Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Truth Or Consequences !

Mitt Romney, at the Republican National Convention last week, showed he and his running mate, Paul Ryan, are ready to take on Barack Obama and his sleazy, mud-slinging campaign. But he still needs to tackle the much harder job of convincing those Americans who so emotionally invested their hearts in President Obama four years ago, that it is time to accept that his presidency did not work, let go of him and move on. Being a President of the U.S.of A. is not a job for an Amateur.

Who are these people who are disappointed in Mr Obama but just can't yet bring themselves to quit him. For the blacks it was an inspiring moment in 2008, so many have awaited so long, and now want the "feeling" to last a bit longer as well as the welfare checks. Then there are "Obama's Zombies", those leftist-indoctrinated university students without a thought in their brainwashed heads about the future.

Let's not forget the Jews. Even after Socialist regime after Socialist regime in the past 125 years has decimated their numbers and with the threat of annihilation from Islamic nut jobs they gravitate in obscene numbers to putting this Muslim-raised neoMarxist in for another term. Also perhaps its their latent guilt for looking down on "Negroes" for so long that they gain sort of some redemption through voting this "schwartzer" in again. And don't get me started on Mr Obama allowing illegal Hispanics to get amnesty and thereby counting on their happy relatives to naturally vote for him.

To win reelection in 2012, Barack Obama must divert the country's attention from his record of incompetence and amateurism. He doesn't want to remind people that America lost its Triple-A Credit rating on his watch -- a downgrade that I call a firing offense.
>>> Republicans will have to remind them!

Obama doesn't want to remind people that he increased the national debt by nearly $5 trillion -- the most rapid increase debt under any president.
>>> Republicans will have to remind them!

Obama doesn't want to remind people that he pushed through a bill that includes more than a trillion dollars in new socialized healthcare spending and contains a 4.5% tax increase.
>>> Republicans will have to remind them!

Obama doesn't want to remind people of his erratic stand on illegal immigration, which has swung wildly between deportations -- removing nearly 400,000 illegal foreigners in each of the last 3 years -- to now a policy of virtual amnesty
 >>> Republicans will have to remind them!

Obama doesn't want to remind business people of his mocking "You didn't build that," speech with reference to people who succeed believing it might have something to do with their intelligence and/or hard work. Insinuating that government is the root of the success.
>>> Republicans will have to remind them!

Obama doesn't want to remind you that he drafted 613 new Federal Regulations in the first 33 months of his presidency and because 129 of those regulations will each cost the economy more than $100 million a year. He knows a bankrupt America becomes a weak, second-rate America.
>>> Republicans will have to remind them!

Obama doesn't want to remind people that he was for lower taxes before he was for higher taxes; that he was for forcing Catholic-affiliated institutions to provide contraceptive and abortion insurance before he was against forcing them to go against their religious principles.
>>> Republicans will have to remind them!

Remember when he was for bringing the country together before he was for dividing it along rich and poor lines; that he was for a grand bargain with the Republicans over the debt ceiling before he was against it; that he was for energy independence before he rejected completing the Keystone Pipeline; that he was in favor of extending an olive branch to the mullahs in Iran before he was against it....

The Way I See It....Mitt Romney will have to remind the American people that Barack Obama is the Amateur-in-chief with a highly motivated Socialist agenda that will change the founding fathers dream for America's into a nightmare.  Beware what you wish for.

I will shortly reveal some of the shocking hidden plans and agenda that Obama and his fellow Marxist cronies have in store for America and its citizens in his next term, if he gets it.

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