Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OMG! Tim Flannery's 100% Fantasy !

Timothy Flannery is an Australian mammalogist, palaeontologist, self-taught environmentalist and global warming activist (read fanatic). He was named Australian of the Year in 2007 and holds a Chair in Environmental Sustainability at Macquarie University and was unfortunately appointed, in 2011, Chief of the Climate Commission by the Australian Government. In an effort to qualify his 3-day-a-week job that pays him $180,000 a year he comes up with dire predictions and outlandish solutions to anthropogenic climate change. His controversial views include shutting down coal-fired power stations for electricity generation and suggesting that sulphur be dispersed into the atmosphere to help block the sun leading to global dimming, in order to counteract the effects of global warming.

The latest effort from this so-called ''chief climate commissioner'' was presented this week when I saw him interviewed on the Channel 10 Morning Show, that really took the cake with his absurd claim that Australia could be powered ''almost entirely by renewable energy.''  Oh yeah! Renewable energy in Australia now provides about 10% of our electricity. Sounds like we've got a running start? We've ''only'' got to expand it tenfold?  Except what douchebags like Flannery never tell you in all the headline flummery, is that the overwhelming majority (about 80%) of that comes from hydro-power. Any nobody's building dams anymore because of bans by the Greens and their Labor lackeys. Yes, that means barely 2 percent of Australia's total electricity comes from what the average person would think as ''renewable''....Wind and Solar.

That means even using his optimistic numbers for current wind and solar generation, we would have to increase our installations of wind and solar by at least forty times what thay are today to get 100% of our electricity from these two ''plentiful'' sources. (Hey, wasn't that what drove Spain into bankruptcy?)  But that's to produce today's power. Flannery's talking about some decades ahead, when our demands will pobably have doubled. So make that a 160-fold increase in windmills....and perhaps a half-a-million Aussies going mental with that low frequency Hum in their neighbourhood.

''You know, solar and wind could even be the cheapest sources of power for retail users by 2030,'' Flannery trumpeted, '' carbon prices rise."  Yes, the greatest half-truth of the climate propagandists. Make real power sources ridiculously, unnecessarily expensive and suddenly wind and solar become ''cheap.''  Funnily, Flannery has gone cold on geothermal power. A few years ago it was all he could talk about. He even invested in a Geothermal company and called it a ''relatively straightforward technology.''  He then called for the establishment of ''Geothermia'' -- a new city at the New South Wales-Sth Australia-Queenslnd border -- to take advantage of the location's abundance of natural gas and geothermal reserves.

The Way I See It....his arguement that such a city could be completely energy self-sufficient and would be a model for future city development worldwide is a pipedream. Actually, in a rare moment of honesty, in this week's interview, he said there were ''technical contraints'' -- ie. it doesn't work - and ''high exploration and development costs'' -- ie. that even if it did, it would be even more expensive than already grossly expensive wind and solar -- ''have to be overcome'' before geothermal became commercially viable. This is also from the man who, with his government largess, bought an expensive house at Coba Point on the Hawkesbury River (40 km north of Sydney) that's only accessible by boat. Critics have pointed out some hypocrisy in fact that it is quite close to the waterline if his predictions of a sea level rise are borne out.

All I can say, is Flannery and his Climate Commission are worse than a sick joke. They are an expensive fraud on every Australian brought to them by Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her climate minister henchman, Greg Combet.  You could only hope that they ''wake up'' one day to the fact that there hasn't been any rise in global warming in the last 16 years and stop wasting billions in trying to stop it.

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