for each subsequent delivery.

Some women I know mentioned to me another reason. They said they wanted a personalized, family-centered, mother-and-baby-focused birth experience with their partner at their side. That means they don't want to be in an operating room and all that it obviously entails.

Deserts are ''Greening'' From the Rising in CO2 !

Go Tell It On The Mountain.....or better yet stick this posting up Al Gore's and James Hansen's....eh, nose! Scientists can now assert that increased levels of carbon dioxide have helped boost green foliage across the world's arid regions over the past 30 years through the process called ''CO2 Fertilisation'', according to Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization's (CSIRO) latest findings.

It was already seen from satellite observations over the past 20 years that the Earth was getting greener in general. Now, in findings also based on satellite observations, the CSIRO, in collaboration with the Australian National University (ANU), found that this CO2 fertilisation correlated with an 11 % increase in foliage cover from 1982-2011 across parts of the world's arid areas. (see above) The areas studied were in Australia, North America, the Middle East and Africa, according to CSIRO research scientist, Dr Randall Donohue.

Donohue explained, ''In Australia, our native vegetation is superbly adapted to surviving in the arid environments and it consequently uses water very efficiently. Australia vegetation seems quite sensitive to CO2 fertilisation.''  The fertilisation effect occurs where elevated CO2 enables a leaf during photosynthesis, the process by which green plants convert sunlight into sugar, to extract more carbon from the air or lose less water to the air, or both. ''This, along with the vast extents of arid landscapes, means Australia featured prominently in our results.'' he added.

While a CO2 effect on foliage response has long been speculated and recently been seen in a generally overview, the foliage response in the arid regions was difficult to demonstrate. Dr Donohue further explained, ''Our work was able to tease-out the CO2 fertilisation effect by using mathematical modelling together with satellite data adjusted to take out the observed effects of other influences such as precipitation, air temperature, the amount of light and land-use changes.''

If elevated CO2 causes the water use in individual leaves to drop, plants in arid environments will respond by increasing their total numbers of leaves. These changes I leaf cover can be detected by satellite, particularly in deserts and savannahs where the cover is less complete than in wet locations, according to the CSIRO researchers. ''On the face of it, elevated CO2 boosting the foliage in country is good news and could assist forestry and agriculture in such areas; however there will be secondary effects that are likely to influence water availability, the carbon cycle, fire regimes and biodiversity, for example,'' Dr Donohue added.

The Way I see It.....ongoing research is required if we are to fully comprehend the potential extent and benefits of such secondary effects.  With the theory of raising CO2 linked to causing Global Warming dying on the trash heap of history we can be thankful that once again Mother Earth gets on with adapting to any and all climatic changes in a positive way. Unfortunately some people in the CSIRO still dogmatically hang on to this idea and have it on part of their organisations website. No doubt the government money (trough) grants are too tempting for them not to continue on as long as they can to deny that there has not been any warming in the last 17 years. All this while CO2 has gone up 100 ppm and is closing in on the "tipping point" of 400ppm where we all going to go extinct. Gore and Hansen be damned! Just enjoy the greening of our planet. More oxygen for all!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Israel Relying on Egyptian Army to Counter Islamists !

Israel is relying on the Egyptian army to suppress Islamist militants in the Sinai and to ensure the country's stability after the ouster of Mohammed Morsi as president, Israeli media and politicians stated. The ministers in the Israeli Cabinet have so far stuck to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's order for silence on the subject. But Member of Parliament Tzahi Hanegbi, who is close to Netanyahu, welcomed the ouster of Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected president who is a log-standing member of the foul Muslim Brotherhood. Millions of protesters rallied to demand he quit for failing to abide by the 2011 revolution and bolstering his Islamist base at the expense of the rest of the country.

''Israel's clear interest is for Egypt to remain stable, favourable to the West and the U.S., and that it does not let itself get carried away by a wave of religious extremism,'' said Hanegbi, former head of the Knesset (parliament) commission on defence and foreign affairs. ''Over Morsi's year in power, we noticed worrying developments, and that is why the return to prominence of the army and a secular authority capable of ensuring the stability of the country is good news for Israel,''  he added.

