Friday, August 3, 2012

Global Warming Breeds Parasites ! we're told that climate change will sink the Maldives, poison the atmosphere with cattle farts, produce a zombie apocalypse and possibly have us permanently wearing shorts and thongs. But did you know that it will impact on our garden sheds, our ability to reason, our food supply, our sanity, our daily newspapers and even our possible extinction?  Philippa Martyr, a writer for Quadrant, magazine, recently found the Australian Research Council's list of successful grants for 2011 to actually investigate these possibilities. These grants are commencing this year and some will run for the next 2-3 years. The level of rapaciousness with so many snouts in the trough is disturbing!

She and I were tickled to see just how far-reaching the impact of climate change could be for our country and thought we'd share these budding projects with you. Names of the Grantees and Institutions have been omitted to protect these parasites from your indignant emails but their Field of Research and total Grant monies have been included for your disdain.

Physiology:  "Abrupt environmental changes can put populations at risk of extinction. The project will show to what extent individuals can compensate for temperature changes and make theoretical advances and improve the power to predict impacts of future climate change."  ($370,000)

Civil Engineering:  "This project will develop innovative light gauge steel roofing systems with considerable wind resistance. It will contribute to the goal of increasing building resilience against extreme and more frequent wind events caused by climate change."  ($320,000)

Sociology:  "This project, the first social-science based study of food security in the nation, will allow us to understand how a multiplicity of agencies come together to ensure the delivery of food, especially at a time of climate change impacts."  ($100,000 - 2 years)

Psychology:  "Climate change represents a moral challenge to humanity and one that elicits high levels of emotion. This project examines how emotions and morality influence how people accept climate change and with an eye to developing concrete strategies for positive change." ($197,300)

Public Health:  "This study will investigate the effects of extreme heat and the consequences of climate change on the population health of rural communities. Findings will form adaptation strategies to prevent heat-associated climate change morbidity and mortality."  ($122,000 - 2 years)

Journalism & Professional Writing:  "This project will examine the use of news media management or "spin" by Australian governments in connection with policies on climate change, asylum seekers and economic policy."  ($95,000)

Literary Studies:  "This project will devise and develop a new 'cultural materialist' paradigm for science fiction studies and apply it to a case study of science fictional representations of catastrophe, especially nuclear war, plague and extreme climate change."  ($239,000)

The Way I See It....the number of winning projects that propose to test whether climate change is actually real or catastrophic is Nil. The gravy-boat only goes in one direction. The climate-change industry has really become a monster out of control. Some of these projects would not have got a cent, if the government wasn't under the influence of this collective hallucination.

There's a whole parasitic class of academics who make a good living off the catastrophic climate change myth and the larger this class grows, the more difficult it will be to burst the bubble. I am sad to see so much research money wasted for nothing.

NOTE: Digging deeper, I found that the winner of the Journalism & Writing grant to be a former communist scumsucker turned journalism academic, who earlier received from our Leftist, anti-capitalist, atheist government nearly $200,000 (or $3 a word) to write a predictably hostile book on Rupert Murdoch. Once a Commie deadshit always a .........

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