Wednesday, September 26, 2012

THE VIEW: Of What You Can Expect !

This week he did it again...this president who has failed so spectacularly! While the world's leaders are meeting in New York for the United Nations summit, and what does Barack Obama do?  No, not schedule a one-on-one meeting with a single one of those leaders -- not even as US embassies are under siege from Muslim mobs in a dozen countries.  NO...he slips off to film a vote-for-me-me-me chat with the leftist ladies of the TV chat show The View. ''I'm just Eye-candy here,'' he glowed, as the girls were wetting themselves as they sat next to him.......and never has he spoken the truth so loudly.

Obama was the president who was chosen four years ago not for what he'd done or promised, but for what he seemed. He was above all eye-candy because he was black but talked kind-of white. He could get almost every black vote - 95% - yet still seem non-threatening to whites. In fact, whites got an instant reward for voting for him - confirmation of their virtue and the broadness of their mind. So good did the Left feel in backing him that the Nobel judges even gave him their Peace Prize, although he'd been in office just 12 days and never accomphished any peace intuitive.

The media, likewise drawn to his ambiguous symbolism and soaring rhetoric adored him and largely protect him still, even though his failures are become dangerously manifest, at home and in the Middle East. It is hard to overstate how great that failure is. So much of Obama's presidency has been a story of grand plans crumbling upon contact with the real world. I recommend that you read the book, The Amateur, by Edward Klein, as spells it out in vivid detail what I'm saying.

Judge it, for instance, from Obama's megalomanical boast after securing the Democratic nomination in 2008: ''I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless. This is the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation....'' Let's ignore that planet-healing nuttiness. Maybe Barack was just excited on the night. Even Michelle was so excited that she admitted that it was the first time she had ever felt proud of America. What a lovely couple.

His broken promise on jobs is the real tragedy, because there are more jobless today than when Obama became president.  I remember seeing rows of black women at one of his campaign rallies chanting ''OBAMA, OBAMA he's going to take care of us!!''  Unemployment is down from its peak but still is at 8.1 %, while black unemployment has since gone from 13.5% to 15%. He sure took care of them. It would be far worse still if another 4 million people hadn't given up completely on work.

The truth is, Obama's huge stimulus spending in 2009 flopped, creating only a fraction of the expected jobs but paid off handsomely for his friends, big donators and the Unions at the nationalized General Motors company. He added another $830 billion to a national debt that under this "drunken sailor'' has soared 60% -- to a frightening $16 trillion and rising. His recent ''sermon'' to the Democratic National Convention saw him whining that he inherited the economic crisis from Bush and he wants more time "to fix it.'' Sonorous promises and sermons of hope, all made stupid by a scary, hard world. Eye-candy melting in the hot sun of reality.

How scarily clear that has become to the rest of the world these past weeks. Remember when Obama became president, he cast himself as a war-ender - a man who by revealing his golden heart would charm America's enemies into laying down their weapons. He famously ''reached out'' to the resentful Muslim world in a speech at Cairo's Al-Azhar University in 2009: ''I consider part of my responsibilities as President to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam where ever they appear.''
That a US president should be an apologist for a medieval faith is bizarre, especially when that faith's tenets are so at odds with the freedoms preached in his own country. But that Obama should imply the fury against the US was best calmed by grovelling and smiling harder, as if the US were at fault, is as mad as it is dangerous.

The Way I See It....Obama has achieved nothing by bowing deeply to the Saudi king, snubbing Israel's prime minister, disparaging Bush's liberation of Iraq and even referring this week to Israel as merely one of our closest allies in the region. (''One of?''  Which of Israel neighbors could be idiot?)  All Obama has done is legitimise self-excusing conspiracy theories that the cause of the dishonourable weakness of so many Muslim nations is not their own crap culture but a lack of respect from the malevolent West.

And see where that's got him these past few weeks. American embassies and facilities in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and even Greece have now been besieged by Muslim mobs furious about some stupidly made YouTube film clip. Yet still Obama persist with that eye-candy stuff, making excuses, asking for admiration. He and Hilliary Clinton dutifully damned the Innocence of Muslims YouTube clip, rather than full-bloodedly defending freedom of speech. More amazingly, his officials even blamed the video for inspiring a planned assault on September 11 by a pro-al-Qaeda militia on the American consulate -- an attack that killed the American ambassador.

Blaming Americans for even an al-Qaeda hit to mark September 11?  Shame on you!  And in an interview in last week's 60 Minutes program, he described the riotous uproar in the Middle East as merely "bumps in road'' that have to be endured.  Shame on you again! I didn't realize eye-candy could be quite so poisonous!  Or...alas, so popular.  Time to kick this excuse for a world leader out of his job in November.

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