Monday, July 30, 2012

Brother Tim's Travelling Salvation Show !

I just finished reading a book by Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, entitled "Blue Planet in Green Shackles."  In it he profoundly states, "Today's debate about global warming is essentially a debate about freedom. The environmentalists would like to mastermind each and every possible (and impossible) aspect of our lives.  They are the neo-Marxists of the new century."

Last week we had a revivalist meeting in Melbourne, complete with pictures and snake oil, calling on the faithful to force carbon sinners to repent. The elixir from Brother Tim and his brethren offered the solutions to all our ills. It was the remedy to rising temperatures, rising sea levels, the treat of extreme temperatures, drought and would save the planet for future generations. GLORY BE !!

I'm sure those of you in other countries have your share of global warming fanatics, better known as Watermelons (Green on the outside, but oh so Red on the inside). Well, Australia has Professor Tim Flannery, a palaeontologist, who is not a climate scientist, as its resident warmist-fanatic who has managed to hoodwink the Labor government into appointing him Climate Change Commissioner with his warning of carbon-induced doom. His remuneration for this position, for working only 3 days a week is $180,000 a year! Anyone in a different position who has been so off the mark with his predictions and prognostications over the past 10 years would've been ridiculed and sacked. Unfortunately his guru status remains strong with this misguided warmist government.

John McLean, a reporter who was present says, "for the first 15 minutes the crowd was lectured by three commissars (opps...commissioners). Brothers Tim and Will (Steffen) and Sister Lesley (Hughes). Talk about smoke and mirrors, and hell-fire and brims-stone. We had it all."  The crowd was shown a bell-shaped chart representing a range of temperatures with the global warming line clearly on the rise warning of extreme weather ahead. And woe would visit upon our future generations according to Sister Lesley. There was not a word about humans acclimatising to the temperature rise as the Vikings did in 900AD when it was 3 degrees warmer than today without any bad effects.

Destroyed by fire or destroyed by flood? Brother Will stated that the seas were rising, as was their temperature (really only 0.3 degrees)  and we'd be swept asunder, or at least anyone living near the coast would. He didn't mention that Brother Tim just bought a house on the water's edge on a tidal inlet. Why so serious when your own Gore-Guru doesn't fear what the computer modeling dictates. But of course the models the IPCC reported on are padded with CO2-induced warming to make up for the shortfalls in the knowledge of numerous climate forces. This modeling "industry" would collapse if it couldn't find a way to claim a human hand in every possible climate variation.

No religion is fully supported by logic; there's always a gap somewhere. Brother Tim's climate religion doesn't have a gap but a chasm, one that he tried hard to ignore. He said that he felt we'd "moved on from the science."  Moved on? More like skirted around it. Brother Tim and his brethren have been too scared to confront the fact that observational data refutes their claims, too scared to openly face their critics and the debate the matter. Bring back Lord Monckton! In an audience of the faithful, there was no interrogation, no questions about Brother Tim's involvement in companies that have benefited from government largess. No questions about the required number of further years with No Warming before the Climate Commission will admit it is wrong. No questions about the hundreds of legitimately peer-reviewed papers that challenge the commission's mantra.

The Way I See It....when you look behind the curtain of this traveling show you'll discover that there's been no warming for the last 12-13 years despite the increase in CO2. You'd also see that despite global average temperatures rising from 1977-1997 there had been no change in the steady rate of sea level rise that's existed since around 1860. To try and shut-out the voices of the "deniers" by saying that there is a consensus and the "science is settled" is absurd. Brother Tim's advice to the "believers" is revealing: "Ignore those who don't believe. Talk to the converted and get them to take action." Do we throw in a  "Hallelujah and damnation to the carbon heretics!!"

During question time, John McLean, reports that political correctness showed its head too. An audience member had the temerity to suggest that maybe Australia should invest in carbon-free nuclear power. The response from Sister Lesley mentioned its expanded use in Europe, particularly in France and Germany, but Brother Tim was more definite regarding Australia, declaring that electric consumption was decreasing and we should be looking for using more photovoltaic cells. A burst of applause rose from the audience.

No one seemed to mind that responses were inaccurate or distorted. Germany was said to be on track with switching over to renewable power when in fact the country is struggling and is likely to stick to its nuclear facilities and abandon the effort because of the costs and unreliability. But with Brother Tim's magic solution there was nary a word of cost for large installations, be they of wind turbines or solar cells, no word of the amount of land that would be demanded, nor any hint that backup sources would be necessary when nature failed to oblige. Brother Tim's Government-Sponsored Travelling Salvation Show is good at snake oil, smoke and mirrors.

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