Israel's former ambassador to Egypt, Yitzhak Levanson, also stressed the positive role of the army in Egypt. ''The Egyptian authorities are aware of Israeli sensitivity to everything that happens in the Sinai area, and now the Egyptian army feels a little freer to act firmly against the Islamist elements,''  he explained. ''Morsi couldn't help bragging what a great help he was as a negotiator in the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas last year but still kept up the anti-Jewish and anti-Christian rhetoric. His dogmatic Muslim Brotherhood ideology wasn't softened during his 'reign'.''

The daily Yediot Aharonot said that the ''security operation'' between the two countries has been beefed up in recent days. The newspaper reported that just several hours after Morsi's dismissal and arrest, an official Israeli representative secretly arrived in Cairo to meet with Egyptian security personnel and intelligence officials, without giving any further details. ''Security links were good during the Morsi period, and should be even better from now on,'' Yediot Aharonot reported.

A hive of militant activity, which Morsi ignored, Egypt's Sinai Peninsula is a major route for drugs smuggling, weapons and human trafficking. Ever since the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in 2011, throwing his feared security services into disarray, the region has grown even more restless and awash with all kinds of weapons. Attacks and kidnappings targeting Egyptian security forces in the area have multiplied, and the militants have fired rockets from the region at Israel.

On Friday, militants launched coordinated rocket and machine gun attacks on Egyptian army and police checkpoints in the Sinai, killing one soldier and wounding two others, Egyptian medical sources reported. Several Islamist militants have publicly threatened to carry out raids in reprisal for Mors's dismissal, almost taunting the new government to challenge them. The Israeli army said that it had ''authorized'' the deployment of Egyptian military reinforcements in the Peninsula. The 1979 peace treaty between the two countries has imposed strict controls on deployments but the recent threats has changed dynamic.

The army made a statement yesterday saying that, ''the Egyptian military activity in the Sinai is now coordinated with Israeli security elements and authorized at the most senior levels in Israel, in order to contend with the recent security threats in the Sinai that pose a threat to both Israel and Egypt.'' Oded Granot, a commentator for public television, also stressed that the Egyptian army ''has every chance of staying at the center of the political spectrum for a while yet.'' He noted that ''it will be a long time before an Egyptian leader can imitate Turkey's Islamist Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who managed to bring the Turkish army into line.''

The Way I See It.....if the Egyptian armed forces don't get bogged down in a more violent confrontation with pro-Morsi supporters, which seems to be building as we speak, and turning into a preamble to civil war they could stabilize the turmoil. An Egyptian army in a strong position should continue to pursue a policy hostile to the Hamas rulers in the Gaza Strip by blocking the many tunnels between Gaza and Egypt to prevent Palestinian Islamist militants from infiltrating Egypt. We can only hope for the best now that President Obama has taken a hands-off attitude.

Muslim Brotherhood Takes a Leaf Out of Mubarak's Book !

The current demonstrations against the Mohammed Morsi's government were on tack to become the most serious since the Arab Spring uprising of early 2011 that brought down the Mubarack government. They reflect not just the frustration by Morsi's Christian, secular and liberal opponents over trampling of democratic rights and attempts to advance an Islamist agenda, but also the hopelessness by the Egyptian masses over the country's dire economic problems. Thankfully the army stepped in to avoid the unrest escalating into a civil war, between the illiterate, ignorant country people who have been ''bought'' by the Muslim Brotherhood's welfare programs and the young, educated democracy-inspired citizens of the major cities.

Police reported violent clashes between supporters of the president and the opposition protesters. Thankfully, only 20 people were killed in the massive four day protest which saw close to a million people occupy Tahrir Square but shockingly, 91 women were raped during the demonstrations. More than 20 million had signed a petition calling for Morsi to step down because they soon realized that he was putting the Muslim Brotherhood ahead of the interests of the country, and that his economic policies have hurt Egyptians. They were also demonstrating against what they call Morsi's authoritarian actions and brutal repression of opposition protesters in past protests. Morsi showed himself to be an old school politician with dictatorial tendencies which included torture.

