Sunday, November 16, 2014

Game Changer.......or Obama's Fake Promise to Spend on a Fake Problem ?

Barack Obama, to show he still has relevance, has moved to thrust climate change to the centre of the global political agenda of the Brisbane G-20 meetings, pledging $3 billion to a global climate fund. The President used a speech at the University of Queensland to restate his ''climate agreement'' with China and push the world to do more on climate change, even before he fronted up to the meet-and-greet gathering at Brisbane Entertainment Centre. His rude politicking on our shores showed no doubt he had in mind to humiliate our Prime Minister Tony Abbott's conservative approach to the climate debate.

The Australian Leftist-Warmist newspaper Fairfax has opted for “GAME CHANGER” as it's front page heading and its glowing in orgasmic delight that global warmth is about to be addressed globally. Unfortunately it’s simply not true. The joint announcement of CO2 reductions by China and the US is tantamount to an announcement that the two majors have resolved to do absolutely nothing but what they are doing already.
Barack Obama’s close mates in Saudi Arabia have turned on him and reduced oil prices by up to 25 per cent sending the US fracking industry into meltdown. Fracking oil and gas from shale is a very expensive process and it only remains viable while imported OPEC oil prices remain high. The Saudis are terrified of US self-sufficiency in energy and have declared economic war on the massive fracking industry. Thousands of fracking sites across America are being ''vandalised'' by the Saudis as they slash oil prices to rock bottom in a destructive price war.
The Saudis believe that six months of oil prices at $65 per barrel will be enough to wipe out fracking in the US. Low prices will also dissuade Western exploration.
But here’s the backlash for the avaricious Saudis who survive only on Western oil dependency: The 2,000 km Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to US refineries will now be completed. It has so far
been stymied by environmentalists who have had Obama’s ear. But Obama’s ear is worthless because he has no majority in either the Senate or Congress.  Republican common sense will now prevail even if  Obama foolishly tries to use his veto. US energy imperatives will now find a pragmatic level despite Obama’s grand emissions announcement which has been music to the ears of the ABC and Fairfax. And the Greens’ Senator Christine Milne just had her first climactic emission for a whole year. She felt the Earth move and Senator Sarah Hanson Young must've wet her pants with delight!
Equally, Xi Jinping’s promise to start reducing China’s emissions by 2030 (did he really say, “start to” and "by 2030?") is an empty undertaking. China will continue to increase its use of Australia’s coal until China decides nuclear or hydroelectricity are cheaper alternatives. China has already 17 nuclear power plants and is building 31 more. The Three Gorges Dam is a key power producer now but will be part of more dams in the future to harness the growing demand for electrical power. This is something the idiot Greens can't seem to get into their low I.Q. brain casings. Their opposition to nuclear and hydroelectric power is stupefying when they keep preaching we can stop global warming if we make the world carbon free with renewable energy. They are a bunch of hypocrites.

The truth about this fatuous dual emissions announcement is that an impotent Obama has convinced Xi Jinping to undertake exactly nothing in order to get global warming on the agenda at Brisbane’s G-20 after Tony Abbott had declared his lack of interest in the warming hoax. Obama’s ploy will not succeed in Brisbane. Nor will it get traction back home as the US suffers its third straight early winter with new lot of record low temperatures.

As reported here three months back: Be prepared for an all-out United Nations I.P.C.C war on global warming sceptics (realists) in preparation for next year’s Paris Conference on Climate Change. I'm sure Lord Monckton and the many other likeminded scientists will rise to the occasion  Hmmm, what do they say the first casualty of war is again?

The Way I See It......even though the world stopped warming nearly two decades ago,  the Greens around the world still demand we ruin ourselves to avert the alleged danger.  ''Leave the fossil fuels in the ground,'' Greens leaders said last week. ''Renewable energy is the future...coal is a stranded asset, it's driving global warming''  Our own resident idiot, Christine Milne's prescription for a vibrant Australian economy includes ''stopping coal mining, no coal seam gas and no new ports.''  ''Jobs will come from green energy,'' Milne assures us.  Clearly this twit Milne is unaware of the cost to California, Europe, and Britain of their ultra Green embrace.

The Golden State's energy prices are 40 per cent above the U.S. national average, plunging its manufacturing and agricultural regions into depression, with one in five living in poverty.

While the researchers in Spain's King Juan Carlos University have found renewable energy programs destroyed 2.2 jobs for every green one created. They realized too late that their love affair with wind farms was the cause of driving their economy further into the toilet.

 A study by Verso Economics commissioned by the Scottish government concluded that for every job in the wind industry, 3.7 jobs were lost elsewhere. So the bottom line for these Green optimists is to realize renewable energy from wind, solar, tidal or geothermal is in fact a COST, not an Opportunity. That is why each sector is demanding big subsidies or taxes on cheaper forms of power that drives countries bankrupt.  Enough said ???


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