Saturday, July 21, 2012

Death-Obsessed Culture Cause of "Batman" Shooting !

Within hours of the tragic "Batman" shooting in Aurora, Colorado, political opportunists have wasted no time in exploiting the actions of a lone lunatic for political grist and push for gun control, with major-asshole New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg demanding that both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama "stand up and tell us what they're going to do about mass shootings." This idiot who is turning New York City into his own private Nanny-dom, wants to crack down on gun rights (remember the 2nd Amendment) and crush the right to self defense.

Quite how either Romney or Obama have the power to reverse a Hollywood-inspired culture that serves up lashings of violence to young people like turkey at Thanksgiving is anyone's guess. Also, the notion that either of the presidential candidates can put a halt to a juggernaut pharmaceutical industry that through their medical "pushers" dole out violence-causing SSRI drugs to this younger generation like penny candy is clearly asinine.

Perhaps the more fundamental question that needs to be asked as to why America keeps experiencing mass shootings, when as recently as 20 years ago they were few and far between. And to what extent the sick culture and entertainment industry is contributing to the general malaise and unfeeling psychosis that seems to have gripped the younger generations?  Again...why were there so few mass shootings just two decades ago compared to now?  Has the number and availability of guns increased substantially? NO. Is the sewer pipe we call Hollywood "action movies", the gaming industry and "gangsta rap" pumping out sicker, more nihilistic and more violence-immersed entertainment than ever before? YES.

As numerous observers have noted, the recent Batman films have contained unnerving amounts of violence that seem to serve little purpose other than to appease a bloodthirsty craving for gore and brutality amongst young people, who have had such scenarios foisted upon them on a regular basis.. The 24-year-old shooter, James Holmes, who dyed his hair red admitted, as he was arrested, that he felt he had morphed into the JOKER!

As journalist, Jenny McCartney, notes in the Telegraph newspaper, "we have been turned into a society seduced by sadism." This sadism is also more accessible to children and young people than ever before. Many people today are asking what a 6-year-old child was doing at a midnight screening of this kind of movie?  Are slack parents aiding and abetting the violence culture on to the next generation?  Sure looks like it.

In an unbelievable irony, it has come to light that Warner Bros paired the Batman movie with a trailer for a film which shows a gangster with a machine gun shooting up people in a movie theater from behind the big screen. Amazing!

The Way I See It....that once again, before we even know anything about the shooter, James Holmes, the liberal establishment media and leftist-scum of political operatives are rushing to denounce gun rights as the culprit behind the tragedy. Once again, as they and like the black community who rushed to judgement and pilloried George Zimmerman for the "racist" shooting (he was labeled a white Hispanic!) of that known street-rat, 17-year-old, Trayson Martin in Florida, they fail miserably to address the underlying root cause -- a sadistic, death-obsessed culture that allows young men to be drawn into bizarre fantasy worlds where violence is seen as an alluring adventure.

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