The revelations that the torture chambers once utilized by the Hosni Mubarak regime to down protesters were being put to the same, if not greater use by the country's new, self-proclaimed dictator Mohammed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood thugs. This disturbing revelation came to light when an al-Masry al-Youm reporter, with the help of a Brotherhood-owned and operated television station, was given an exclusive tour of the torture chambers. While one might think the decision to grant such access as counter-intuitive, it made perfect sense to the power-mad Brotherhood elite. After all, what could possibly ever serve as better warning for those thinking of resisting Morsi's push for a totalitarian regime based on sharia law than to know what will happen to them if they do?

The reporter explained that ''protestors suspected of working against the Brotherhood are tortured and beaten with the knowledge of the police before being handed over for formal detention. He goes on to describe the scene; The torture process starts once a demonstrator is arrested in the clashes by the Central Security Forces (CSF) and brought into the central torture chamber that's located near the Ittihadiya Palace, just opposite the gates facing the Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz Mosque. Fifteen men, distinguished by their strong bodies, are supervised by three bearded well-dressed men. This group trade off punching, kicking and beating the protester with a stick on the face and all over his body. They tear off his clothes and take him to the secondary chamber to whip his back and feet to get him to confess to being a thug and being paid money to demonstrate against the government.''

Marking the UN's International Day in Support of Victims of Torture released a report just before the June demonstrations started detailing the number of torture victims since Egypt's Presidential inauguration. The El-Nadim Center for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims counted 359 cases of torture and 217 deaths related to torture, in the twelve months since the election of Mohamed Morsi at the helm of the Egyptian government. The victims of both sexes had ages between 6 and 53 years, and largely residing in Cairo and Giza. The tortures took place in victim's homes or in police stations, in the offices of the CSF, in prisons, at the place mentioned above and the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Moqattam. Understandably, this report added fuel to the already fired up anti-Morsi citizens and lifted their rage.

Their rage was also directed at America. The Obama government certainly has popularity problems -- despite spending billions of dollars -- among the nations in the Middle East and north Africa, but it this uprising , in which a Muslim Brotherhood-linked president being taken down, to reveal the full extant of dislike of Barack Obama. Banners were held high in Egypt's major mob-filled cities declaring, ''Wake Up America...Obama backs up a Fascist Regime!'' and ''Obama you Jerk. Muslim Brotherhood is killing Egyptians.!' as well as ''Hey Obama, your deal with Morsi was unsuccessful!'' The U.S. and Egypt long had been on friendly terms under Hosni Mubarack how kept radical Islamics out of power. Then with the Arab Spring movement building, he was ousted at Obama's encouragement and the radicals Brotherhood usurped the democratic will of the people.

The Way I See It.....opposition to President Morsi has been growing since late last year when he issued dictates to increase his power and his Muslim Brotherhood deadshits forced through a new constitution at elevated him above the law. In January and February riots his decision to adopt police tactics similar to those used by former President Mubarack enraged many of his opponents. These tactics included the beating of a naked man during protests in Cairo on February 1 that was posted to YouTube. While perhaps not shocking to those who have long known of the Brotherhood's penchant for violence and history as the parent of all major Islamic extremist groups (including al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, et al), the accounts of torture are heartrending nonetheless.

The Obama administration is adrift when it comes to policy in the Middle East. Against many congressmen's advice Obama decided to throw an ally under the Arab Spring bus and back Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. What did that mean?  These scum were anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-women since their inception, and one year after Morsi won ''his election'' and all the millions of dollars Team Obama badly wasted on this government, the people have risen up and said: ''No, you have failed us. We want you out. We want a secular democracy.''  Obama couldn't see that giving money to someone who's a thug and wishing and hoping and praying that they are going to turn into a Jeffersonian Democrat is not only wrongheaded but plain stupid. It's never worked and it's proven again with Egypt.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Snowden ''Marooned'' in Russia, Asylum Offer ''Off" !

