Friday, May 26, 2017

THE SWAMP FIGHTS BACK... as Trump still searches for the plug !!

The Clinton and Obama Administration was arguably the worst in US history.

You would be excused for believing the US media promoted and protected Obama and the
Clintons’ clear criminality.

Trump was determined to drain the swamp and was elected to do so, but was met with fierce opposition from within and without, again supported by media.

Impeaching Trump is now the Left’s singular aim, based on the most spurious of false evidence that he inappropriately spoke with the Russians. Putin denies any impropriety.

Judases on both sides in both the US House and recalcitrant Senate are determined to kill Trump.

Remarkable how politics never changes and buoys the worst of people in the very worst of ways to fulfil their craven personal ascendancies.
How was it possible that media ignored Hillary’s blatant criminality, that may yet be resolved?   
Excuse my rant but allow me to mention a few important facts: FBI Director Comey, if you watch Senate inquiries, clearly demonstrated his ineptitude and bias. Both Houses demanded his dismissal, Trump duly complied. Yet his (Comey’s) seat was still warm when the Democrats cried foul in feigned outrage.
The Dems, including sourpuss Republican POW John McCain are now calling for Trump's impeachment. We should recall what Trump said about this two sided weasel during the election... “I’m more interested in talking to those who weren’t [silly enough to be] captured in the Vietnam war”. (My brackets.) No wonder he wants Trump's scalp.
Now the Democrats are claiming “obstruction of justice” on the basis that the New York Times (which has become the Dems daily news sheet) reported that Comey had a memo note that said, “Trump told me 'he hopes' this will be the end of it”, [in re-relation to General Kelly’s sacking over Russian and Turkish undeclared payments].
An expression of hope seems hardly an obstruction.
Okay let’s give Comey the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn’t (easily) backdate his notes. It was only after Trump sacked Comey two weeks later that Comey came out with his memo note that the NYT interpreted as an “obstruction of justice” which is an impeachable offence.
At the time of posting this story neither the NYT nor anyone else had sighted this memo. Yet the media is prepared to believe this unsighted, self penned memo, over anything the President might say.
The most interesting part is that Comey is legally required to inform either or both Houses of any “obstruction of justice” immediately it came to his attention, under threat of three years’ jail.
Hmmm, any fair-minded person would see that this stinks like a two-day-old Obama turd. And it displays Comey as either criminally culpable or a dead set moron who
should never have been let near the FBI directorship.
Trump will win this battle as he has already appointed Judge Gorsuch  (
right) to the Supreme Court (the equivalent of our High Court) vacancy despite the Dems' angry endeavours to prevent it. 
The Way I See It....the farce continues. And I was hoping Trump cancels his overseas trip until this bullshit is settled under the new Dept-of-Justice-appointed, former FBI Director, Robert Mueller as “special counsel” to get to the truth. 
And if that takes longer than a week, Mueller is dragging his feet on a very high retainer.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


