Saturday, December 29, 2012

IT'S OVER ! An Open Letter to the American People

An America Ex-Pat who just returned home from living in Europe, Dr. Audrey H. Krieg says, "I have seen the end of America with the rise of the entitlement society!''  He continues:
       Not many Americans have any experience with socialist governments so let me explain from personal familiarities exactly what you may expect out of the coming four years. Let me make this simple, the same thing happened in England after WW2 resulting in a brain drain when thousands fled England, their home, for nations more accommodating to self-starters. Additionally, the government began a long process of nationalizing industries (Obama's starting with GM, Chrysler and AEG) which resulted in the collapse of many of those industries; producers of wealth. In socialist society, Greece, France Spain and Italy for example, those who fail in life are rewarded, by the fool socialists in charge and all for the sake of ENVY, they produce a society in which all are losers. Socialist governments go belly up when the producer's money is used up.

I have asked myself how could there be so many brainless Americans who don't give a damn about; 23 million unemployed, 47 million food stamps, 25 illegal immigrants, 5 million Green Card holders, a national debt of 16+ trillion, 10 million on welfare, gasoline and foodstuffs doubling in four years? How could our fellow citizens re-elect a president whose entire four-year term was spent playing golf with his idiot vice-president and vacationing with a frequent blaming of others for his created situation and has the nerve to campaign for re-election with the motto FORWARD? How could they forget Fast & Furious, Benghazi and bowing before the king of Saudi Arabia? Do they realize that Obama will most likely appoint two more ultra-leftist Supreme Court Justices? We live in a nation of fools!

In the end, the re-elected president is not the problem so much so that the problem is more that the demographics have changed and the attitude of the electorate has differed. This is no longer my country, or that of my parents, it is a new paradigm, with which I am unfamiliar. America has turned brown and socialist and blaming the lame-stream media is counterproductive. It is an uneducated, lazy and stupid electorate that is to blame, along with the government education that produced it. That is problem to which I can see no immediate solution, because it is not until we reach ''Rock Bottom'' and suffer cold and hunger that we shall see CHANGE!

This election was a divergence of positions and issues directed at specific demographic groups. Obama appealed to blacks, Hispanics, those under 29, government workers, single women, welfare and food stamp recipients and in general terms....takers not creators. The entire campaign was directed at an average intelligence of IQ 85 and the educational level of a fifth grader. Obama was the candidate of the under and un-educated, the stupid and the loafers. Romney took the high road but those underachievers, the non-white and younger shit-for-brains citizens represented a larger societal segment, Romney directed his campaign to those with an IQ of 105 or higher, which population base is not anymore a sufficient size to win. The basic variance is Obama for socialism/communism, Romney for free enterprise, self-reliance and freedom: capitalism. The lazy losers sucking on the teat of government largess will pick socialism/communism every time.

As I said, things will have to get much worse before any change can be achieved. CHANGE only occurs in the lower strata of society when things get so bad that food, electricity, gasoline and shelter becomes the major issues of consideration. When HOPE is lost, then communist propaganda words like FORWARD and Wealth Redistribution are left behind. Anyone suffering from the delusion that Obama's policies will improve the economy had better wake up. From 2009 to 2012 Obama could not even produce a budget that passed his Democrat controlled Senate. The Senate, which will continue under that major deadbeat Harry Reid, also produced no budget in the last three years, will continue to bottle up House legislation even if the Fiscal Cliff is avoided. And this scumbag was also re-elected!

I my opinion Obama will destroy America, which I believe is his plan all along. The actions of the past 5 years all point to a collapse of our economy and the socialization of it, to the benefit of the same elite who control Europe. Queen Victoria's Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said it best; ''those in elected office are forever the servants of those who provide for their vices.'' Barack Obama is nothing but George Soro's (actually the Jew Geoergi Schwartz) puppet. One of Obama's favorite authors Saul D Alinsky, a hard-core Jewish communist that wrote Rules for Radicals who produced the political strategy Obama is following, to facilitate the destruction of a free economy through bankruptcy caused by overspending. When that happens the ''dog-will-have-its-day'' as Obama and his fetid Marxist government is be thrown out by the very money-grubbing idiots that put him in power.

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