Sunday, September 2, 2012

Barack Obama's Un-Holy Trinity (Mentors of Ill-Repute #3)

MENTOR #3  Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Until Barack Obama married Michelle Robinson in 1991, when he was 30 years old, his most significant adult relationship, after leaving his beloved Professor Bell at Harvard, was with Jeremiah Wright. His connection with Wright ran long and deep, and went back further than has been generally reported. It started in the summer of 1985, well before Obama joined Wright's congregation, Trinity United Church of Christ, where the pastor's sermons on Black Liberation Theology encouraged victimization mentality among his black parishioners.

When Reverend Wright and Trinity made headlines during the 2008 presidential race, most white Americans had never heard of Black Liberation Theology. According to Anthony Bradley, professor of theology at The Kings College in New York City, Black Liberation Theology asserts "life for blacks in America has been in the past and will be in the future a life of being victimized by the oppression of whites. In today's terms, it is the conviction that, forty years after the Civil Rights Act, conditions for blacks have not substantially changed."

One of the pillars of Obama's home church, is "economic parity". On its website Trinity claims that God is not pleased with America's economic "mal-distribution." Among all of the controversial comments by Jeremiah Wright, the idea of massive wealth redistribution is the most alarming. Professor Bradley continues, "The code language 'economic parity' is nothing more than channeling the twisted economic views of Karl Marx. Black Liberation theologians have explicitly stated a preference for Marxism as an ethical framework for the black church because Marxist thought is predicated on a system of oppressor class (whites) versus victim class (blacks).

Echos of Jeremiah Wright's Marxist ideology can be found in many of Obama's remarks. For instance, when Obama says, "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody," he is channeling Rev Wright. This should come as no surprise, since Obama''s formative years when his core beliefs were taking shape, he first had Frank Davis, then professor Derrick Hall and with  Jeremiah Wright's overlapping his influence on him. Wright became far more than a religious and spiritual mentor to Obama; he was his substitute father, life coach and political inspiration wrapped in one package.

At each step of Obama's career, Wright was there with practical advice and counsel. Wright encouraged Obama to make a career in politics, and he offered to hook him up with members of his church who had money and connections. After Obama lost the congressional election to Bobby Rush and Michelle talked about divorcing him, a despondent Barack went to Wright for help. "Pick yourself up!" Wright exhorted him, "Pick yourself up!" It would be no exaggeration to say Jeremiah was the person who fulfilled Obama's father-hunger, repaired his fractured ego and prepared him to run for president.

As a result of his stirring, primetime keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, Obama became an overnight celebrity. His memoir, Dreams of My Father, which had languished on remainder piles in bookstores rocketed to the top of the best seller list. Suddenly wealthy (his current net worth is around $10.5 million), he and Michelle donated $22,500 to the Trinity United Church in 2006. The following year, as he prepared to throw his hat into the presidential ring, he was still a Trinity congregant, and attended services where Rev Wright delivered poisonous sermons against whites, Jews and America. Why did Obama remain a member of Trinity? Did he agree with what Wright said from the pulpit? And if not, how could he sit there and listen to such Marxist rubbish, hairbrained ideas and outright bigotry?

"How can we reconcile this church membership...with the fact of Obama's own family -- his white mother, grandmother and grandfather?'', black writer, Shelby Steele wrote in A Bound Man, his brilliant analysis of Obama's racial identity. "It was not a 'Black Value System' that prepared Obama so well for the world. Nor was it 'black community' or 'black family'. It was not a black anything. One could easier argue that his good luck was to be born into a white 'family community' and 'value system.' And in fact, isn't his success, his ease in the American mainstream, due to more to assimilation than to blackness? Isn't his great advantage over other blacks precisely his exposure from infancy on to mainstream culture? And doesn't it follow that assimilation might be a very reasonable strategy for black uplift? Correspondingly, doesn't Obama's success make the precise point that 'blackness' is a dead end?"

The Way I See It....when it comes to dealing with the inconvenient truth about Barack Obama's deep-rooted relationship with Jeremiah Wright you have to think what similar blacks were doing as well. I find many liberals argue that "buppies" (young, black urban professionals) like Obama flocked to Sunday services at Trinity in order to assuage their feelings of guilt about being better off than the majority of their fellow African-Americans. Sitting in the pews of Trinity, they could shout Amen. brother! when declared: "How do I tell my children about the African Jesus who is not the guy we see in the picture of a blond-haired guy in the Bible? 

Wright had the reputation of a militant guy who provided a kind of vicarious militance for Chicago's black elites. So they they could get a dose of Marxist militance on Sunday and go back home and feel pretty good about doing their part for the black movement. Additionally, Michelle Obama enjoyed going to Trinity Uniting Church because she wanted to associate with those Transcendent black elites with such enormous wealth, power and influence that even white folks have to genuflect. Wright sums it up by saying, "The church was an integral part of Barack's politics, because he needed that BLACK base!"  So now we have a well-mentored, anti-American and Marxist in the White House who is determined to make CHANGES so there's no HOPE for a democratic future.

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