I noticed one throwaway line from thousands of clever posts on my site yesterday, I took no notice of it, went to bed, woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep... this idea to stop terrorists had legs, it’s simple and it will work without killing anyone. You see, one constant with suicide bombers is that they are all as thick as pig shit. And we can use that to our advantage
This mad Muslim fighter ensures his genitals are protected for the virgins with a                                                                       concrete block
This mentally retarded Taliban suicide bomber was found with a metal pipe around his donger. His explanation was that he didn't want his 72 virgins to be disappointed 
The ISIS hierarchy is very good at placing square pegs in square holes, they would never give an intelligent recruit a suicide vest, these suicidal nutters are at the bottom of the pay scale. 
Above is a photo of the dip-shit Aussie van driver with three tons of fertiliser in the back, and the photo of the shooter with an AK47 (above), all will die. They all expect to die!
Integral to their belief in Islam is the afterlife and anyone who believes in that is either a wanker or flat out gullible. You see, all humans have an innate fear of death, it’s simply unacceptable that people should decompose as maggot food as do dead fish and roadkill. So they believe their heroes are still live, like Elvis, Jesus and Mohammed.
Are you still with me? Please stay, I won’t be long.
Elaborate crypts house the treasured belongings of the dead to while away the time with
They build statues to the dead, graves are found with playthings to amuse them when they arrive at this “other place”, others believe there are dozens of nubile teenagers waiting to be bonked, in heaven.
Fairy tale stuff, but some intelligent people have been indoctrinated in that stuff since birth, yet dumb people can be convinced of it at any time... and they are, because without that Islamic belief no-one would volunteer for a vest.
All active shooters and suicide bombers believe they are going to die as martyrs in the process of eliminating infidels, that’s part of the exercise. Their families and friends also believe their sons will die martyrs and they too will reap rewards in heaven for assisting them.
Of course the highly educated ISIS leader, that scumbag Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, (above) hasn’t fallen for that, he won’t be donning a vest or shooting up a supermarket any time soon. He simply “promotes” the wide-eyed members of the gullible Muslim underclass.
Okay, so let’s take this suicidal Manchester bloke, now that this lone-wolf bullshit has been debunked. Does anyone seriously believe he is enjoying an orgy of virgins in heaven right now? Yet it was essential that HE believed that or he would not have agreed to top himself.
So what if we scraped the flying mince off the walls and pavement, placed it all in a glass urn and baptised him as a Christian with all the attendant rites and ceremony, viewed through a television network. 
Had he been a shooter his entire body could be used.
The world must know that every suicidal murderer from now on will be baptised as a Christian post death, thereby negating the rewards of the Islamic belief system. He has never been baptised before because the Koran says he, and everyone else, was already born a Muslim.
But there is room for being 'unbaptised' as an apostate, thereby cancelling out all Islamic promises and copping a certain trip to hell.
                                           Don't bother with the flowers
Once it became clear, starting with the bits and pieces of the dull-eyed Manchester bastard, that this and all suicidal acts would be “rewarded” with a Christian baptism and burial (because we are obliged to do so as a caring people and suicide is a sin in the Christian world). That’s OUR religion and YOU committed a mortal sin in our house!  
Now there is no incentive for Muslims to commit atrocities... in fact there would be a glaring disincentive.
When this became known, actually viewed throughout the Muslim world, suicide missions would attract no volunteers and their families would counsel their loved ones not to do it.
We will baptise and give a Christian burial to all successful suicidal Muslim terrorists, and they need to know that will happen! And we can even throw in a nice slice of Bacon for good measure.
Naturally the Greens and the loony liberal Left would protest this as defiling a person’s religion without their permission. But Islam is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult of alchemy and lies and should be treated as such. Anyone who doesn’t believe that by now has been asleep.
“Je suis MCR, Let’s stand together, We will not be cowed, etc” will never work as this is exactly what al-Baghdadi wants to hear... our grief!
Of course the ABC and CNN would not broadcast the baptismal and burial ceremony. So what, plenty of networks would. 
Let's make this baptism and burial rite part of OUR belief system... it's a no brainer and it's legal! The offence was committed in our back yard and we have a right to dispose of the culprit's body in any way we wish, as we did with Osama bin Laden.
The Way I See It......nothing has worked to stop these evil mongrels so far. Our leaders’ response is to crank up the alert scales to “imminent”. Our leaders still haven’t worked out that when they expect an incident it never happens. ISIS is too smart for that, they know it needs a period of time for silly infidels to drop their guard as they did in Manchester, and they have done here. 
Okay, the solution might not be politically correct,  but neither is the slaughter of beautiful little girls

Monday, May 22, 2017

Taboos just Keep Us All in the Dark !

