Monday, November 10, 2014

WARMIST Predicts ''Mass-Death Events'' in 15 - 20 Years !

Hold on to this prediction (it may come in handy as a bitchslap in future):
Australia's Prime Minister, Tony Abbott’s declaration that coal is good for humanity has been attacked by Australian National University academic Elizabeth Hanna, who warns thousands of people will be sentenced to death if Australia keeps exporting it.
Dr Hanna, whose research was included in the latest Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change report, predicted Australia faced days hotter than 50C within 10 or 15 years under continuing global warming and this would dramatically increase the number of heat-related deathsIf that happens, “we are at risk of mass-death events in Australia, similar to the death tolls due to extreme heat overseas”, she said. 
As it happens, we have already had some over-50C days already since records were kept - but the worst of them occured 54 years ago, before man-made warming allegedly took off. It is silly assume we won’t get more such days in future, and it’s just as silly to assume the only reason we will is man-made warming.

Indeed, world temperatures have not actually risen for some 18 years or more. They might rise again, but I’d be checking the computer models in the meantime - models which the very same IPPC report which Hanna worked on admits are so faulty that for “the period from 1998 to 2012, 111 of the 114 available climate-model simulations show a surface warming trend larger than the observations”. That is: they exaggerated !!!

So who is Hanna to sow such alarm? A Climate scientist? Meteorologist? Astrophyisicist?
Er, no. Her expertise:

           Environmental And Occupational Health And Safety
Environmental Sciences: Not Elsewhere Classified
Environmental Impact Assessment
Clinical Nursing: Primary (Preventative)
Public Health And Health Services
Intensive Care
Other Medical And Health Sciences
Yes, Hanna is an alarmist who takes as a given that man is catastrophically heating the planet, and our safety lies in denying the poor cheap and sometimes life-saving power:
Dr Hanna, the president of the Climate and Health Alliance, ... dismissed the argument that if Australia did not export coal then competitors such as ­Indonesia would fill the market gap. “So they would prefer the deaths on Australian hands ­rather than those deaths on Indonesian hands,” she said.  Pathetic !

The Way I See It....... those of you shaking in your shoes from this startling prediction need to be shown a bit of perspective, starting with the logic that Warmth is Good, Cold is the Killer !  So where do we find the greatest abundance of Life on the land? Follow the Equator around the globe - the Amazon, the Congo, Kenya, Indonesia and New Guinea - all places where it is warm and wet. On the other hand, where is life such a struggle that few species live there?  Go towards the poles - the Arctic Tundra and the cold deserts of Antarctica and Greenland. The warmer climes are popular with most Life.

Every nurseryman knows that plants grow best in a warm greenhouse with added carbon dioxide. Global warmth speeds up the life-supporting water and carbon cycles - thus we have already bumper crops recorded around the world. Satellites are showing a richer greening of tropical jungles and the fringe regions around major deserts. Earth-life is  ''lapping up'' the extra 100 ppm CO2 produced in the last 25 years to the present day.

This is why the warm eras of the past are remembered as periods of plenty - the cold eras are times of hunger, migration and war. Life on Earth has never been threatened by greenhouse warming. It is the sudden plunge into an Ice Age that we need to fear. Green Peace alarmists should venture from their cosy offices and coffee shops and celebrate the welcome warmth of our global greenhouse while it lasts.

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