Sunday, November 16, 2014

Why are Warmists using Two-Year-Old Data that HIDES the Decline?

Professor Michael Asten, (photo right) of Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria  is astonished that global warming activists are using dated data to hide the recent decline in temperatures:

THE climate lobby will be working the corridors of the G-20 ­meeting in Brisbane this weekend, using the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Synthesis Report and Climate Council ­commentary.... 
Both the Synthesis Report and the Climate Council report use old plots that show a steady rise in smoothed temperature to 2010 (the decade of the start of the hiatus). Yet NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies’ global temperature graphs are updated monthly, show five-year averages, are publicly available on the internet and show average temperatures peaked in 2004 and show a decline for the following eight years… 

The dichotomy between observational data and models is similarly marked with sea-level data of the past 120 years. The rate of rise across the past century is 1.7mm a year and has increased to about 3.2mm a year across the past 20 years. The data shows that the fast 3.2mm a year rate of rise has occurred twice in historic times (around 1860-80 and 1930-50). The IPCC modelling studies of sea level rise to 2100 show up to 80cm of total rise by 2100, increasing from the present 3.2 to a predicted huge 15mm a year....
Yet neither the IPCC nor the Climate Council, or the publicly funded CSIRO on its website, even admits the existence of recent data such as that by Anny Cazenave (photo left) and co-workers at the Geophysical and Oceanography Laboratory, Toulouse, which shows that from 1994 to 2011 the rate of observed rise in global sea level decreased from 3.5 to 2.5mm a year.
Oh, and as for the excuse that the missing heat is hiding in the deep ocean:
This has been studied in a series of important papers, most recently by William Llovel (below right) and co-workers at the California Institute of Technology who used quantitative observations of global ocean mass and temperature profiles to show that the deep ocean has in fact cooled slightly in the past decade. NASA backed that up last month by announcing from a new study: ''The cold waters of Earth's deep ocean have not warmed measurably since 2005, while above the 1.2-mile mark there is some warming, but not fast enough to account for the stalled air
Oh yes, the so-called latest survey saying that 97 per cent of practicing climate scientists are actually saying there is a broad consensus of human induced global warming.

           The various surveys making this claim have been comprehensively debunked. It was found that  quite a number of scientists that were included in the survey said the authors had ignored or misrepresented their work. In such surveys, the most that can be said is that scientists agree man has some influence on the climate, which is hardly controversial.

''That warming activists and politicians don’t mention these facts tells me they are not interested in the truth and cannot be trusted.'' says Professor Asten.

The Way I See It......Professor Asten is pointing out  a certain arrogance and refusal of many climate scientists to admit mistakes. In fact, climate scientists did not predict this warming pause. They did not predict record crop yields due to a beneficial higher atmospheric CO2. They did not predict record sea ice around Antarctica. They did not predict fewer hurricanes and cyclones. They did not predict colder European winters. They did not predict a return to Australia of dam-filling rains. They did not predict more snow in the northern hemisphere. They did not predict a failure of the Great Barrier Reef to bleach for years now. Many did not predict the ice cover of the Arctic to be so extensive. Panic merchant Al Gore needs to suck that one up and shut up from now on.

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