Monday, July 9, 2012

Climate Science Aussie-Style !

Two weeks ago, Andrew Bolt, a journalist from the Herald Sun Newspapers wrote about this news report on startling claims that global warming threatened Aboriginal communities around Lake Eyre (in bush country north of Adelaide):

      The first stage of University of Adelaide research released today shows that South Australia's Arabunna country, which includes Lake Eyre, is likely to get both drier and hotter in decades to come.  "Temperatures could increase up to 4 degrees Celsius in the this area in the next century, threatening the survival of many plants and animals," says the report.

As Mr Bolt noted then, the curious thing was that temperatures in the area hadn't actually been rising and there were very few Aborigines in "Arabunna country" to affect even if they did. So he checked the membership of the University's Lake Eyre Climate Project.    Guess what he found?

Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray (Lead Researcher)
      Senior Lecturer, Adelaide University, Deputy Director of the Centre for Coastal Research and (get this) Convenor of the Envirnomental Activism Stream for Gender Research.

Dr Deane Fergie
     Senior Lecturer, in Anthropology, Adelaide University, and promoter of the Hindmarsh Island 'Secret Women's Business' claim, after which a Royal Commission investigated and found the claims had been fabricated. It was highly critical of Dr Fergie's report and methodology.

Dr Genevieve Bell
     Director of the User Experience Group, Intel, leading new product strategy championing consumer-centric (?) innovation. Adelaide THINKER (?) in Residence. (sic)

Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney
     Dean, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education, Adelaide University.

Professor Nick Harvey
     Executive Dean of Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. Lead Author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Group II report on Impacts, Adaptations and Vulnerability. Professor Harvey warned that more cyclones (sic), rising sea levels and increased flooding would be the pattern for Australia's coastal communities by 2050.

Dr John Tibby
     Senior Lecturer, Disciple of Geography, Environment & Population, Adelaide University

Dr Veronica Arbon
     Chair: Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin University.
     She stated: "Western science is not the only knowledge position in the world, there are others and we can use others. For all people but particularly for Aboriginal people who come from a knowledge system of fundamental relatedness (maybe like lighting a fire without matches ?), it is critical to actually use that in powerful ways to critique and turn back the Western knowledge position on itself to highlight where it is flawed." (I'll use the matches!)

Rob Palmer
     Consultant: Marketing, branding, research and relationship management.

The Way I See It.....this whole bunch are not climatologists but mainly elitist academics with a warmist agenda. They made this farfetched report without giving a thought to the latest documented global climate findings that indicate no significant temperature rise, ice melting, polar bear deaths, coral reef bleaching, ocean level rising or cyclone activity. I need more convincing that this report is the product of science more than idealogy.

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