Monday, August 13, 2012

The Curse of the White Aborigine !

The woman on the left is Bess Price. She is a well-known and loved Aboriginal activist in Australia. The the white man on the right is Rodney Dillon. He's an Aboriginal rights activist with Amnesty International. He also claims to be Aboriginal. It seems he has for-gotten about the other 15/16ths of his European heritage.

It is currently a crime in Australia to point out that these two people are members of different races. Or that Rodney Dillon is about as aboriginal as Elizabeth Warren is Cherokee. Andrew Bolt, TV presenter and columnist with the Herald Sun newspapers in Melbourne, got was hauled into court for pointing out what the majority of Australians feel, that a bunch of aboriginal rights profiteers were white. And he was silenced by a trial for it. I wrote about that a while back in a previous posting titled "There Goes Freedom of Speech" (December 31, 2011).

Now Bess Price is being threatened with racism charges for pointing out the same thing. The national president of the Australian Lawyers Alliance, Greg Barns, said Ms Price's attack, as seen on the ABC's Insight program, "might well" constitute race discrimination under the section 18C of the vile Racial Discrimination Act.  The Aussie Leftists have reached an insane place where a white man can sue a black woman for saying he's not a black man. (Then again in the US of A a man can put on a dress and successfully sue a college for access to the ladies room or a prostitute could sue a family owned Motel in Queensland for not renting her a room to carry out her trade. Sick bastards!)

What is this case really about? It's about the Left being the Left, resulting in the Abos being left out. Aboriginal society has a high rate of domestic abuse. Bess is trying to do something about it. Amnesty International is trying to sabotage those efforts while promoting separation. But Ms Price remained unrepentant and kept up her attack on Amnesty, saying the human rights agency was outspoken on the Northern Territory intervention, but was silent when women and children were abused. She angrily stated, "There was also nothing from Amnesty on the death and sexual abuse of children resulting from a politically motivated refusal to take them away from 'culture' . So much for human rights! When the government tries to do something for them you call them racist and you blather on about the United Nations.

Another white Abo, high-profile lawyer Larrissa Behrendt is under fire after using her Twitter account to describe watching bestiality on television as "less offensive than Bess Price''. Ms Behrendt made the comments after watching Bess on television. Ms Price responded by saying, "This is worse than what she and her other eight white cronies were accusing poor Andrew Bolt of. It showed how out of touch this left-leaning indigenous academic was with central Australian Aborigines. The white blackfellas should be happy about the lifestyle they have. They should help us rather than trying to put a barrier between us and what we should be saying."

Ms Price further added, "Who does she think she is? I'm very angry about that. How dare she have a go about me without talking to me face to face if she has a problem with. These uppity white blackfellas think they know better and can control us. The likes of her and others don't know anything about our people in the bush. Who are they to stand up and talk on behalf of our people. My background is totally different to hers, we are CULTURALLY different. Larrissa Behrendt has made money out of being a blackfella and she isn't even in dire straits like other blackfellas who need funding. She's a hypocrite!"

The Way I See It....Andrew Bolt did have a point. Ethnicity is an emerging political topography with serious clout involved. The sooner Tony Abbott is elected Prime Minister and revokes Section 18C as he stated...the better. But before that I beg Greg Barns to sue Bess Price. Nothing would more discredit this law and the "civil libertarian" Left than to see a white lawyer use this vile law to shut up a black activist for putting the humanist and conservative point of view on the race industry. But on this subject I am unable to comment much further without running into legal danger, thanks to this insane law.

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