Editor's Note:  As I achieved the 100 posting mark last month, I decided to take a breather and take 10 days off to give more attention to my soul-mate and grandchildren. With my investigative files filling up I am now ready to expose more true facts in the months to come. Thanks for your patience.
National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden's fate seemed to grow more dire on Sunday as the president of one country offering him asylum seemed to back away from the offer while the nation currently hosting him won't let him leave the airport. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange acknowledged that Snowden appears to be ''marooned in Russia.'' The president of Ecuador -- Rafael Correa -- said that the Ecuadoran refugee documents originally issued to Snowden were are mistake and that Snowden is ultimately Russia's problem. ''He doesn't have a passport. I don't know the Russian laws, I don't know if he can leave the airport, but I understand if he can't.'' Correa told The Associated Press.

Correa confirmed that the Ecuadorean consul in London committed ''a serious error'' by initially issuing the letter-of-safe--passage for Snowden, which is what allowed him to leave Hong Kong for Russia after U.S. authorities revoked his American passport after he fled drawing vital attention to the U.S. eavesdropping  program and potential violation of human rights. Correa appears to be sending the message that it is unlikely Snowden will ever end up in Ecuador. He repeatedly emphasized the importance of the U.S. legal process. Of course this was after Vice President Biden's half hour conversation asking him to send Snowden back to the United States immediately on his arrival and highlighted threats made by a group of U.S. senators to revoke Ecuadorean trade privileges.

After spending more than a week in limbo in Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport transit lounge and applying for political asylum to 20 countries, including India, and being turned down, Snowden is reported to have applied for asylum in Russia. Earlier, president Vladimir Putin suggested Snowden could stay in Russia but on the condition that he stopped harming what Mr Putin called ''our American partners. He repeated again the following day, ''If he wants to stay here, there is one condition. He must stop his work aimed at harming our American partners, as strange as that sounds coming from my lips.''  However, Putin said he suspected Snowden would not stop leaking information because ''he feels himself to be a human rights activist''. So Snowden will look further.

Actually there is quite a bit that can be done by various people to help Snowden reach a safe place where he can be free from ''persecution'' by the U.S. government. The legal basis for political asylum is very strong, especially since the U.S. has charged Snowden under the Espionage Act. Since it is pretty clear that there was no espionage involved here -- no evidence that he collaborated or even met with any foreign government. And politically, despite efforts by much of the media to brand Snowden a criminal and a traitor, most of the world appears to sympathise with him. Any government that helps him would almost certainly have popular support at home.

The problem is that these governments are reluctant to take the necessary steps to get Snowden freedom because of possible U.S. retaliation. Of course, retaliation is not as likely as many people think: Washington was angry with Hong Kong for about a day after it rejected a request for extradition, and then it blew over. Mr Putin repeated that Russia had no intention of handing him over to the U.S.. ''Russia has never given up anyone to anybody and does not plan to. And nobody ever gave up anyone to us, '' he said. He also verified that Russian intelligence agencies were not working with the 30-year-old American even though there is no stopping the steady trickle of intelligence leaks to the media. The Russian leader appeared unconcerned about the latest revelations about the scale of U.S. government surveillance of EU headquarters and the United Nations.

The Way I See It.....now that Ecuador's Foreign Minister tweeted that his country was again considering Snowden's request for asylum. But is Snowden a refugee? The U.N. defines a refugee as someone who fears ''being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion'' and is, as a result, unable or unwilling to return to his or her country. The U.N. excludes from refugee status anyone who ''has committed a serious non-political crime.''  That means Snowden is unlikely to meet the definition.

The U.S. says Snowden is not being persecuted for his political opinions and that he is free to express his views about NSA programs under the First Amendment. But releasing secret details about these programs is a violation of U.S. law, according to the Justice Department. Snowden didn't help his cause in an interview with the Guardian when he said he was ''subverting the power of government, and that's a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy.'' That could be seen as an admission of the kind of serious crime that denies him the protection of of refugee status. The U.N. lets each country decide who qualifies, however, and while refugees fleeing violence in Columbia are often denied asylum in Rafael Correa'sphoto above ) Ecuador. It seems high-profile protesters get more sympathy there.