Wednesday, December 12, 2012

18 Conferences to Give Us Nothing But Hot Air !

The latest global warming charade in Doha, has shown itself to be every bit the farce that was Copenhagen. Almost 200 nations extended a weakened United Nations plan for combating global warming until 2020 last Saturday with a modest set of measures that would do nothing to halt world greenhouse gas emissions. Environment ministers extended the Kyoto Protocol till 2020, which obliges about 35 industrial nations to cut their emissions. But the treaty has been sapped by the withdrawal of Russia, Japan and Canada and its remaining backers, led by the European Union and now accounts for just 15% of the world greenhouse emissions.

Not to admit a total loss and waste of time, the Warmists signed up the West for another free money giveaway. The global warming gravy train just got richer for free-loaders and professional alarmists. Even Australia's stupid Labor government has backed a climate change deal that offers 52 poor countries financial aid for the ''loss and damage'' they suffer from extreme weather events that would cost billions.

Experts say the obligation - written (in Doha) into the global climate accord for the first time - would lead to long-term demands on rich countries to pay for rebuilding in hurricanes and other disasters that could be linked to climate change. Of course, with climate change now held responsible for every major natural catastrophe, the liabilities are potentially incalculable. I have been sensing lately that there is a nasty streak that runs through the U.N. process - a chance for revenge against the U.S. and the West in general. The U.S. threatened to crash the Doha talks until the liability was capped at the $100 billion a year. From Doha it's clear the rest of the world cannot sustain the UN-led model for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and Australia and America should recognise this it by junking the Kyoto Protocol.

So 18 years and 18 conferences have achieved exactly what?  Is there anyone out there that now doesn't see what an utterly sick and pointless joke this whole process is? If they don't...the clue is in the numbers. COP 18 means that this was the 18th such utterly pointless exercise. Pointless, apart from generating lots and  lots of CO2 and committing to the next, utterly useless, conference. Annual CO2 emissions are perhaps 25 % higher than at the time of the first COP and rising inexorably (see chart as blue line) as opposed to years of no real warming (red line).

The Way I See It.....the warming worriers and their deceptive warmist spin are living in a bazaar parallel universe where they don't see that the Emperor isn't wearing any clothes. The climate change  edifice is getting threadbare and full of holes and yet they are blind to the reality. The kind of ignorance which warmists, like our idiot Prime Minister and eco-nutcase and leader of the Greens have fed Australians with their fallacious talk of ''carbon'' - rather than harmless carbon dioxide - is perpetuated by the false notion that a policy reducing CO2 emissions would ''clean the sky of carbon'' - as in soot. A policy that is at the same time so utterly pointless, yet highly costly and destructive.

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