Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wayne's World: The Politics of ENVY !

Australia's Deputy Vice Prime Minister and Treasurer went back to the "poisoned well", drawing on the same destructive envy and hatred he's peddled for a year now. It's the kind of low-rent thinking you'd expect from a man whose work as a Treasurer is inspired by a pop song. The treasurer, Wayne Swan, intensified his assaults on the billionaires Clive Palmer, Andrew Forrest and Gina Rinehardt last night....all the while channeling rock icon Bruce Springsteen, who Wayne cites as his greatest inspiration.

In the John Button Memorial Lecture delivered in Melbourne, Mr Swan said Springsteen's early albums, which were inspired by the decline of his native New Jersey, were relevant to Australia should Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, become the prime minister and govern for his billionaire friends. I get the feeling that Wayne is more likely channelling Barack Obama instead with the same politics of envy, by getting the 99% to hate the rich 1%....building a "them against us" mentality. Obama also uses the "fairness" phrase over and over to help facilitate his "wealth-distribution" agenda and to divert Americans attention away from his failed economic "stimulus" policies.

Mr Swan and his partner-in-crime, Prime Minister Julia Gillard are also using "fairness"  on a regular basis to get the public to embrace the Mining Tax that will strip millions of dollars from the resource industry that has kept Australia's financial head-above-water during the WFC. Their idea of spreading the wealth is actually going to be used to infuse the huge hole in the budget. This budget deficit was brought on by the usual leftist Labor spending spree this country gets every time we vote these deadbeats in office (like the dumb Democrats in the U.S.). Nothing like plucking the Golden Goose and expect it to keep laying those eggs. Already, in anticipation of this tax hitting their bottom line, mining companies are shelving future exploration projects. Typical Labor short-slightness.

Swan noted that after his first aim at Mr Palmer, Mr Forrest and Mrs Rinehardt in a March magazine article that Mr Palmer mounted a  now-aborted campaign to challenge him for his seat, Mr Forrest launched a High Court challenge to the mining tax and Mrs Reinhardt made a bid to control Fairfax Media. Showing his annoyance he angrily stated, "So, one tycoon is using his money to challenge fair taxation through electioneering, and a second is using his money to challenge it through the courts. Now the third is using her money to challenge it by undermining independent journalism."

Let's put his whining into context. 1) Palmer has threatened to run for election, as is the right of every Australian, but has not done so. His wealth is irrelevant.) 2)  Forrest has mounted a High Court challenge, as is the right of every Australian and will win if the Mining Tax is seen as unlawful. This is a case to be decided on law, not on wealth, 3) Rinehart is not undermining "independent journalism", but is emerging as the only hope that Fairfax Media Group will survive with its shares down to 50 cents! Here her money is relevant, but Swan's charge is false.

The Way I See It....I also enjoy popular music. But I am not sure that I am about to use the mainly vacuous lyrics of Bruce Springsteen as guiding principles for my thinking on public policy. And angry working-class anthems have made the Boss a very wealthy man, however much Wayne may decry the central role that self-interest plays in modern capitalist societies. Born to Run --yes...down to the bank.

Here's a tip for anyone who is interested in thinking about policies that really improve community wellbeing, the better source references are Adam Smith, David Hume and Edmund Burke. Of course its harder work than learning a few catchy lyrics, but affording much more insight into the factors that lead to widespread prosperity. 

Wayne is a true shock-jock and hate-preacher. If he had real power, he'd be dangerous. His view of society has much in common with that of the ratbag Occupy crowd. If only we could get rid of the top 1% , we could all be better off. That's the dream of every lazy douche bag in the world! Slagging off at Clive, Andrew and Gina makes sense only in Wayne's Leftist World.  Hopefully, this will be Wayne's Swan Song when the next election comes around.

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