We’ve seen such things before — irrational taboos on everything from fish and pigs to uranium and genetically modified crops. The Nuer people of Sudan and Bena Bena of Papua New Guinea, for instance, would go hungry rather than eat chickens or eggs. Tasmanian Aborigines starved rather than catch scaled fish, a taboo brought in some 4000 years ago
and not shared by mainland Aborigines. Hawaiians banned women from eating bananas and coconuts until 1819.
And Jews and Muslims will not eat pigs for purely religious reasons.
All such taboos seem to make no sense and only make people poorer, while the powerful use them to show who’s boss — and who’s more moral.
But, while the modern hipster — freed from faith — may scoff at them now, they now bow to the kind of taboos we once took as a sign of the primitive. Uranium and nuclear power have been made so taboo that we still ban nuclear power stations. In fact, Western Australia has just voted in a Labor Government promising to ban new uranium mines, just as Queensland does.
Sites of Nuclear Power Plants World-Wide
That is despite nuclear stations safely producing 14 per cent of the world’s electricity, while emitting virtually none of the gasses blamed for global warming.
And, no, nuclear power is not at all as dangerous as greens claim. The one nuclear power plant catastrophe occurred 33 years ago in Chernobyl, in a badly operated and dated plant.
Moreover, the death toll was estimated by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation in 2000 to be only 30 over the following weeks, with studies of the surrounding population showing “no increased risk of leukaemia” and “no evidence of a major public health impact related to ionising radiation” other than a rise in thyroid cancers in young children, which is treatable.
So you’d think we’d woken up to such stupid taboos. Yet now we face the terrible consequences of falling for two more. On a Wednesday last month, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull tried belatedly to deal with the grim consequences of the latest — on fracking for gas (photo centre). He called an urgent conference to stop the country from running out of gas supplies that don’t only fuel your heaters and stoves, but gas-fired plants for electricity.
Much of this crisis comes from exporters selling much of our gas overseas for bigger prices, but another significant cause is our politicians giving in to green claims that fracking is dangerous.
Fracking is a technique to break rocks deep underground with water and some chemicals to release trapped gas. It’s unlocked vast gas reserves in the US, but activists claim it pollutes the groundwater and even puts gas in your taps.
Bull. A study for the NSW Chief Scientist of 2.5 million fracking wells around the world identified none that polluted groundwater and Australia’s Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel,
Chief Scientist Alan Finkel
although a global warming alarmist, conceded that fracking “if properly regulated, it’s completely safe”.
Yet that bull once more baffled brains. Victoria’s Labor Government has now banned all gas exploration and drilling, even conventional drilling. Northern Territory has just banned fracking, too, and NSW bans it from most areas. Now, big surprise, we’re running out of gas.
Meanwhile, South Australia’s Labor Government is desperately trying to save itself from the consequences of another modern taboo — on coal. This government takes the wildly exaggerated global warming scare so seriously that its green energy policies drove the state’s two coal-fired power stations out of business. SA is now so reliant on wind power instead that it has not only the country’s highest power prices but the most unreliable supply.
In fact, the whole state was blacked out last year when the wind farms tripped the system during a storm, and 90,000 homes lost power again over summer when the winds simply died.
The government’s “solution”? To just double down on its taboo.
The Way I See It.......its coal-fired stations won’t reopen — and Victoria’s giant Hazelwood station that is South Australia’s backup will still close in two weeks. Instead, the government will build possibly the world’s biggest battery, still only enough to power a small town for a couple of hours, and an expensive new gas-fired electricity plant for when the wind stops again.
But what does a gas-fired plant need for fuel? Oh, yes — the gas we don’t have because of that other taboo.   Dumb Leftists Assholes !
Don’t you want this madness to stop?

Friday, May 19, 2017

The NEW RIGHT Has Scared The OLD FAR LEFT Further LEFT !

