Saturday, August 25, 2012

Asylum In Llama-Land ?

Hmm....I seriously doubt it.  Ecuador's Hoy newspaper hints at an unhealthy relationship between Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa offering him asylum. Is Assange just Corea's weapon against free speech? Or is he being used to make Correa's foul reputation smell like a Rose?

With the Wikileaks release of cables from the U.S. Embassy in Quito referring to the profound corruption of the police leadership and mainly its commander, Jaime Vaca, they revealed that the U.S. diplomats voiced their suspicions that President Corea was aware of the situation. As a result, this tin-pot dictator showed that those suspicions were right, by expelling the U.S. ambassador rather than make any effort to clean up the corruption.

The moment Julian Assange decided to seek shelter in Ecuador, he betrayed the principles he claimed to represent. Why?  Because Ecuador, under its President of the last five years, has become one of the world's leading oppressors of free speech. Correa has appropriated, closed and intimidated many media outlets critical of his shyster regime.  Recently, the government decided to use the cables for its own benefit and with a very clear purpose: to further discredit the independent press and journalists who work in it by suing them for crippling damages. In one disgusting case, Correa ran a libel suit that sentenced a journalist and three executives of the El Universo newspaper to three years in jail and fined them $42 million. The fine was greater than the newspaper's worth!

So while the mendacious Correa welcomed Assange to what he called "the club of the persecuted", he continues to persecute his own country's reporters. In the press freedom index published by Reporters Without Borders, Ecuador has dropped from having the 56th freest press in the world to the 104th, lower than Kuwait and the Republic of the Congo. I must say that this man is a member of the club of authoritarian populists of the Left who give South America its reputation as the home of the banana republic.

The British foreign secretary, William Hague, responded by warning the Ecuadorean government that diplomatic immunity should not be used to harbour alleged criminals. He said Assange would be arrested if he leaves the embassy in London where he has lived nearly two months. The Swedish foreign secretary said that "Mr Assange should stop being such a coward and have the guts to face questioning about the alleged sexual assaults in Sweden."

Two women have clearly accused Assange of rape despite the repeated attempts by some of his supporters to discredit them. The allegation of one woman is that Assange had sex with her while she slept, without a condom. The other woman alleges without her consent he also tried to penetrate her without a condom and she repeatedly attempted to avoid penetration. His supporters query why Sweden has not charged Assange. But that is not how the Swedish legal system works....he cannot be charged until he is questioned, then arrested, which can only take place in Sweden.

The Way I See It....Ecuador and the celebrity Left defending Assange are saving him not from arrest or extradition by their great bogeyman of the U.S., but from facing the music over what he allegedly did to these women. The rest is just posturing and projecting and interfering with the justice system of two democratic nations with a rule of law.

When Juilan Assange stood on that balcony of the Ecuadoran Embassy, in front a street full of  his supporters, acknowledging his asylum was accepted,  he exhibited the body language of a defiant leader. He said, "the decision was a significant victory for myself and my people."  My People? Who are they? Let me tell you...these defenders of Assange are tribalists - the collective. The same rabble you've seen inhabiting the Occupy movement. Assange must be excused because he is one of them. And the facts must be displaced by the myths of the tribe. The women accusing the "dear leader" count for nothing. They are on the outside and threaten the tribe. Yet they and Assange are just as blind to the company they keep, treating President Correa as a protector of free speak, rather than the enemy described by Human Rights Watch. I'm afraid I see Julian looking into the dark tunnel of a negative outcome that will end up badly.

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