Friday, July 27, 2012

The Green Movement's Inconvenient Truths !

Here in Australia, we have a bunch of "watermelons" going by the name of the Green Party. They form a hotbed of warmist beliefs and their one eyed approach to environmental "sustainability schemes" blinds then to major consequences that become Inconvenient Truths.

Take Solar Power:  Ex-leader Bob Brown stated that, "we want Australia to be at the cutting edge of solar power. In Germany, where they did this because the Greens there were in the balance of power and created many jobs. It was the strongest component of the German economy during the recent recession. It's good economics!" REALLY BOB?

The Inconvenient Truth here is the wave of bankruptcies in the solar industry that continues unabated and once again, investors lose a lot of money. The future belonged to solar energy, preached the idiot Greens. Germany's large solar companies have lost almost 25 billion Euros on the stock market and a many, many people lost their jobs. There were a dozen spectacular bankruptcies in the United States as well. What is less known is the impact of the solar manufacturing industry in China where over 50 companies have closed.  Who needs cutting edge when this is what you get from it?

Wind Power Tragedies: The rush for another free but also unsustainable source of power by coating the countryside in wind turbines has had another big inconvenient truth....DEAD BIRDS & BATS! In Australia once again, it was revealed that Tasmania's largest wind farm in the island's north-west, has killed 19 Wedge-tailed Eagles, 3 Sea Eagles, numerous Magpies, Falcons, Kestrels, Crows and smaller birds with their rotors. Bob Brown said he was deeply distressed to learn that a number of breeding pairs of the endangered Wedge-tailed Eagles had been killed. Coming to his senses he said, "There should be no more wind turbines built in Tasmania's prime raptor region and the turbines should be shut down when eagles were seen nearby."

In California's Bay area, wind turbines have killed an average of 67 Golden Eagles per year since the wind turbines were constructed in the early 1990s. Approximately 5,000 turbines border the canyons and grasslands where the protected raptors build their nests. The region has one of the highest concentrations of Golden Eagles in the U.S., but the Green idiots didn't think about that beforehand. On-site surveys have found that approximately 2,000 raptors, besides the majestic Golden Eagles, including Red-tail Hawks, American Kestrels and Prairie Falcons are killed annually in the area. The troubling thing is that throughout the U.S., almost 440,000 bird fatalities occur each year at other wind farms.  It really is tragic when you realize that one average nuclear power plant standing on a square kilometer of land produces the same power as a wind farm on 240 square kilometers of land!

The stupidity marches on! Now, a green-tinged council is thinking of putting up 3 extra tall wind turbines a half mile from a famous seabird reserve at Bempton Cliffs, in east Yorkshire. It is the nesting area of hundreds of thousands of Puffins, Gannets, Kittiwakes and others that would be in extreme danger. One halfwit environmentalist drew the ire of bird lovers when he spoke at a council meeting and stated, "The energy from windpower is clean and renewable and if there was one overwhelming threat to wildlife, it is global warming!"  That's right sacrifice over a million birds a year, worldwide, for your misguided environmental ideology!

If birds deaths don't change the Greenie's heartlessness, what about the thousands of bats killed by those wind turbines? Dead bats are turning up beneath wind turbines all over the world. Bat fatalities have been documented at nearly every wind facility in North America and these sites are estimated to cause the deaths of thousands of insect-eating bats per year. The economic impact of losing so many insect-eating animals is staggering: A study published in Science lat year estimated that bat deaths could lead to annual agriculture losses in North America of more than US 3.7 billion!  Is this really good economics?

The Way I See It....avian enthusiasts should join forces to promote a strong opposition to windfarms proliferating across so many country and seasides where there is significant bird and bat roosting and nesting. They should get their local and state governments to disregard the stupid watermelons opposition to clean, carbon-free nuclear electricity generation and aim for installing the latest, safer and smaller self-cooling  nuclear plants that are earthquake, tsunami, missile and terrorist-proof. In this way you have a guaranteed constant Base-Load supply that is far superior to an intermittent supply dependent on the whims of the wind and the growing eye-sores on our landscapes. We must stop these tragic Greens inspired Inconvenient Truths.

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