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, the rancid Michael Moore, Jeremy Corbyn, Chuck Schumer, Plibersek, Macklin, Albanese, the Greens and the ABC have all moved further Left reeling in a state of shock that the Right is actually gaining more appeal. 
Common sense might dictate that this political filth move more to the centre for their political survival. But oh, no, the Left believes now more than ever that the Left is right and that the new Right is just a temporary anomaly.
Even Australia’s Greens have forsaken the frogs and quolls to get down and dirty in the politics of coal and Islam.
The slow yet deliberate move away from the loony Left by the sensible centre is in lockstep with the slow yet deliberate realisation that the cult of Islam is actually our enemy and it should not be tolerated... it should be disbanded and removed. Multiculturalism can be a success but only without Islam.
                                           The “Great Mosque of Brussels”
To allow the building of mosques is a madness as every act of terrorism against us has a mosque’s involvement. The European centre of jihadism is in Brussels, Belgium, where a massive mosque is at the centre of all violence against mainly France and now Germany. The “Great Mosque of Brussels” was donated to the cosmopolitan peoples of Brussels by guess who... Yep, the House of Saud.
The story of this mosque began in 1967, when Belgium's state coffers were empty and the nation was looking for access to cheap oil.
The mosque came with a 99 year lease and with a contract for cheap oil. The agreement included that the Saudis must have complete carte blanche of the operation of the mosque and all Imams were to be appointed by the Saudis, Imams who were known to preach a hard-line form of Wahaabist law known as Salafism, a form of Jihadist euphoria involving the worst of all extreme Islamic practices.
The Brussels centre for European based terrorism was born.
Saudi finance for foreign mosques is raised primarily through the halal certification scam which it boasts is a multi trillion dollar business and rapidly growing. The Saudis are quite open about this... it is no secret.
It is incredible that the Jihadists can explain in clear English exactly what their plans are for us, yet we blithely ignore them for fear of being called bigots or racists.
It was only a brief interruption to prayers when large quantities of a nerve gas were                                          reported discovered in the Brussles' mosque.
Of course the headquarters of the unelected EU Parliament is also in Brussels. And it also turns a blind eye to the terrorists’ plans conceived within, and carried out with the assistance of, the Great Mosque of Brussels.
 Remember this little piece-of-shit mosque graduate who, with other Muslim graduates, moved south over an invisible border to kill 130 Parisians?
Lately, apprehended terrorists are being nominated by authorities as, “already known to us”. WTF have these “authorities” and Aussie police been instructed to do? Wait until another truck mows down 20 innocent people and then call them lone wolves, so as not to embarrass the entire Islam population?
If Muslims are, or ever have been, on any watch list, they should not be allowed to reside among us. We have plenty of off-shore facilities in which to house them.  
There are no lone wolves in the Islamic killing game! They are invariably highly organised.
Islamic punishments allowed within Europe under Shariah Law such as executions of homosexuals, murderers and adulterers, amputations of those found guilty of theft and the forbidding of girls aged ten and over from going to school, the practice of child marriage and F-G-Mutilation are replicating the Saudi’s own infamous Chop Chop Square on each Friday... naturally following prayers.
And if you haven’t noticed how many major terrorist attacks in the West have followed Friday prayers (their time). Then you, like our Government, have been asleep.
The Saudis have manipulated OPEC to soften up the US with low oil prices, caused by overproduction and designed to make US exploration uneconomic. It has been hugely successful. During this time the House of Saud has been contributing tens of millions to the Clinton Foundation in the same way our former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard did. 
So who exactly does the Turnbull Government and its think tank, the ABC, support?
OPEC also successfully set out to ruin Venezuela’s oil production (above). This South American country, now in tatters, has the greatest oil reserves in the world and its economy is solely oil dependent. The Saudis are doing well down there too.
The House of Saud has accelerated its spread of extreme Wahaabism wherever it has been allowed to build mosques on foreign soil. It has a financial hand in most mosques proposed, or mosques already operating around the world, including in northern Pakistan where suicide bombers kill hundreds regularly.
The Pakistani Taliban were educated as students and given scholarships in mosques/madrasses by the Saudis and the same Imams of the Great Mosque of Brussels. They then spread over a porous border to Afghanistan with devastating results.
Inexplicably, the Muslim apologist, Obama, claimed and other Western leaders still claim the Saudis to be allies of the West and that Israel should not be trusted. Sheeeeez......what planet are these guys from?
The Way I See It.......the Islam sympathetic Left has now moved to a space that will of necessity render it dead as a political force in the very near future.

