Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Did Peris Get Her Paw Caught in the Cookie Jar ?

Some Kangaroo turd hit-the-fan two weeks ago when emails emerged showing Northern Territory Senator Nova Peris telling a West Indian Olympian, Ato Boldon, she’d get government funds to fly him over so they could have sex - as well as have him motivate Aboriginal children.

Leftist Fairfax and The Guardian in typical form suggested we, “Move along folks, there’s nothing to see here”. After all this is only another Australian Labor Party (ALP) mishap that needs no scrutiny, I mean it’s not as if Nova Peris might have punched a wall 35 years ago, like Tony Abbott has allegedly done? And if any of you out there dare suggest black impropriety we’ll call you racists and bigots.

Of course the ABC’s “The Drum” came out with, “There is nothing improper about organising your private life around your work commitments... allegations against Nova Peris appear nothing more than whipping up sizzle and steam.”  Well that’s a predictable response from another Labor organisation heavily sucking on the taxpayers’ teat.

To suggest Nova Peris is an oversexed, slovenly grub using public funds to cheat on her husband would be fine if she was white, and preferably a conservative. But she is not white, she is black and a protected species, therefore will have the support of Labor and the Left media. Remember when
Julia Gillard sacked hard-working and loyal Labor Senator Trish Crossin to allow Peris into the sisterhood with a nicely-warmed red seat in the Senate?

Having the likes of Gillard as an admirer should have had alarm bells ringing and it wasn’t long before the sordid past of Peris started to emerge. Gillard had already rigged the pre-selection panel to ensure Peris had the unlosable number one on the Senate ticket.

Peris had the temerity to call Olympic Gold Medal winner Cathy Freeman “dumb” but that was after Cathy, never a friend of hers, had kindly allowed her to live in her house. Peris promptly trashed the premises and Cathy was left with no choice but to have her forcibly evicted.

Of course her ACT drink-drive charge was buried, with no conviction being recorded, and when she fronted the court, The Canberra Times (Fairfax again) needed no encouragement to ensure the matter was not publicised. A spokesman for Peris said she could not remember the exact blood alcohol reading. Hmmm.

Peris's former husband Mr Batman, an Olympic athlete and the father of two of her children, was killed in a car crash in 2012, with police referring the matter to the coroner, saying "speed and alcohol" were to blame.

After complaints Peris spent $50,000 of taxpayers' funds on a dodgy academy program including large amounts on flash furniture for a house she was renting, the Labor party (then in Government) was able to bury both stories.

During the time Peris was an “ambassador” for Athletics Australia, $140,000 of taxpayer funds was found unaccounted for which was later attributed to an Aboriginal “talent sourcing” project. Again this matter was buried by Peris’s supporters within the NT Labor Government at the time.
Numerous instances of misspent funds, one involving $400,000 to take Aboriginal “ambassadors” on an extended junket, have haunted Peris.
This is not about dirty emails, nude pics and highly racist comments, it’s about a person’s suitability for Office. Bill Shorten has looked into the matter and says she has his full support. Not sure if that’s a plus for Nova or not. Bill's facig some serious rape allegations...wonder if Peris will give him her support.

Rebecca Wilson (photo right) of the Adelaide Advertiser wrote in a brilliant piece: “Cathy Freeman had a gentle heart and beautiful spirit that everyone around her loved. "Who cared if she was not a gifted
communicator? She was just Cathy, a gorgeous young woman with the gift of speed. “Peris was lapping up attention and behaving like a diva around her Australian team-mates in Sydney. She was desperate to be the star of the Olympic athletic team, but there was a certain young woman called Cathy who stood in her way.

“The email exchanges with Ato Boldon have been salacious and scornful. Her remarks about Freeman - she is “dumb” and “can’t talk for shit” reflect the deep envy Peris has always felt over Freeman’s success. “Peris wanted to be the Aboriginal headline girl. She left hockey because that was too small a pool for her.

"Cathy became the headline girl and the Aboriginal hero without wanting any of it. Her Olympic gold medal and her natural, sweet manner meant kids all around Australia loved her instantly. She has spent the best part of the past 15 years helping Aboriginal kids''. The bottom line is that we loved Cathy and we were never so sure about Nova.

The Way I See It........will Shorten now defend her using parliamentary privilege in the Senate to claim she was just being blackmailed by relatives involved in a dispute over access and property?:
The website New Matilda has published an article which suggests that Senator Peris at the very least offered an incomplete description of private emails between her and an estranged family member, by way of background explanation for why she was being targeted over the Boldon link.
The new allegation suggests at best, that she was deliberately incomplete in her speech to the Senate, and at worst, may have misled Parliament.
Peris seems to me to have also used parliamentary privilege to defame her relatives. The emails she selectively quoted in making that damaging claim don’t actually seem to support her at all when read in full and in context. However, to her secret lover, (photo left) Ato Boldon, she sent him racially charged emails claiming that ''white people hate black people in this country'' and ''white men can't control black women they think they can but can't''.

This should go to the privileges committee, in my opinion. If Peris were a white male, I suspect it would......no questions asked.


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