Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bin Laden Finder Should Be Freed !

I think that most people remember where they were on September 11, 2001. I believe many also remember where they were on May 2nd, 2011, when Seal Team 6 infiltrated the compound and killed Osama bin Laden. I just read the fascinating account of that mission, written by one of the members of Seal Team 6, in a book entitled No Easy Day, by Mark Owen and Kevin Maurer.What was not mentioned in the book was that in the weeks leading up to the attack on the compound there was a doctor in Pakistan who help the Americans determine bin Laden's exact location.

Doctors are not soldiers, but doctors are taught to heal and help. Dr Shakl Afridi helped in the only way he knew how -- through the use of his medical education. He risked his own life to provide information that confirmed the particular location of the 3 story compound that housed bin Laden and his family.

Dr Afridi set up what was presumably a vaccination clinic near the bin Laden house and urged the occupants of the house to bring their children in for vaccinations. While there he took a DNA swab from their mouths and was able to confirm that some of the children were direct relatives of Osama bin Laden. This information was crucial to the military and civilian leaders to order the raid, and directly led to the killing of one of the world's mass murderers.. He should be rewarded or at the very least congratulated, but instead, Dr Afridi is in prison in Pakistan for the alleged crime of ''treason'' for his cooperation with the American intelligence agencies.

This is shameful and it is not what we should expect from a supposed ally of the United States, Dr Afridi is in prison for 33 years and many believe that Congress should take decisive action to protect this ally of the West. What I and many Americans find particularly troubling is that the U.S. continues to give money to Pakistan. Over $1 billion of taxpayer money, that the U.S. can ill-afford, is sent to Pakistan each year! When will Americans learn that you cannot buy good behavior? It is time for the Senate to prioritize their responsibilities to the American people.

The Way I See It....is a travesty that Pakistan has the nerve to hold Dr Afridi for the crime of helping America and the West in general when those bums in their leadership positions should have been pulling out all stops to find bin Laden on their own. Dr Afridi allowed them not to get their ''hands dirty'' and upset some portions of their archaic society. I do not understand why this is being tolerated by Congress and the slack Obama administration. I've heard of one Congressman that wants to bestow U.S. citizenship on Dr Afridi so he can legally be brought to America without question.

Recently, instead of withholding aid, President Obama gave Pakistan an additional billion dollars. That is exactly the wrong thing to do. I am outraged and I think the American people are too. That recent vote to continue aiding countries that burn the Stars & Stripes, imprison U.S. allies and murder their ambassadors without even one proviso that the perpetrators of these senseless acts must be brought to justice is a mystery to me. The misguided Obama government should not reward bad behavior, yet they keep doing it. The total U.S. foreign aid given to Pakistan, Libya and Egypt equals roughly $4 billion per year...PER YEAR !!!  Enough is enough!

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