Kill the Paris Treaty and Rip out its Roots !!

The Clexit Coalition today called on President Trump to keep his election promise to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty and stop US payments to all UN global warming programs.
The Clexit (ClimateExit) Coalition, comprising over 175 representatives from 25 countries, aims to prevent ratification or local enforcement of the UN Paris climate treaty.
The Secretary of Clexit, Mr Viv Forbes of Australia, said that all nations will suffer from the destructive energy policies being promoted in the UN’s war on cheap, reliable hydro-carbon fuels and the backbone industries that rely on them – mining and smelting, farming, fishing, forestry, processing and manufacturing.
He was supported by Professor Will Happer, Professor of Physics at Princeton University who said today:
“Americans never felt compelled to sign up to international folly in the past. I hope the United States once again shows the common sense of its people and walks away from the Paris Agreement.”
Dr Willie Soon of Clexit USA, an astro-physicist and climate author, added:
“There is no free energy in the real world. All world leaders, not only President Trump, should stop promoting the empty game of energy poverty and deaths.”
Dr Tim Ball, the Regional Director of Clexit Canada, said: ''Unfortunately, we have our brainwashed PM, Justin Trudeau, in our country pushing the hoax.'' 
He added; “President Trump knows he must keep the promises made at his public rallies. For example, he made the commitment to get out of Paris in his Harrisburg Pennsylvania speech:
"This includes deals like the one-sided Paris Climate Accord, where the United States pays billions of dollars while China, Russia and India have contributed nothing and will contribute nothing.”
Mr Forbes said that the war on natural hydro-carbon fuels is denying the poorest people and nations of the world the chance of better paying jobs, cheaper energy and more abundant food.
There is no justification for the War on carbon dioxide – CO2 does not drive global temperature and Earth’s climate cannot be tweaked by erecting windmills or putting taxes on carbon dioxide. 
CO2 is naturally sequestered by oceans and the biosphere. Burning natural hydrocarbons merely recycles Earth’s carbonaceous nutrients vital to all life - already world food production and global forests have benefited from the small increases in carbon dioxide plant food in Earth’s atmosphere.

See: World forests just grew 9%:
President Trump promised to exit the Paris Treaty, but he also needs to de-fund and exit all UN climate control bureaucracies.
Tom Harris of the Canadian-based International Climate Science Coalition has said that the President needs to dig up the roots of Paris – the UN Framework on Climate Change signed by President H. W. Bush and others in Rio in 1992.
The Way I See It......the root mass of every weed is as big as its branches. Everyone knows that pruning weeds just encourages more growth from the energised roots. All people who value freedom and prosperity must eradicate the UN Climate weeds, roots and all.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Campus Censorship Ratchets Up to Gross Stupidity !

