Monday, June 9, 2014

OBAMA'S Nation is Turning into an Abomination !

Trading deserters for terrorists. Deserting Americans in Benghazi and then lying about it. Using the IRS to persecute critics. Using Executive Orders to circumvent Congress.  Destroying America's healthcare system and allowing Veterans hospitals to just let veterans die.

Millions of Americans are wondering: How exactly does Barack Obama get away with dismantling and destroying the greatest nation on earth, committing outrage after outrage, day after day and year after year? How can a scandal-plagued president so openly and arrogantly trample the nation's laws, hobble its economy, hurt its friends and -- shockingly -- help its enemies without being impeached and removed from office. President Richard Nixon was threatened with impeachment and got hounded out of office for just OKing a break-in at the Democratic office and Clinton came close when he and Monica Lewinsky were found to discussing the merits of a favourite cigar of his. But not Obama!  WHY?

As an ex-pat living in Australia I am stunned. Are Americans caught in some sort of trance-like state, oblivious to what is happening to them, and paralysed from acting rationally while their nation disintegrates before their eyes?  In fact, Romney had it right on the money....''Forty-eight per cent won't vote for me because they're the ones on handouts from the government and the socialist in Obama will continue the entitlements, they know that.''  Redistribution of wealth is Obama's credo.

Increasingly, an offbeat-sounding yet surprisingly insightful answer to that question is being cited: ''Bread and Circuses'' -- a comparison of America in the Age of Obama with ancient Rome when the restless masses were continually bribed and entertained during the once-great empire's rapid decay and disintegration. For while now America, like ancient Rome, is indeed in decline, and 21st century ''bread and circuses'', with a multitentacled government dependency and deception could be much more than it seems.

Barack Obama got his anti-Americanism from his Commie-loving mother and his ''hate-the-first-world-countries'' from his  drunken, socialist, anti-colonialist, loser Kenyan father. (Read my blog: American Exceptionalism (July 3, 2011).  It was bad enough when he gave Hosni Mubarak's lack of support and welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood into ruling Egypt. And he seriously supports the Islamist filth that usurped the democratic forces fighting to overthrow Assad with weapons and is thinking of giving them surface-to-air missiles in spite of his military advisors disapproval. Why not? He's over ruled them just this month with swapping a deserter, which cost 6 soldier's lives trying to free him, for 5 high echelon al-Qaeda militants. It's a shame the orders to shoot him on sight as a deserter were not fulfilled.

Obama refuses to apologize, instead he rationalises by saying, ''it's our creed not to leave any soldier behind.''  Norman McDaniel, a POW in the Vietnam War, and described his experience in his book ''Scars and Stripes'' told reporters ''it was incredible that we negotiated giving up five top terrorists for a fellow that it is claimed sent emails to his folks saying 'Í hate America' and 'America is the most conceited country in the world' just wasn't a deserter but also a traitor who converted to Islam and was advising jihadi fighters at a base in Pakistan how to ambush convoys.'' He said the swap makes ''every soldier, American citizen vulnerable and valuable to the Taliban.''  Terrorists now know that the White House is willing to give up major terrorists in Guantanamo prison in exchange for a single American soldier.

Elaine Donnellyphoto right ) of the Center for Military Readiness told reporters that ''at a minimum, all of these allegations should be investigated...the sooner the better.'' Bergdahl directly disobeyed Articles 86 AWOL and Article Desertion. Both articles call for trial by court martial.''Something very bad is going to come of this,'' she said. She also questioned whether the exchange and others that may come would be the method through which which Obama finally keeps his first term promise to close Guantanamo Bay prison. ''One of the loose strings he's not been able to resolve is closing Gitmo,'' she said. ''But using the captured terrorists for exchanges would make Gitmo irrelevant.''
Donnelly said the price to the U.S. for the release of Bergsdahl is very high, and there appears to be no significant benefit to the nation's security.

The Way I See It.....the biggest question the mainstream media is not asking about this exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for 5 senior deadshit jihadists is ''Was the White House directly or indirectly involved in a financial exchange to ensure Bergdahl's release, thereby knowingly funding a terrorist organization?''

Brad Thor, bestselling author, appeared on TV last Friday asking the same thing but had more information. Thor noted that Bergdahl is believed to have been held by the Haqqani network, which has pledged alliance to the Taliban but operates independently. He described the Haqqani network as ''like organized crime, but with Muslims - 80% Sopranos, 20% Al Qaeda. ''Yet, it's the Taliban, the Afgan group, that got the 5 prisoners retuned to them,'' Thor remarked. ''So we need to ask, cui bono? What was in it for the Haqqanis? And the Haqqanis in every transaction always want money, including 2008 when they captured New York Times reporter David Rohde. So for the Haqqnis to just hand him over for nothing makes no sense at all.''

Thor said the said the Obama administration needs to be asked whether it funnelled money to the Haqqani network. ''I'm telling you, there was some sort of deal, aside from the prisoners, that the White House doesn't want to talk about.....I promise you.'' He added a few choice words for how the Obama administration has approached foreign policy and the economy. ''They are completely inept. They are incompetent. They are ignorant. They don't know what they're doing,'' Thor stated. ''The economy hasn't recovered. Show me one thing from this administration that the American people should be saying, 'we want more of that, that's great.' They haven't done anything right. It's hard to believe Americans are putting up with this presidential failure......impeach him!''

UPDATE: Fox News reveals that the release of these five prisoners was desired by Obama for some time. He ignored military and intelligence assessments, abandoned a promising effort to retrieve Bergdahl by the tried and true method of ransom, and made no attempt to obtain the release of THREE other American hostages!

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