Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Looking Back On An Obama-nation !

The first thing I noticed about Barack Obama was his ego. The guy had a messianic complex large enough to keep a team of psychiatrists occupied for years. From atop the mountain, he rose up to speak:

           Generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was
       the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this
       the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.

This sounded like the Ten Commandments type stuff. At very least it sounded like the most important day United States citizens had seen since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. You might wonder, what great day in our history was Barack Obama describing? The day was June 3, 2008, Obama had just won a couple of primaries and clinched the Democrat nomination. That's it!  But in his mind it was a historic day. If you were 45 years old and had already written two books about yourself, you would probably think so too. Even his sullen wife, Michelle perked up and much to the shock of bystanders, said, "This is the first day in my life that I am proud of America."

All of the ego stuff was cute, but it didn't seem likely to amount to much. How could the American people elect a guy with less executive experience than their local dry cleaner?  The only way Obama could possibly become president was for Republicans to basically forfeit the race. They did with John McCain, a.k.a the Bob Dole of 2008.

The second thing I noticed about Obama was his whining. After he became president, he could not stop himself from bashing his predecessor. It was unseemly and embarrassing. After a few months it had become annoying. Bill Clinton had spent eight years letting terrorists, foreign and domestic, run rampant. George Bush never uttered a peep about it. He rolled up his sleeves and did his best to fix the situation. Every president inherits problems. The American people don't want to hear the president whine about them. They want him to put on his big-boy pants and deal with them.

As the first year rolled by I tried to figure him out. I kept running into the same question, posed in different ways on various issues.  WAS THIS GUY AN IDIOT!  Like when he ordered the closing of Guantanamo Bay, even though he had no clue what they were going to do with the dangerous inmates housed therein. Again I asked myself..."Have we elected a fool?" Then he appointed a publicly avowed Communist as his Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, I asked, "Is Barack a moron?"  It was a shock to be told by an politically astute friend that, "if you hate America, there's a good chance you can find yourself a place in Obama's administration. Socialists, Commie-bastards and Mao worshippers are welcome too." That added to my suspicions of Obama's mental state.

When his solution for an economy that was overspent and saddled with debt was to spend a lot more and balloon that debt to historic levels and then lost America's Triple A Rating, I asked anyone in earshot, "Is the leader of the free world a drooling, gibbering dickhead?" Nobody could give a straight answer so I looked back and examined his academic background. He attended Columbia University (my alma mater), then Harvard Law School and was president of the Harvard Law Review and passed the bar exam. Worked as a community organizer and taught as a professor at the University of Chicago. I finally decided that Barack Obama was not stupid. While he was clearly no genius, he was a man  possessed with an above-average intellect.

With that single realization I had managed to clarify virtually every move Obama made. The sky opened, the angelic choir sang. With the excuse of stupidity removed, transparency had arrived. Unfortunately, for Obama, stupidity can be a pretty effective shield. When you remove stupidity from the equation, his motives appeared unpleasantly cynical. Was he stupid about Guantanamo? NO! He just didn't care where he put the Islamic scum. He cared about pandering to his lunatic leftist base.

More importantly, was it stupid carelessness that led him to appoint Van Jones as the Green Jobs Czar. NO!  He knew full well that scumbag Jones was a Communist, but he appointed him anyway. And what with the economy? Obama's stimulus plan had no prayer of creating jobs and he was smart enough to know it. But an $800 million plus plan that makes no sense as economic stimulus can make perfect sense as a vote-buying scheme. His Chicago flunkies, friends and big donors like major dead-shit billionaire, currency manipulator and Marxist puppeteer, George Soros, got the majority of the taxpayers' TARP money. And unemployment is still over 8%. after 3 years and shows no sign of dropping.

A classic example of his smoke and mirrors expertise came out in Obama's Town Hall Meeting in Elkhart, Indiana. in defense of his tax credit plan he said; "When you give a tax break to working families who are struggling, they will spend it on buying a new coat for the kids, or making sure that they get that car repaired that they use to get to work. When you give it to the wealthier families, hey just put it away somewhere, and so it doesn't circulate in the economy."

"They just put it away somewhere." That's right, folks! If you sneak into Bill Gates' or Warren Buffet's house you can find a big stack of $100 bills they just "put away." It won't be in their mattress. Oh no, Bill and Warren are smarter than that. But it'll be there --put away--somewhere.

The Way I See It....Barack Obama is a multi-millionaire. He knows what rich people do with money. They start businesses. They invest in companies that employ millions. They buy buy bonds that build schools and finance local governments.They do not hide it under that loose floorboard. Barack Obama knows this. He is not stupid enough to think otherwise. But in financially strapped Elkhart, it was a LIE he thought he could sell. Now, I know, and everyone else should know...that Barack Obama is not stupid, but he hopes YOU might be!

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