Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Malcolm in the Middle?

It looks like an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) might go down with Goldman Sachs. Goldman-Sachs is the main financial power behind carbon trading...worldwide. Did Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong decide to deep-freeze their own ETS because Goldman Sachs was caught manipulating a housing subprime-mortgage-based scheme and charged with fraud? The new "no-nonsense" boss of the previously slack Security and Exchange Commission, Mary Schapiro, has started a lawsuit against them. Their GREED was legendary.

Goldman owns 10% of Al Gore's Chicago carbon exchange. Al Gore's partners in his Generation Investment Management hedge fund in London are all former Goldman Sachs executives. Then there is Liberal Party member, Malcolm Turnbull, the man who almost delivered the ETS to Australia, by cutting a deal with K. Rudd (sounds like "CRUD") without his party's support. He is Goldman Sachs' main man in Australia. David Mapley, a former executive director of the local Basis Yield Alpha Fund, said the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) should closely examine the role of Goldman Sachs/JB Were (Australia) in marketing the mortgage-related investment product that ultimately led to the Fund's demise in August 2007. What was Malcolm doing at the time and what part, if any, did he play in the selling process that caused a lot of Australian investors to get caught out?

In "The Great American Bubble Machine" published in the July, 2009 edition of Rolling Stone magazine, author Matt Taibbi characterised Goldman Sachs as a "great vampire Creature (like in the Alien movie) wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its feeding funnel into anything that smells like money." Their formula is relatively simple: G-S positions itself in the middle of a speculative bubble, selling investments they know are crap. I was amazed to find out that they've been pulling this same stunt over and over since the 1920's! Now they are preparing to do it again, creating what may be the biggest and most audacious bubble yet. The new game in town is carbon credits...a groundbreaking new commodities bubble, disguised as an "environmental save-the-world plan" called cap-and-trade.

President Obama has been convinced by Gore and his fellow Eco-fascists to go along with this Cap-and-Tax idea and has stated that people can "expect energy prices to skyrocket under my cap-and-trade plan!" The huge donations by G-S to his campaign fund saw him pay-back G-S with bale-out money to save their bacon. So this new commodities-market in selling Air will be kind to G-S with a one delicious new wrinkle: If the plan gets past by Congress the price raises will be government mandated. Goldman Sachs won't even have to rig the game. It will be rigged in advance!

The way I see it.....the ETS was always going to be a scam, an attempt to create a new global derivatives bubble on a trade in thin air (carbon dioxide), to replace the bubbles in real estate, investment funds and stocks that have been imploding lately. However, due to the uprising Tea Party movement, with the white-hot rage being directed to Washington/Wall Street by a fed up public, the regulatory authorities have been forced to crack down on the fraud and deceit that characterises the entire derivatives-based financial system....and "Goldman-Sucks" has finally been caught out. If Goldman goes down, it will take down its entire worldwide derivatives scam with it. I wonder if Malcolm will be in the middle of the fall out.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Australia Bans the Flu Vaccine!

It looks like we're in for another shocking round of flu vaccine debacles this winter, starting off with seasonal flu vaccinations being banned in Australia for all children 5 years old and under. The unique suspension comes after 23 children in Western Australia were admitted to hospitals with strong convulsions after receiving flu injections. At least one toddler in Queensland died, less than 12 hours after receiving the flu shot. Her twin also suffered from vomiting and high fever, but has reportedly recovered.

Another 40 convulsion cases had been detected in the last month in children making that more than 250 adverse reactions nationwide, raising serious questions about the safety of vaccinating children in that age group. And yet, year after year there are studies showing that flu vaccines DO NOT provide any benefit no matter what age group you are in!

Two years ago a study in the British Medical Journal concluded that the effectiveness of annual flu shots has been exaggerated and that in reality they have little or no effect on influenza campaign objectives, including reducing the number of hospital stays, time off work and death from influenza and its complications. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Naturally, some "flu experts" have cautioned that these reactions might prove to be illusory and caused by other factors. usual they want you to believe that the Law of Cause and Effect is disabled when it comes to vaccines. Peter Collignon, Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Australian National University doesn't think so. He went on record stating that recent clinical trails uncovered issues with the swine flu vaccine - adverse effects that are identical to those suffered by the children who reacted to the seasonal vaccine - but that the results of this trial were completely ignored.

