Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Evidence Against Soy !

Dow Chemical and Dupont, the same corporations that brought misery and death to millions through Agent Orange, are now the driving forces behind the promotion of SOY as "a near perfect food" for humans. They are financing anti-meat and anti-milk campaigns aimed largely at those concerned about animal welfare and the environment. They are trying to convince them that Soy products are not only healthier than the real thing, but better for Mother Earth too...even though the growing body of  evidence suggests quite the opposite!

This evidence has led me to the conclusion that it is important for me to warn you that any possible benefits from consuming Soy are FAR outweighed by the well documented risks. I found that Soy does not reliably lower cholesterol and in fact rises Homocysteine levels in many people. High Homocysteine levels have been found to increase your risk of stroke, dementia, memory loss and yes, heart disease!

There is a an increasing list of other common health problems linked to the build up of Soy in your diet, which are; thyroid dysfunctions (like weight gain, hair loss and loss of libido), poor calcium and iron bioavailability, increased tendency to food allergies and asthma, kidney stones, bladder cancer, hindered protein digestion and by mimicking Estrogen, that hormone's activity is altered and even blocked! This danger to your health increases every year with more new products containing Soy as an ingredient; mostly in processed and "fast foods."  And for God's-sake don't give your baby any Soy-based formula!

The Way I See It....I am not against all forms of Soy. Properly fermented products like natto, tempeh, miso and soy sauce do not wreak havoc in your body's delicate tissues like the unfermented Soy products do. It's today's high-tech processing methods that fail to remove the anti=nutrients and toxins that are naturally present in soybeans that traditional fermentation neutralizes.

It is unfortunate that most health-minded people still believe that the unfermented and highly processed Soy products like Soy milk, oil, burgers, tofu, cheese and even ice cream is good for them. This is a tragic case of shrewd marketing of misinformation and outright lies taking root among the masses, exactly like the fluoride deception.  I hope in my small way, the warning I'm giving you will help you rethink your attraction to Soy as a health-giving source of protein and select wisely.

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