IPA article by: Matthew Lesh

Free intellectual inquiry is under serious threat at universities across the Anglosphere. At the very places designed to inspire a battle of diverse ideas, there are now relentless efforts to censor debate. And, as recent events in United States, United Kingdom and Australia highlight, it's often students themselves who seek to censor opposing voices.
At Middlebury College last month, prominent American sociologist Charles Murray was loudly shouted down. Students began by reading a prepared statement in a loud, robotic, and cult-like
manner, and then through chants that prevented Murray from speaking to the public lecture. In an encouraging sign, Murray was moved by university administrators to a private recording studio for a streamed debate. However, the students managed to track him down, bang against the walls, and set off a fire alarm. When he left the studio the angry mob surrounded Murray, an accompanying academic was injured, and his car was banged and rocked. The students then followed Murray to dinner, forcing him to make a quick exit.
At Lincoln University, in northern England, Conservative students faced censorship this month after pointing out that their university is intolerant of free speech. The spiked Free Speech University Rankings 2017 found that 64 per cent of British universities now actively censor speech, and 31 per cent stifle speech through excessive regulation. These figures have been increasing over the past three years.
The Conservative Society posted the meagre result for their university on their Facebook. In a blatant display of ironic lack of self-awareness, their student union responded by suspending the society's social media accounts. It's now a thought crime to question the state of free speech on some campuses. This comes after students at London universities voted to ban a range of major newspapers from their campuses late last year.
Sadly, the situation is little different in Australia. The Institute of Public Affairs' Free Speech on Campus Audit 2016 found that eight-in-ten Australian universities have policies or have taken action that unambiguously threatens free speech. Just one university has no threats. Last week, among the furore against Coopers following their sponsorship of a debate on same-sex marriage by the Bible Society, the University of Technology Sydney's student union bar, The Loft, announced that it would no longer be selling Coopers. This is, of course, a commercial decision that they are free to make. However, as many have pointed out, the furious response to sponsoring what was a calm and civilised debate between two MPs is farcical.
The shutting down of opposing viewpoints is a particularly worrying sign for a student organisation. The UTS student bar was quite explicit on this point, declaring in a self-righteous Facebook status that "same-sex marriage should not even be a debate". Not only is this counterproductive to the cause - how does one achieve same-sex marriage if you're not willing to make the case? - it shows that those who should be most attracted to intellectual debate, students, are no longer willing to engage.

The grievances of the Middlebury College protesters provide telling insight. The students, who
Middlebury's Student Retards 
were encouraged by some faculty members, claimed Murray is a racist, white nationalist, pseudoscientist, sexist, eugenicist, and anti-gay. The last point raises the spectre of just how ridiculous these claims are - Murray is a supporter of same-sex marriage.
The protesters have never actually bothered to read Murray's work or engage with the case he makes. They were fighting against a devil-like construct that simply does not exist. This makes the Middlebury College episode a serious concern. Murray is controversial but not intentionally offensive. He is no Milo Yiannopoulos, he does not go out there to provoke, he undertakes academically deep research and speaks on his findings.
Murray was at Middlebury to discuss his latest work, Coming Apart. A book not about racial difference, but rather an exploration of cultural divide between rich and poor whites in American society. He finds Americans live in geographic enclaves with people like themselves, and the poor have lost connection with the core institutions which made America successful. These insights are helpful to understand attempts to censor today.
Brookings Institution's Richard Reeves recently crunched the numbers on which American universities are most likely to disinvite speakers. His analysis had an intriguing conclusion: the more economically exclusive the institution, the more likely the students have attempted to hinder free speech. It is the array of wealthy students, who, as Murray has found, live in enclaves disconnected from much of the rest of American society, that are most likely to censor speech.
Brookings Institute's Richard Reeves
After the protest at Middlebury a scumbitch academic at Princeton University, who had organised a less dramatic protest against Murray on her Ivy League campus, was interviewed on Fox News. "At some point we have to stop paying attention to [his views]," she said justifying attempts to silence Murray. The state of universities could not be more sufficiently summarised. Academics and students live in a bubble, assume their viewpoints are right and are to be taken for granted, and no longer wish to engage with debate. People who disagree with their worldview are persona non grata - rarely invited to campus and censored when they do.
Universities should be places where controversial ideas are debated and discussed, where students and academics from different stripes challenge each other. Universities need people with different worldviews. This is the most effective way to increase our understandings of problems. There is nothing rigorous about academic work that is unchallenged, however too often this is just the case.
The Way I See It.......the relentless effort to censor differing views is damaging to universities, a core institution that has helped the West achieve substantial progress. Each case of censorship has a further chilling effect that will only make this worse. Universities will naturally want to avoid similar furores and publicity, and accordingly are unlikely to invite controversial speakers in future. The tragedy of modern academia deepens.