On the one hand, the Australian Health Department had the good sense to suspend all seasonal flu shots in children under five, but on the other, they're now recommending all children get the H1N1 vaccine instead, claiming that IT is completely safe! This completely ignores the other glaring fact that the amount of Mercury used as a preservative in each shot is only safe in a person who weighs 550 pounds (250 kilograms) and the smaller you are the more toxic it is. We are talking brain and nervous system TOXIC!

This makes no sense, considering the fact that it was a clinical trial for swine flu vaccine that showed that a substantial number of children experienced adverse reactions. So exactly WHEN will the mental-midgets running the health department take these clinical study results into account? Talk about running in circles, claiming everything is safe no matter what the clinical results show!

The way I see it.....the Australian government had millions of left over swine flu shots from their Swine Flu Epidemic fiasco and most likely had them surreptitiously combined with the seasonal flu vaccine, thinking they could reduce their deteriorating stockpile while getting "more bang for their buck". It certainly blew up in their faces! Folks...I hope you and your children don't fall for this dangerous nonsense.

Footnote: I have found the vitamin D is more important then a flu shot to avoid flu. There's convincing evidence that vitamin D deficiency predisposes you and your child to catching the flu, and children who are so deficient may also be at higher risk of dying from the flu. Sunshine is still the best way to get your vitamin D dose but taking vitamin D3 supplements or using a safe tanning bed are ideal a back ups.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

JIHAD: As American As Apple Pie

"Jihad is becoming as American as apple pie and as British as afternoon tea." So said American-born Islamic cleric Anwar al Awlaqi. He even bragged that 80% of the 3000 mosques in the United States are preaching jihad with anti-Jewish & Christian books under the auspices of Saudi Arabian money. And indeed, there has been a sharp uptick in jihad activity by U.S.-born Muslims since Barack Obama has become President. It seems some law-enforcement officials seem naive to the threat and the leftist media are determined not to notice or offend the usual suspects. And in this they are aided and abetted by American Muslim advocacy groups playing the "victim" card.

It took a scum-bag naturalized citizen, Faisal Shahzad (see photo), to park a car bomb in Times Square to get President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to finally use the word "terrorism." This is a major policy shift for a president who spent months telling Americans not to "jump to conclusions" after Army doctor Nidal Malik Hasan reportedly jumped on a desk, shouted "Allahu Akbar!" and began murdering 13 soldiers at Fort Hood. It's time Obama stops ass-kissing Muslim sensibilities. IT'S NOT WORKING! Their low-self-esteem-induced hatred is persistent.

This Muslim pond-scum, al-Awlaqi, was in contact with Hasan as well as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the African dead-shit who tried to bring down an airplane on Christmas day by blowing his testicles off! Evidence of U.S. Muslims engaging in terrorism grows every day. It's a testament of the stupid political correctness that pervades the government and will undo the nation's reputation and security.

A short list includes: In Chicago, Daood Gilani, participated in a plot to bomb a Danish newspaper for a cartoon featuring Muhammad. Last month a New Jersey Muslim, Sharif Mobley was arrested for ties to al-Qaeda. Before that, two American-born women, (calling themselves Jihad Jane & Jamie) both converts to Islam, were arrested for a plot to murder a Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks for his cartoon showing (quite appropriately) Muhammad as a dog.

Two months ago, a Muslim from Queens, N.Y. Najibullah Zazi, pled guilty to charges to a plot to bomb the New York subway system. While six months ago, Daniel "Seifullah" Boyd, another convert to Islam and 6 other Muslims in North Carolina were arrested with "conspiring to provide support to terrorists to murder and kidnap Christians and Jews.

Yet, three weeks ago, CAIR, the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations began a campaign against a textbook that dared to say that some U.S. Muslims have engaged in terrorism--and the Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca denounced as "un-American" those who have criticized him for his close work with the group. Whats wrong with this picture?

The way I see it....lets stop confiscating sippy-cups from infants, wanding-down 80-year-old ladies and forcing people to remove their belts and shoes while putting computers and containers with liquid up for special screening before first profiling and harassing the middle eastern types of Islamic faith....first and foremost. I wonder if we can develop a security plan based on that approach; discrimination complaints be damned! After 19 foreign-born Muslims were legally admitted to the U.S., murdered 3000 Americans in New York and Washington in single day, isn't it long overdue that Obama's immigration people tighten up their admission policies toward people from countries still performing stonings, honour killings and clitorectomies?