Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Svengali in a Cabal of Commies !

"The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the people around him" -- Niccolo Machiavelli

If it wasn't for Valarie Jarrett, there would be no Barack Obama to complain about. Jarrett is the Svengali at ground zero in the White House. She is the first couple's first friend and consigliere. Once asked by a reporter if he ran every decision by Jarrett, Obama answered without hesitation: "Yep, Absolutely."  This is why most of Mr. Obama's senior advisers worry that her direct access to the president has at times led to half-baked decision making and unclear lines of authority.   (Photo: David Axelrod and Valarie Jarrett)

Her official title is a mouthful: Senior adviser to the president and chief liaison to the business community, state and local governments and the political left. But it doesn't begin to do justice to her unrivaled status in the White House. Nor does it explain her responsibility, which had gone largely unnoticed by the public, for the sheer incompetence and amateurism that have been the hallmark of Obama's time in office. Behind its "no-drama" facade, the Obama administration has been rocked by major personal shakeups, many chiefs of staff, but Jarrett is still the indispensable person in the mix.

Her influence stems from the fact that Jarrett is the president's trusted watchdog. She protects the vainglorious and thin-skinned Obama from critics  and complainers who might deflate his ego. "Valarie is the quintessential insider,"  one of her few friends explains. ''She functions as the eyes, ears and nose of the president and first lady. She advises them about who they should see when they visit a city or foreign country. She determines who gets invited to the White House and who is left out in the cold."  Jarrett is supposed to be the point person for the administration's efforts to keep it touch with the outside world. However, if you talk with Democratic donors, businessmen, congressmen, and African-Americans, it turns out the Jarrett is far better at giving people that cold shoulder than at welcoming them with open arms. Like Obama, she especially has a fundamental lack of respect for businessmen, even those who were generous donors. I hear they now support Romney.

Valarie Jarrett comes from the top rung of African-American society and Obama -- a man who struggled for years with questions about his black identity and status -- has always been more than a little in awe of Jarrett's pedigree. No minority group is more conscious of social status than blacks. While whites see the black population in the monolithic, there are essentially 5 distinct Black Americas: a mainstream middle class; a large minority living in poverty and dysfunction; a small "Transcendent"  elite with enormous power and wealth; individuals of mixed race; and communities of recent black immigrants. Jarrett comes from one of America's most distinguished black families and are in the class of light-skinned "Transcendent" elites and her body language lets you know it.

This black Svengali has spread her tentacles into every nook and cranny of the executive branch of government. She has an all-access pass to meetings she choses to attend: one day she'll show up at a National Security Council meeting; the next day, she'll sit in on a briefing on the federal budget. "Valarie creates fear. Only the people she feels she can control can get in to see the president. She keeps the Obamas off-balance and keeps them coming back to her, so she can say to them, 'I would do anything for you; I would put everything at risk to show you how trustworthy I am.'" says a former high-ranking staffer. Many evenings she's seen slipping upstairs to the Family Quarters where she dines with the Obamas and their two daughters. She is the only member of the White House staff who goes on vacations with them and can call the president by his first name to his face.

As readers of this Blog are aware, I've just published, in August, a posting on Barack Obama's mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. No president in the long history of the American republic has had a mentor like Obama's. Frank Marshall Davis was a literal, and I mean literal, an ardent card-carrying member of the Communist Party all his life. That's bad enough, but what has come to light is shocking to me and should be for all red-blooded, patriiotic Americans! It seems that not only Obama was connected to Frank M. Davis, but the president's two most trusted friends and advisers Valarie Jarrett and David Axelrod, can also trace their political heritage back to Davis and the Chicago Communist Party USA of the 1940's.

The mid-forties found Frank Davis involved in one of the notorious and blatantly communist fronts in the United States: the American Peace Mobilization. With him was a fellow Chicagoan named Robert Taylor. Taylor was the grandfather of Valarie. Both Taylor and Davis would have frequently encountered another politically active Chicagoan, Vernon Jarrett. Vernon Jarrett and Frank Davis worked together in the communist-controlled Packinghouse Workers Union. Vernon would one day become Valarie's father-in-law and have his communist sentiments acknowledged by her.

So, what about David Axelrod (Obama's chief statagist)? Axelrod is a native New Yorker who in the 1970s found himself in Chicago, where he went to college and worked for newspapers as a political journalist. There, Axelrod was mentored by the Canter family, namely David Canter. The Canter family's Soviet/communist roots are deep. They worked with Frank Davis in writing communist propaganda for the Workers Union, in the pages of the Chicago Star and marched in May Day parades. In other words, Barack Obama's political commie ancestor worked with the political commie ancestors of Axelrod and Jarrett. Amazing but true!

The Way I See It....the ghosts of Chicago's political past are alive and well in Washington today. Today's political family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can be traced back to the political family of Chicago in the 1940s. Obama sits in that Oval Office today thanks to four factors: an ignorant American voter, a scandalously biased media, a skillful election strategy by David Axelrod and the careful nurturing of Valarie Jarrett.

There is no doubt that Barack Obama was marked out for high office at an early age. It is also undeniable that pro-Soviet communists worked to enable Obama at almost every step of his career. Manchurian Candidate...anyone?

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