Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ending Gun Violence Requires Commitment; Commit the Fruitcakes !

The good news is: Obama and the Senate Democrats have no intention of passing more idiotic gun legislation in response to the Newtown massacre. The bad news is that they also have no intention of passing any legislation about the mentally ill, which would actually do something to reduce these mass shootings. Instead, the Democrats will ''jawbone'' about ''assault weapons'' and other meaningless gun laws for the sole purpose of scaring soccer moms into hating the National Rifle Association. Expect to hear a lot about Republicans preferring ''the gun lobby'' to children.

Ann Coulter, journalist and author explains; ''The reality is that the Democrats are hoping to pick up another dozen congressional seats in 2014, so they need terrified ignorant women. Senate Majority Leader (& old fart) Harry Reid cannot afford a vote on any of these nonsense gun laws because he needs to protect the seats of Democrats who have to get re-elected in districts where voters know something about guns.'' Even the stupidest politician has to know how utterly meaningless ''assault weapon'' bans are. But Democrats need to ''gin-up'' the most easily fooled voters. Coulter adds; Assault weapons are defined as whatever politicians say they are. The guns that are banned and the ones that aren't are functionally identical.  They are all semi-automatics.''

Semi-automatics shoot one bullet per trigger pull -- that's the definition. Any handgun manufactured since the Civil War is a semi-automatic. The most basic self-defence revolver for women is a semi-automatic. An automatic firearm -- what militaries and drug cartels have -- continuously fires when the trigger is pulled.  They have been subject to a near-total federal ban in America since the 1930's, so they are irrelevant to the discussion. The only differences in semi-automatics the Democrats want to ban and the ones they don't are purely cosmetic details, such as those with bayonet mounts or pistol grips. When is the last time anyone was killed with a bayonet....idiots!

It boils down to the fact that congressional Democrats can't risk making votes on such silly laws. Your guns will be safe, but your children won't, because we'll still have the mentally ill showing up at movie theaters, subway stations, shopping malls and schools. If soccer moms want to worry about something, they should worry more about schizophrenics than guns. (Read my posting on Mental Health laws on December 20th, 2012)  It's criminal that the American Civil Liberties Union is notorious for undermining the efforts of doctors, parents and whole neighbourhoods from institutionalizing many mentally unstable people.  Their ratbag lawyers frequently interfere with verifiable reports and  recommendations by psychiatrists with court injunctions to stop any commitment of the person.

The Way I See It....schizophrenics are generally incapable of knowing they need help. Without involuntary commitment, they are abandoned to the streets, getting beaten up, sexually abused, stolen from and even set of fire. They also, as happened recently, will push people onto subway tracks, murder grandmothers, slaughter firemen and enter ''gun-free zones'' to commit mass murder. But the President and his band of cynical Democrats won't do anything about it. It's up to you concerned citizens to tell this pack of leftist mealymouths to stop mouthing off about banning guns with bayonets and commit to getting these sick people committed.

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