Sunday, September 9, 2012

Michelle Spins Yarns with Half-Truths !

You learn new things with every election. Before 2008, most of us thought love-of-country was standard equipment on first lady wannabes. Then we met Michelle Obama. She was born in the United States, and her adult life began around 1982. Assuming she wasn't in a quarter-century coma, here are a few things she might have noticed:
  1. The space shuttle program and the International Space Station.
  2. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the end on the Soviet Union.
  3. Our first female Secretary of State.
  4. Our first African-American Secretary of State.
  5. Hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid to dozens of countries.
  6. America's effort in stopping the genocide in Bosnia & Croatia.
None of these things managed to trip her pride meter, but when her husband won 64% of the vote in the Virginia primary, Michelle began singing "God Bless America." Before that, she apparently walked around for 26 years wearing a perpetual scowl (yeah, you've seen that scowl). It's a wonder she stayed in the U.S. at all.

Michelle and her minions like to point out that, even though she tells every head of state's wife that "it's Hell living in the White House," she has to ''work twice as hard for half as much," though it's not clear if that is because she is black, because she is a women, or because everyone is just jealous of her finely-toned arms.

At the Democratic Convention she was waxing lyrical about the early days living with Barack and how hard up they were. Of course she didn't bring up her plans to divorce Barack when he didn't win his first election. Then there's the small amount of furniture they had; she relates how Barack just loved this old coffee table he bought. She was wringing out the nostalgia of having an old rusted car that Barack used in his hard work at organizing neighborhoods while it running on-the-smell-of-an-oily-rag. She never related to their relationship with the ultra-left organization known as ACORN (The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). It was all about fighting "the Man'' and keeping the welfare checks coming. When you see the words "community organizer" on Barack Obama's resume, ACORN is the job description. They took fellow Marxist Obama under their wing, planning bigger things for him.

By 2004, with the help of ACORN and many rich Jewish Marxists, her husband held an Illinois state office, and with further influence "half-as-much" was given a job with a salary of $121,910 from the University of Chicago Hospitals. While that might seem like a lot of money to pay someone who has no idea how to cure the sick, it pales in comparison to what was to come.

Not long after Barack was sworn in as a United States Senator, he organized a million dollar plus endowment from the state to the University of Chicago Hospitals. Presto! The hospital system came up with a new salary more appropriate to her skill set: $316,962! How exciting! There are always bills to be paid, appliances wearing out, a coffee table to replace, and who knows what unexpected expenses. I can hear the Board of Directors now, "That extra $195,000 dollars is for the things you do Michelle honey...the talents you display...we can't even put it into words. You're really just that good!!" People...if you think this sounds like fantasy, you probably don't live in Chicago.

What was Michelle doing to earn her $316,962? According to the hospital press release, she was "responsible for all programs and initiatives that involve the relationship between the Hospital and the community." That could mean she was driving an ambulance, but I kind of doubt it. It was important work, the kind of mission-critical endeavor that changes lives. You might be tempted to wonder how that Chicago health care system could live without without her. Well the truth be told, not by her, but others who were there, Michelle's primary job was to redirect any poor, indigent ambulance patients heading her way to some other hospitals in the area so that her hospital wouldn't be up to supplying free, unrewarding care. NOTE: In early 2009, just days before the Inauguration, Michelle resigned from her hospital job. University of Chicago Hospitals immediately downsized the position.

The Way I See It....Michelle's speech was brilliantly delivered about the hardships they faced so their children could have better lives, yet knowing her and her husband's real backgrounds, I didn't buy it. This is the same woman who seriously said only a few years earlier"; "For the first time in my lifetime, I'm really proud of my country." This is what many idiot, would-be voters are forgetting. Now she says to a roaring crowd, "we want to give our children the belief that here in America, there is always something better out there if you're willing to work for it," and was actually espousing The American Dream, which Frank Davis, Derrick Bell and Jeremiah Wright have drummed into Barack's (and then Michelle's) ears that this is a phony dream and only Socialism will give Americans the future they deserve. (See previous posts)

All of the other speakers over those 3 days talked about what Obama does -- the achievement and legislation (much of it hidden from the public) and whatever, and the political implications. Her whole task was to say ''Why, four more years?'' Why? Because essentially he's a Saint. Because of his upbringing (which the media refuse to expose) and because of his humanity he does this because he cares and the brilliance of it is this; it removes from Obama of  any ideological motivation or any having to do with self-interest or ambition. Yeah right!!!!   WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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