Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fluoride Can Kill: Beware of Hidden Sources !

The dangers of Fluoride have become headlines in Queensland (Australia) newspapers this week as a parliamentary member of the ruling Liberal National Party (LNP), Jason Woodforth (photo), has called for removal of the chemical from the state's water supplies. Mr Woodforth said he had the backing of 31 LNP MPs for a rethink on the Labor government's misadvised and uninformed move in 2007 to add fluoride to water supplies. Mr Woodforth wants the ''mass medicating'' of Queenslander's water supplies to be fluoride-free by March. Of course he received the usual medio/dental spiel that he was ''irresponsible'' and there were benefits in fluoridation and ''the level used in the water supply is safe.''

I, myself, with great amount of biological and physiological knowledge from 6 years of professional schooling and over 40+ years experience in treating sick people always find it amazing when such supposed ''learned'' people in health organizations say that drinking in artificial fluoride (not natural fluoride - Calcium Fluoride CaF2) is a logical way to promote oral health. If anybody, even with a small knowledge of the workings of the body, actually sat down long enough to evaluated what is really going on, you would realize the stupidity of the whole exercise.

Just think, that glass of fluoridated water first enters your intestinal tract where it is absorbed into your blood stream to go far and wide touching and being incorporated into every tissue cell of your body and then some of it finally makes its way to infiltrate your tooth enamel to supposedly reduce cavities. Doesn't toothpaste and dental applications directly to your teeth make more sense to you? But did you know that you can get fluoride from many other sources that can add to the danger??

Many products contain fluoride, including tea, wine, soda, infant formula and foods with soy. ''Fluoride is a very powerful cardiac poison,'' warns Russell Blaylock, M.D., renowned neurosurgeon and author of The Blaylock Wellness Report.  ''And it's even more detrimental when it is combined with aluminum, he added. Aluminum is sometimes added as a clarifier to water supplies along with fluoride. He continues, ''The two combine to create a brain toxin that's powerful in incredibly small concentrations. Many babies are formula-fed. The most common form is soy, which is high in both fluoride and aluminum and when it's mixed with fluoridated tap water you're giving the baby a neurotoxic soup.'' Recent research has found that fluoride makes children more vulnerable to cancer. He says, ''Children under 6 who drink fluoridated water have four times the risk of developing cancer as well was having an IQ 10-15% less than other children at that age.''

It's not just not infants and children who are in danger. Dr Blaylock points out that fluoride accumulates in the body over a lifetime and is linked to Alzheimer's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, hyperthyroidism, cancer and many other conditions. He says, ''We have a bio-accumulation of  this unnatural-type of  fluoride because its been in many water supplies for years so it's in the soil, plants -- anything you spray becomes contaminated with it, even the animals that eat the plants. He shockingly reveals, ''Fluoride, which has long been controversial as a water supply additive, doesn't even prevent cavities -- the reason given for adding it to the water supply in the first place. It has never been Evidence-Based! It was NOT tested in well-controlled studies. He emphasize that, ''even the American Dental Association has admitted that fluoridation in drinking water doesn't reduce the number of cavities and yet we have all of this strong evidence of toxicity, but it's just being ignored. It's criminal!!!''

The Way I See It....fluoridation i$ promotion by endor$ement. This money should be spent on promotion and research into the anti-caries properties of vanadium, vitamin K2, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium plus diet advice, genetics and fostering ''good'' mouth bacteria (oral microbiological antibodies). Our diets make a bad situation even worse. It's found that people who are deficient in vitamin C and magnesium suffer the most from the toxicity of fluoride, and far too many people are deficient in both. It's about time the benefits of No Fluoridation be disseminated and Jason's crusade wins over the inherent criminal ignorance in today's medio/dental fraternity.

How can you limit the amount of fluoride in your body? The obvious way is to avoid fluoridated drinking water. Get a reverse-osmosis filter system installed, get a standing water-dispenser or buy fluoride-free bottled water. And if you use fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash, be sure to rinse thoroughly and make sure you and/or your child DOES NOT swallow it.

Some supplements can help protect against harmful effects of fluoride. Dr Blaylock suggestions include;
  • Magnesium malate (1000 mg with each meal to prevent aluminum absorption.)
  • Vitamin C  (1000 mg 3 times a day)
  • Vitamin D  (2000 IU daily)
  • Selenium  (200 mcg daily)
  • Curcumin (500 mg in 2 tablespoons of E.V.Olive Oil twice a day with meals.)

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