Saturday, December 29, 2012

Now, is the Winter of Our Discontent !

In the last posting you had Dr Audrey H. Krieg's powerful insight into the recent re-election of a Marxist president by a willing, but equally ignorant, lazy, entitlement-hungry electorate. He has shown the concern many have for the direction the American Dream of harmony and self-reliance is going. Those of you who have followed my blog postings for the last three years have been given many insights into politics of government, climate change and even the health industry. At year's end, it might be a good time for me to do look into my crystal ball and see what we can anticipate in the coming four years of Barack Obama's socialist regime. I'll call it Obama's infamous Baker's Dozen!
  1. As we have already seen, the Sandy Hook massacre has prompted an outcry that falls into Obama's hands as a mandate to initiate a massive assault on the 2nd amendment through proxies like Californian Democrat Diane Finklestein's Anti-gun Bill. Attacks on the Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA with IRS audits, banning semiautomatic rifles, banning 10+ bullet gun magazines and other draconian issues.
  2. The continuation of the Dollar's devaluation through inflation, leading to the end of the Dollar as the world's reserve currency. Additional downgrades of America's credit rating. A probable 30+% inflation rate, gas prices by 2015 of  $8 per gallon. A National Debt by 2016 of $32 trillion!
  3. Massive increases of government spending, ignoring the Fiscal Cliff promises, to $1.7 trillion per year. Healthcare costs skyrocketing to a $1 trillion per year. Medical costs for 2011 were $835 billion - they double every seven years. $40 billion monthly mandated spending through 2013 - just printed money backed by nothing.
  4. The continued failure of foreign policy through increased violence in the middle East. Further growth of Islamic fundamentalism, the Arab Spring becomes a Arab Winter of Discontent with expansion of an anti-Western takeover of Syria and a war with Iran.
  5. Attacks on the Internet and free speech. The development of cybersecurity in the fake support of anti-terrorism with cataloguing every American. Controlling social media and Web content. Restriction of Internet IP's whose allocation will be turned over to an international body.
  6. Two more leftist Supreme Court justices turning the Supreme Court into a leftist majority that will internationalize American jurisprudence, destroy what ever is left of the constitution and complete America's journey to socialism.
  7. With Habeas Corpus already eliminated and the elimination of the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th 9th and 10th portion of the Bill of Rights through the enactment of the Patriot Act and now NDAA (National Defence Authorization Act) you can expect a massive assault on civil liberties. There will be use of American military to implement government actions. All socialist governments in history that enacted such laws have used them to keep themselves in power.
  8. The expansion of power vested in the UN will grow dramatically. The ''Globalist Dynamic'' will oversee the abandonment of American Sovereignty. The International Court at The Hague (in Holland) will gradually replace the Supreme Court and justice will be internationalized.
  9. The world's leading secret and semi-secret organizations like CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), TC (Trilateral Commission), Bilderbergers, WEF (World Economic Forum), RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs) and others will come to dominate American foreign policy. In Obama's first term the military was politicized, all new flag officers are CFR members, the entire cabinet is CFR, or TC or Bildberger or all three.
  10. Reelection rates for Obamacrats will rise from 77% to over 93%. Obamacare will raise medical costs by billions, medical services will continue to decline and free-market options will be eliminated in favor of ever-bigger government. By 2016 the American economy will be in hyperinflation and will start to collapse with a shock-heard-'round-the-world!
  11. The regulatory juggernaut that began on the first day of Obama''s reign, will be expanded further to destroy American free enterprise of every sort. Any company successful will be relentlessly attacked by over-regulation. This will further destroy jobs and foster business nationalizations.
  12. Green energy, in the form of solar and wind electric energy production, including electric cars, all of which are non-competitive in the marketplace without huge government subsidies (your taxes) will be expanded. These are the very policies that drove Spain to bankruptcy. By wasting billions, they will drive fuel prices up (in spite of the shale gas boom), eliminate coal as a cheap energy source, out goes Alaskan oil production and the Keystone pipeline from Canada forcing Canada to sell to China...reeking havoc to the entire economic system.
  13. And on top of all this, Obama will insure a solid voting block in 2016 by Ass-Kissing his Hispanic electorate by declaring amnesty for 25 million illegal immigrants. This will almost immediately be the Coup D'etat to America's viability by bankrupting the entire welfare system, including Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare and Social Security. 
The Way I See doesn't look good for America's future as the shining beacon of freedom and strength built on an economic system that has left other systems on the Trash-Heap-of-History: CAPITALISM. The past year I have delved into what makes Barack Hussein Obama tick and posted my discoveries on a regular basis. That he was steeped into a Marxist upbringing by first by his loony bin mother, his grandparents, a family friend, college buddies, his father's anti-colonialist writings, then leftist professors and Marxist Jews in Chicago. It's in his DNA that he hates what America stands for; its world power and its capitalist system of self-determination and achievement. It's a shame that there were so many dwelling on their regular handouts that they never took much notice of various warnings in so many books, Fox News and conservative press exposing this Marxist creature in there midst and his plans to turn their world upside down. They will have given up their freedom for the easy road of entitlements. Obama is boiling the frog of personal freedom. You've heard the story: By gradually turning up the heat the frog won't notice until too late it is being boiled to death. When civil liberties are taken away gradually, bit by bit, few notice what's happening until too late. It's Over America !!

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