Saturday, November 3, 2012

Obama ''Punting'' on New EPA Rules Until Post-Election !

Boy, are unsuspecting Americans going to be screwed personally and financially by Obama if he gets another 4 more years! Be WARNED!! A new report from a Senate Republican Committee on Envirnoment and Public Works warns that the Obama administration and head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lisa Jackson, are delaying implementation of painful new regulations until after the election. The report entitled ''A Look Ahead to EPA Regulations for 2013,'' points to a ''slew of job-killing EPA regulations that the Obama-EPA has put on hold until after the election nut will be on the 'to-do' list for 2013.''

The report continues: ''As the economy has continued to falter over the past year, team Obama has been delaying rule after rule that will eliminate American jobs, drive up the price of gas at the pump even more, impose construction bans on local communities and essentially shut down American oil, natural gas and coal production. They don't want this economic pain to hit American families just before the election because it would cost the president votes.''

The report goes on to state: ''It's pretty clear that if President Obama secures a second term, the Obama-EPA will have a very busy next four years, moving full speed ahead to implement numerous major rules and regulations that he has delayed or punted due to the upcoming election. The radical environmental leftist scum may not need to worry, but what about American families, who are working hard in tough times, trying to make ends meet?  The ''punted'' regulations  include:
  • Greenhouse gas rules that will ''virtually eliminate coal as a fuel option for electrical power generation,'' and inflict new permitting costs on more than 37,000 farms.
  • New unnecessary Ozone standards that would cost $90 billion a year.
  • Regulations on hydraulic fracturing that will have ''serious impacts'' on domestic energy production.
  • Expansion of federal control ''over virtually every body of water in the U.S. no matter how small.
  • Storm water regulations that could include ''mandates on cities to change existing buildings, storm sewers and streets.''
  • Reductions in the sulfur content in gasoline that could boost prices by 9 cents a gallon.
  • Clean Water Act rules that ''would require expensive new construction at power plants to lower fish deaths.''
''This report is a wake-up call on the economic pain that the 'abusive' Obama and that bitch Jackson plans to inflict next year,'' said Sen James Inhofe, member on the committee who wrote the report. He added, ''It reveals a president who is more concerned about saving his own job than the millions of Americans who are looking for one today.''

The Way I See Obama second term means that the movement toward European-style social democracy continues, in part by legislation (as above), in part by executive decree (as I warned in my August 23rd posting). The American experiment -- the more individualistic, energetic, innovative, risk-taking model of democratic governance -- continues to recede, yielding to the supervised life of the entitlement state. If Obama loses, however, his Marxist presidency becomes a historical parenthesis, a passing interlude of over-reaching hyper-liberalism, rejected by a center-right country that is 80% nonliberal.

Should they summon the skill and dexterity, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan could guide the country to the restoration of a more austere and modest government with more restrained entitlements and a more equitable and efficient tax code.

ATTENTION: Every four years we are told that the coming election is the most important of one's life. This time it might actually be true. At stake is the relation between citizen and state, the very nature of the American social contract the Founding Fathers envisioned.

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