Sunday, September 30, 2012

BUSH Wasn't The Problem......

......and OBAMA sure isn't the solution!  Here is the hard truth. Islamist extremists didn't hate America because of Bush. They hated Bush because of America. And now they hate Obama, because of America.

If ever a US president was going to garner goodwill in the Muslim world it was surely going to be Barack Hussein Obama, with his Kenyan father, his post-colonial consciousness, his years of childhood in Muslim Indonesia, his eloquence on racial issues and the global pop star vibe he generated. He made every conceivable effort in making overtures to the Muslim world. He tiptoed around Iranian sensibilities, extended an open hand to the ayatollahs, refrained even from voicing andy criticism when they stole the election and even when they shot, killed and arrested the young Iranians protesting this outrage.

In Cairo Obama made an eloquent plea for reconciliation between the Muslim world and America. He beat up on Israel, even at one point refusing to be seen in public with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and he made an elaborate bow to a Saudi royal. But none of it won anything from the Middle East. It may be that Bush overestimated what hard power could achieve. But in his first year in office, Obama certainly overestimated what soft power, and his own personality and eloquence, could achieve. We have seen the Left's loss of innocence in the Middle East.

Now we have witnessed the sovereign US territory being breached and US interests are burned and killed. And what is the official response? One administration denunciation after another -- of a movie trailer! There is ample evidence now that Obama's administration has screwed up. The Wall Street Journal was the first and only paper, presently, to report what the government refused to tell the American people fr the past two weeks:
          The deadly assault on a US diplomatic mission in Libya on Sept. 11 was preceded by a succession of security lapses and misjudgments, compounded by fog-of-battle decisions, that raise questions about whether the scope of the tragedy could have been contained.
          US officials issued alerts and ordered security precautions in Egypt ahead of protests and violence on Sept 11, but largely overlooked the possibility of trouble at other diplomatic postings in the region.  The State Department sent out a memo 5 days before 9-11 announcing no credible security threats and chose to maintain only limited security in Benghazi despite months of sporadic attacks there on US and other Western missions. (NOTE) In fact, last week the Overseas Security Advisory Council, who posted the damning memo, took it off their website.

This is scandal of the first order, which in any unbiased media environment would be the biggest story of the year and reason to demand a full explanation from the White House. Did Obama (who only attends 38% of National Security Briefings) and his advisers incorrectly assess the ongoing threat of jihadists, lack sufficient intelligence on the ground in Libya (after chest-thumping about our leading-from-behind strategy in the war) and fail to grasp that blaming a video is only feeding into the twisted mentality of the jihadists (i.e., the West is to blame for violence)?

The administration, either be mendacity or incompetence, put out a false story of the attacks. For more than a week the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, the ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice (above), and Obama told Americans this was about an anti-Muslim video, was spontaneous and did not reflect on the United States or its policies. Then last Saturday, as lawmakers were decrying this as patently false the White House changed its tune. Jay Carney, for the first time used "terrorist'' in connection with the attack. And the president for the first time conceded that the video was a pretext to attack US interests overseas that killed the US ambassador and three other Americans.

''This is a cover-up,'' explains  Rep. Peter King, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, who has demanded the resignation of Susan Rice, ''because her lying explanation on every news and talk show was a failure of foreign policy message and leadership and such a misstatement of facts that I believe she should resign.''  GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney also accused the government of being dishonest. ''I think it's pretty clear that haven't wanted to level with the American people. We expected candor from the president and that transparency he bragged about when he was elected.''   Former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, commented that ''this is worst kind of cover-up: the kind that involves our national security. This is a cover-up that involves the slaughter of four innocent Americans." 

The Way I See It....we are seeing the consequences of Obama's empty-chair management style. Right now Americans don't have a President. They have a candidate. He's become the campaigner-in-chief, not the commander-in-chief. It's really a shame. The world is in turmoil. Every night, when Americans watch television, they see the failure of Obama's policies in the Middle East -- his naive approach to Islamic extremist terrorism, that many of us have been warning about for a very long time. But the conduct of the Administration after the attacks is nothing less than a world-class scandal. President Obama has deep, difficult questions to answer about this deliberate cover-up and the political motivations behind it.

I suspect it's because Obama and his cronies have this narrative that they defeated al-Qaeda. They never say the words "Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism.''  They want to wish it away. President was turning his attention to Asia -- he was going to declare this great victory for himself, and unfortunately, this terrible act of terror intervened in their very convenient narrative. ''This turning into something not short of Benghazi-gate.'' said Democratic Senator, John Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee expressing his committee's dissatisfaction with the administration's response to inquires about the attacks. Do Americans really want four more years of this Amateur???

In further news:  On Sept 14, fewer than two dozen inbred, illiterate goatherds pulled off the biggest single destruction of US air power since the Tet Offensive in 1968, breaking into Camp Bastion (an unfortunate choice of name) in Afghanistan, killing Lieutenant-Colonel Chrisopher Raible, and blowing up a squadron's worth of Harriers. And even though it was the third international humiliation for the United States in many days, it didn't even make the papers. It's because the Court Eunuchs at the media are too busy drooling over Obama's appearance as what he calls ''eye candy'' on the couch between Barbara and Whoopi. He's not doing the job of president and it's part of why every thinking person ought to be opposed to his re-election.

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