Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Obama's Speech Reflects Uncompromising Left-wing Agenda !

Republicans and conservative groups criticized Barack Obama's second-term inauguration speech yesterday as a too-liberal, one-sided address that failed to extend a much-needed olive branch to the all Americans and all parties. This, dyed-in-the-wool Marxist's words were code for a progressive agenda. I was hoping that the president would recognize that compromise should have been the words in his speech. He clearly did not. I guess Joe Biden's earlier comment that ''the President is no more Mr Nice Guy!'' has gone to his head.  His previous enormous ego and arrogance were further enhanced by his re-election.

In his address, Obama spoke of the strides in civil rights of gays, women and African Americans, and of immigration reform, gun control and climate change -- but he steered clear of any bipartisan outreach.  '' I would have liked to have seen some outreach,'' Arizona Senator John McCain said. ''This is the eighth inauguration that I've been to and always there's been a portion of the speech where the president says 'I reach out my hand because we need to work together.' That wasn't in this speech. He reached out to various special groups -- gays, minorities, feminists, the poor, immigrants. But to Republicans he offered not even a vague desire to meet them halfway on taxes, spending or anything else.''  So where is he actually moving Forward  too??

Ohio Senator Rob Portman found parts of Obama's address ''more like a campaign speech'' and said he thought the president ''missed an opportunity to point out where we can find common ground. Instead, he chose to talk about it in the abstract, and then his specificity was on things he believes but were not issues where we as a Congress and the executive branch can make progress -- I'm referring to the debt and deficit and tax reform.''  Fred Barnes, executive editor of  The Weekly Standard wrote in the Wall Street Journal, ''In effect, Obama endorsed the entire liberal (leftist) agenda as the guiding star of his next four years in the White House.''

When Obama took office in January, 2009, he inherited an unemployment rate of 7.3%. Fours years and a $1.2 trillion stimulus bill later, it has risen to 7.8%.  Under Obama, the number of people who gave up on work or finding a job ballooned by 8,332,000 to a record 88,839,000! Instead of ''Hope & Change'', Obama has offered only hopelessness, bitter personal attacks and usual. I wonder how many of these people voted for him? In spite what hopes the voters had in him to fix the country's problems, his White House continues to be very confrontational rather than cooperative.

The Way I See It....the president unequivocally confirmed that he believes, like any committed Marxist, that government is good....needs to regulate more....and bigger government can drive innovation and prosperity for the country, even if it ''kills'' the Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave in the process.  At this point in time, with the Soviet Union on the ash heap of history, the socialist method isn't going to work anymore. The speech read like a liberal ''how-to-buy-votes laundry list with global warming at the top.

I think Obama believes it, I think he's sincere, but it's still strange. He doesn't realize that the planet hasn't warmed for the past 16 years and research is showing it is not CO2 as the culprit either. Americans have rejected environmental extremism in the past and they will again. Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said of Obama's reference to climate change, ''He doesn't get it, his cronies in government don't get it....the great energy revolution we're living through is called 'Oil and Gas'. We are going to be the leading exporters, not importers anymore, of these products. Our future prosperity depends on it, so you don't throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater.''  I couldn't agree more.

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